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Raw Eating - A book by A.T. Hovannessian (Aterhov)

Raw Eating - A book by A.T. Hovannessian (Aterhov)

Preface by George Malkmus - Author of the Hallelujah Diet

In 1978, I first read Arshavir Hovannessian's book, Raw-Eating. This inspirational work was one of the most influential forces in moving me to a raw diet. Mr. Hovannessian had two children die because of the diet they consumed. He writes, "My children died of the gradual emaciation and wasting away of all their organs caused by unnatural feeding and poisonous medicines." All of this could have been prevented!

One of the reasons that we continue to become sick is because society is addicted to cooked food. We cannot help but to crave the taste of cooked food. When food is cooked, the genetic make up of the food is compromised; therefore, the nutritional value is compromised. God showed us in Genesis 1:29, that all things are provided for us. Arshavir Hovannessian shows us through his own tragic story and his subsequent research that God is truly omnipotent and that by following his plan, we will lead a long life, free of diseases.

My original copy of "Raw-Eating" has dog-eared pages and has become quite tattered. I still refer to it often for inspiration and confirmation that the right diet is the cure for all diseases. I have tried for years to find Mr. Hovannessian to obtain more copies of his book. Unfortunately, all attempts have been unsuccessful. However, I found his message to be so necessary that we at Hallelujah Acres decided to reprint this classic.

Raw-Eating was written 40 years ago. Imagine how our world would be today if everyone had changed their vicious habits then. I encourage you to read this book from cover-to-cover and to pass it on to everyone you know. Spread the message that you don't have to be sick!

Rev. George Malkmus - Author of the Hallelujah Diet

RAW-EATING - Preface to 2nd Edition by Aterhov

The first part of the present book was published in 1962 under the title of RAW-EATING. In that little volume, which comprised a brief summary of my conceptions on nutrition, I had touched upon almost every important aspect of raw-eating. Generally speaking, there is no need to enter into long-winded details in order to declare to the world the simple truth that the operations of cooking and refining, by means of which natural nutriments are degenerated into unnatural substances, are not only harmful operations that break the laws of nature, but they are the chief cause of all disease. The most ignorant person can clearly perceive that, instead of freeing people from disease, the medical science that is based on cooked foods and poisonous drugs leads mankind into a multitude of serious ailments, from which all other living creatures are immune.

After reading only a few lines on the subject, the clear-sighted person wakes up from his lethargic indifference and realizes the full gravity of the situation. The vast majority of people, however, being blinded by current misconceptions of medical science and prejudice by a host of preconceived ideas, which to have further information on the subject. That is why, in the second part of this book, I have come forward with additional and more detailed explanations on a number of crucial questions. At the same time advantage has been taken of the opportunity to make several small revisions and corrections in the first part. During the first edition of the book the idea of raw-eating was still in its rudimentary stages; today it has been put into practice in a great many countries. By giving up cooked foods and poisonous drugs, thousands of sensible people all over the world have cured themselves of their long-standing illnesses and are now able to enjoy a carefree life of health and happiness. At the end of the book I have given a small selection of the numerous letters received from such people.

When a new machine or instrument is invented, a few successful tests are deemed sufficient to confirm or prove that invention. Today, thousands of healthy people throughout the world are living proofs that raw-eating saves mankind from the ruthless clutches of every disease on earth. One might well have thought that this would have sufficed to arouse the scientific world from its sluggish apathy and convinced everybody of the enormous benefits that raw eating brings for us all. Today people who are blinded by addictions organize international conferences to combat supposed world shortage of foodstuffs and deliver endless speeches on ridiculous subjects, while 80 percent of the real foodstuffs given to us by nature are thoughtlessly destroyed with their own hands by cooking and refining.

I appeal to all true humanitarians to raise their voice and by their continual demands invite the authorities to take immediate steps to put the principle of raw-eating into practice. The time is ripe for action.

Aterhov - 1960

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