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Naked Empress by Hans Ruesch

The Great Medical Fraud

NAKED EMPRESS, book review.
Naked Empress or The Great Medical Fraud by Hans Ruesch

Following up his sensational SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT, this new exposé of Hans Ruesch shows how with the help of press agentry and the venality of most of the mass media the public has been brainwashed into equating MEDICAL CARE with HEALTH, whereas in fact exactly the opposite applies: modern medicine has become the principal cause of disease today.

So in one year 1.5 million Americans had to be hospitalised as a consequence of the intake of drugs that were supposed to cure them of one thing or other. Another case in point is cancer. The ably exploited fear of this dread disease, caused for the most part by products issuing from chemical, industrial and pharmaceutical laboratories, has become a solid gold source for researchers, drug manufacturers and doctors, who keep foisting their deleterious cut-burn-poison therapies on the frightened patients, most of whom die from the treatment before the cancer can kill them.

Since the cause of most cancers is well-known, they could be avoided through prevention, which early education should provide. And yet, practically no public funds go into prevention because there is no money to be gained with it - only health. The big money is all in the pseudo Research, done on millions of animals, which can only give fallacious answers, and in the treatment of the patients with violent, destructive, but immensely lucrative therapies imposed by official medicine.

Certified reports of cancers completely cured by soft, drugless treatments, usually based on natural diets, mostly various raw foods, have been piling up both in Europe and the USA. But all the competent and honest doctors who threaten the profits of the lucrative medical trade with inexpensive therapies are being viciously attacked, vilified as quacks and charlatans, sometimes even barred from the profession, by the quacks and charlatans who make up the profit-oriented Medical Power.

Animal experimentation, inevitably misleading, is of course the alibi that has been devised by this organisation for extorting huge grants for a phoney Research, and to safeguard the drug manufacturers from criminal prosecution whenever the deleterious effects of one more of their noxious products can no longer be concealed. Then they can always say all the prescribed tests (on animals) had been conscientiously undertaken. But not saying that they themselves, in collusion with the Health agencies and corrupt or misled politicos, have imposed those tests.

Not more chemicals, but fewer chemicals, not an increase of drugs, but a drastic reduction of drugs, and not a multiplication of animal experiments, but a total abolition of all such alibi experiments, are the inescapable premise for a betterment of living conditions and an improvement of public health. The present book brings ample proof of this, besides unearthing some information that many powerful individuals in America and abroad would prefer to keep buried forever.

The above reprinted from NAKED EMPRESS, by Hans Ruesch

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