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Lobelia - Nativ American Wonder Herb by Dr. John Christopher



Lobelia (also known as Indian Tobacco) grows wild in many parts of the country. Dairy and cattle ranchers have known about it for the last 200 + years and have made it available to their livestock so that their animals could self medicate themselves with it! Native American Indians knew of it's useful properties long before the white man came to the North American continent. Often it was featured in their "smoke" mixtures.

Lobelia is best known as an antispasmodic. Taken in massive doses, it will act as a very effective purgative for every eliminative channel in the body. It is used as a safe herb to control seizures, fits, convulsions, asthma and bronchial conditions. Lobelia is so free from any destructive side effect that it can also be used successfully on newborn children. Lobelia will also benefit someone with cramps, nervousness, sleeplessness and general restlessness.

Southern Botanicals prepares this herb in two forms; tincture/concentrate and tea form. The tincture is made from the seeds and seed pods of the plant in a base of distilled water, apple cider vinegar and a small amount of pure grain alcohol. This preparation is far stronger than any you will find in a health food store, or elsewhere, for that matter.

Asthma - Folks suffering from this ailment can take 2 - 5 droppersfull, four times daily and see definite results in a matter of weeks.

Lobelia contains over a dozen alkaloids, one of the strongest bio-chemicals found in plants.

When in doubt as to what to do, you will see improvement with lobelia even if it doesn't seem to fit the case. One natural healer used it to save folks from heart attacks even when no cayenne was available. An infant was saved when the mothers cervix would not dilate properly and the child was about to suffocate. After 38 hours in labor, she delivered within 20 minutes of receiving lobelia. It has been used to save a girl from kidney failure who was too weak to undergo transplant surgery. When you don't know what to do, when nothing else works, try lobelia.

A famous herbalist of the 19th century named Samuel Thompson, primarily used two herbs. These herbs were cayenne and lobelia and he used them to help an estimated 3 million people recover from all manner of illnesses. Cayenne, he explained, stimulated the circulation and lobelia mildly sedated and relaxed the body.

He used them back and forth; purge them with Lobelia, and then give them Cayenne to bring them full flush with the world. Combined, these two herbs can pull of natural healing miracles in short order. Consider the mainstream medical option of cutting and drilling a four-inch hole through your rib cage and inserting a probe to tap your lungs to drain the fluid out. My preference is for lobelia and cayenne.

Dr. Christopher reintroduced lobelia for asthma and other terminal conditions, in modern times . He used large doses to cure really sick people.

Lung problems can usually be traced to the use of dairy in the diet. Milk, cheese, etc., constrict the broncials. Many people on dairy regularly, notice their nose and sinuses are congested, or they have a wheeze or can't breath as easily. Every asthmatic has to first get off dairy to help their condition.To prove the effectiveness of this wisdom regarding dairy and lung deterioration, try keeping away from all dairy products for seven straight days. Note the improvement in ones condition from such a change alone. Substitutes can be used such as almond milk or rice milk. Next, in order to fully effect a recovery, to get one breathing normally and keep one breathing, is the use of lobelia and cayenne. Two and three year olds come off all dairy, use lobelia, and see their lives restored to normal.

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