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Prostate Cancer - Letters of Appreciation

Letters to Larry Clapp, "Prostate Health In 90 Days"

From this site:
Larry Clapp, "Prostate Health In 90 Days"

Sample Letters of Appreciation

I was diagnosed with cancer just 8 weeks ago and today My primary care doctor told me I no longer had cancer and my prostate was small and soft very healthy. I followed Larry Clapp's book almost to the letter and this was my experience with cancer. I found my self a natural medicine doctor and he worked with me on the herbs and my primary care doctor took care of my psa and dre tests. To date 2 psa tests were taken, January 4, Feb.10. Jan. was 6.3 By feb.10 it was 5 my next schedule test is March 15 .I look for a psa much lower than 5 mostly because of test today. Don´t be afraid to use Larry's Book for cancer remission which I am experiencing now. Just remember its for life not just till remission."
Joe Maier

"encouragement! My experience following PCa (prostate cancer) diagnosis early this year:- cleansing fast(Larry Clapp) + vegetarian diet + no alcohol etc. + PC-SPES resulted in PSA down from 37 to <0.1 in 10 weeks."

Chris Williams

"Dear Dr. Clapp, I wish to thank you for writing the book "Prostate Health in 90 Days". When my husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer I was devastated. I am aware of the Traditional methods of treatments but, I was not happy with any of the choices. So, I went to some Health food Stores seeking information on Alternative methods of treatment. After looking at several books that discussed Prostate Cancer, your book caught my attention. I bought the book, went home and read the book from cover to cover. Then, my utter dispair turned to hope. I shared the information with my husband who agreed to start the Program you suggested. He is now well into the program and is awaiting the result of his first PSA since completing the Fast and Cleanse. I wish to compliment you for writing a book that is easily understood and, provide a wealth of information that give hope to men and their wives."

Bev Tharps

"Larry, thank you so much for your book. It really set the stage for me to
design my life in a powerful and realistic context that includes cancer as a friend, not an enemy. Not something I would´ve thought possible a year ago, before I was given this life.

I am having the best time of my life. If you look at the circumstances they shouldn´t add up to the life I´m living. I have Prostate Cancer. I´m in the midst of a divorce. I say the cancer was a wake-up call to life. It certainly has provided the focus for what´s important, what I´m committed to in my life and with other people. I have experienced huge breakthroughs in how life occurs and who I am in life since being a ´cancer initiate´.

During a walk at sunset, people´s faces came to me that I was still upset with after many years. Most of them I have no idea where they live. Some of them I don´t remember their names. But they came, one after another with a clear memory of the incident that caused the upset. I knew exactly what to say to them to complete the incident, to forgive them and to forgive myself. No blame, no regrets, just life unfolding. Another breakthrough is my being available to be contributed to by others. I´ve been a person who was certain I could do it myself. (Or in other words I didn´t trust people.) Even in group or team projects, I was still holding out for my own private world that only I could manage properly. That´s gone. I am so freed up. So clear that I know so little and that by being available and listening to what the universe (or God, if your prefer) provides, miracles are happening every day. I am experiencing love of
life and love of people in ways I never imagined. In fact the fantasies were never as good as this!

I see how fear built the physiology that produced the cancer. Fear of myself, fear of others, fear of being wrong and insufficient in life, fear that life will not be how "I" want it to be. I see how love is building the physiology that has no room for cancer. Love of myself, love of others, love of life exactly how it is and exactly how it isn´t. I know it sounds simplistic, but I really see that it´s that simple. I´ve read in a number of places since January, that with healing comes big forgiveness. My experience is yes. My question is, "What do I have to give-up, who do I have to forgive, what do I have to re-context as life affirming in order for love and affinity to be present?" When I´ve asked the question and invented the answer that eliminates all wrong doing, all blame, then love is present and energy flows effortlessly and abundantly.

A couple favorite sentences:
´You don´t get to choose the life you have, but you do get to choose who you are going to be in it´
´If you want to have everything, you have to be willing to have everything.' "

Wayne Matthews

"We have purchased your book and think it is great I would advise that Everyone should buy one.

Thank you"
Joseph Gerardi

" I considered all the "traditional" posiblilities and prayed alot. God
directed me to Larry Clapp´s website and I knew that was the way to go for me. I started the program with the 8 day fast/parasite cleanse and followed the recomendations in the book…
After 8 months on the program, I went to NYC to Dr. Bard, a leading radiologist who performed a Power Color Doppler exam and could find no evidence whatsoever of any cancer, an no abnormalities which would indicate a cancer growing.

I believe that the program is sound and will go a long, long way to restoring your body´s own ability to combat illness on its own."
Chuck B.

"I hope and believe that I am a sample of silent majority. Personally I have been diagnosed with BPH and Prostitis at age 45, which I believe to be a precursor to PC, and after usual frustrations and lack of results of
conventional medical approach I have studied and applied (in my own skeptic manner) principles as described in Larry´s book (All ingredients for an ultimate fast are still in the kitchen cabinet, and will be used soon not as a cure for prostate - since I believe that I am well on the way, but as a reconfirmation of benefits to general health from a cleanse). It takes real commitment, faith, belief and courage to maintain healthy regiment, without a quick fix."
Dusko Bruer

"I have found the book (Prostate Health in 90 Days) and this web site
( to be a priceless source of info. that no doctor I´ve seen could or would have provided. Thank you!"

Jim Little

" I, for one, appreciate all the information and support from this discussion group. Doctors do not have the last word on health. Otherwise, why are we the richest country in the world, with supposedly the best health care, and an overwhelming number of sick people as compared with many other industrial and technological countries?"
Mike K.

"It is the 38th day of the health program. I have so much energy and feel
great. I have lost my lower pot belly. My BPH is improved, I can go all night without getting up to urinate…
Sir your book is one of the greatest documents written in recent memories. I feel it is so important that I have purchased a few copies of your book and have given them away to friends. I consider this book an altruistic document of the century. I thank you for a job well done."

Nicholas Selvaggio

"I was profoundly touched by your chapter on sexuality It has to be one of the best discussions of the subject I have EVER read. Your openness, attention to detail and expertise was truly remarkable. My love life will never be the same. I am 54 and considered a myself better than adequate sexual partner. After reading your chapter, I feel prepared to literally entered another zone. Wouldn't it have been really great to have a father who could have taught me about sexuality like this chapter. I have made several copies of the chapter for friends, male and female, who do not have or are not in a relationship with someone who has prostate cancer. I just told them at it was the best information on human sexuality that I have ever read."
Gerald Daly

"It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter, Specifically, a mixture of gratitude, appreciation and elation. …in January 1998, I received the shocking news from a urologist… that I had clinical stage B prostate cancer. This diagnosis followed an equally shocking initial PSA count of 39…. On March 12, 1998, I completed the fast and requested a new PSA test. Approximately 1 week later… I received the news that my PSA had dropped to 4.9!! My Doctors are unable to find the tumor and are incredulous of my normal PSAs. They now say the original diagnosis and my symptoms must have been a mistake.

PS: I forgot to mention the side effects of your plan. So far, the effects I've experienced following in your footsteps have been: a deeper appreciation for life and myself, revitalized relationships with family and friends, more open and honest expressions of love and appreciation, increased faith and trust in God and the wisdom and intelligence inherent in these magnificent vehicles we've been given to traverse this earthly plane, a heightened awareness of the importance of preserving all of our natural resources and alas, a reminder of the miraculous power of love. Thanks again."
Gilbert Brooks
Santa Monica, CA

"I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 5 years ago. My original PSA was 66. I was told by my urologist the test showed the cancer had spread to the lymphatic system and no surgery could be performed. Hormonal therapy was my only option.
On April 3, 1998, my urologist advised me the hormone injection was not
working. My PSA had shot up to 258…. (A friend) shared with me his battle plan to defeat his cancer… He told me of Dr. Clapp and his book… I contacted Dr. Clapp, advised him of my condition. (He) told me about PC-Spes and to purchase his book.
April 3, 1998 PSA 258
May 5, 1998 PSA 53.89
September, 8, 1998 PSA 24.06
As I sit here I have no pain in my body at all. The bone pain in my upper arms is gone, I exercise at the gym and swim everyday for approximately 3 hours"

Andy Campbell




I am deeply grateful to Larry Clapp and his book for giving me the courage
to look into alternative paths for treatment of prostate cancer and not give in to the fear-based pressure from the medical establishment.----

Jim Howell

PSA down to 2.9 from 8.9 four weeks ago!
Thanks for your email support and information that you gave me when my PSA was 8.9 just four weeks ago. Bill Garner (
"Nothing I could call cancer. "These were Dr. Bard´s words to me as he scanned the power color Doppler over my prostate.--- He also told me while looking a my prostate via ultrasound, that "this is as good as it gets." ---Later he also said "whatever you´re doing is working."

-- My prostate was actually smaller in volume than a year ago when I had an ultrasound.---I got some other good news last week. After following Larry´s program, including the 8-day fast in late Dec. and continuing detoxification along with drastic dietary changes for the past three months, lots of exercise, meditation, etc., I had a general blood workup and got the results last Wednesday. After fighting high cholesterol for over fifteen years, my numbers were amazingly good, compared to my previous tests done in September 1999: Total cholesterol went in three months from 217 to 174 HDL ("good" cholesterol) rose from 42 to 58.5 LDL ("bad" cholesterol) lowered from 140 to 116.4

Triglycerides went from 114 down to 67(!!) Ratio of Total Cholesterol/HDL went from 5.16 to 2.9 Dr. Kenneth Cooper says that a ratio under 4.2 is ideal. My blood pressure has been averaging 110/70.

Also, my albumin level this time was 4.6. Larry states in his book that people with this level of albumin don´t have cancer. --- I´m pretty much blown away by all these positive results in such a short time. I can only assume that---Larry´s program really did work and is still working.

I don´t plan to drop any of my new habits. I will be getting a BTA done in San Francisco next week and seeing a holistic dentist about amalgam removal prospects.
I have to add, too, that from day one last November (a few minutes after the shock of my diagnosis hit), I knew that this was a call to living life at a richer, fuller, and more meaningful level physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My specific goal has not been to kill cancer per se but to be as healthy as Ican and trust in a Higher Power than me to plan the results.

Larry´s book was the impetus for me and for many others and remains a
cornerstone of healing for me.

Thanks Larry. Bill Boletta

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