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Sharing health from the heart Inc. are a great supplier of the latest books on medicine and health for the 21st century
Have the best Stevia products I know of. Stevia is the natural alternative to sugar from Paraguay . Stevia is a miracle herb that has no calories and is 50 times sweeter than sugar and is actually good for you.
Dr Bronner makes the most natural chemical free soaps that work.
Has the 'totally natural' quick cleanse that I use as well as other herbal needs. Best for Asia Pacific customers as they are based in Australia.
Information on How to make your own free energy machine according to the incredible largely suppressed work of Dr Tesla.
Dr Joseph Mercola has an excellent web site for all the latest info on both western and alternative medicine today with over 15000 pages of information. Please subscribe to his FREE weekly e-mail newsletters now.
Chet Day has some great info on natural health tips and loads of free info on recipes and simple health tips. Also has a weekly H and B weekly FREE E-letter.
James Golik is an excellent research scientist with all the latest scientific information on natural health and alternative ways of treatment of disease.
This site has all the info you wanted to know about Chinese medicine and how it can help you. Includes info. on Chinese herbs and Chi Gong.
Have the best and most economical water filters that I know of.
Has both the information about Dr Robert Becks miracle research and the revolutionary products designed by Dr Beck himself. Including the Blood cleaning machine and the portable Colloidal Silver maker.
Is the best magazine to buy and subscribe to. It has all the lasted info on health and alternative news without the hype.
Has the Sputnik pill, also known as the Kremlin pill. Known to be keeping many famous Russian politicians alive right now. The Kremlin pill is a tiny vitamin C sized pill that is made from special metals and has a tiny computor chip inside that radiates a special frequency to the cells of the digestion. The pill brings the body digestive system back into balance and boosts the immune system.
Yoga In Cyprus's Established Holistic Alternative Holiday Company - offers Yoga in the sun & beauty of Pissouri Bay, SW Cyprus.

Complete packages start from £395.00 per week. Holidays in April, June, September, October and Christmas/New Year 2002.

Please visit our site and relax!
Sang Whang's web site! The famous Korean Scientist and author of the best selling book "Reverse ageing". This web site explains a lot about Alkalized, Ionised, Micro cluster water technology and the importance of alkalising the body to cure disease. Also includes beneficial F.I.R products.
World renowned inventor Johsua Shaw and his company "Bionic products" has been working and inventing Negative ion generators that far surpass all other types for decades. The "Elanra" Negative ion generators are the only ones in the world that produce negative ions small enough to breath, thus not just cleaning the air like most negative ionisers, they also clean your body!


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