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Vaccine Police

Force Mother to Have Child Injected (New Hampshire - USA)

According to a recent report from the National Vaccine Information Center, a single mother living in New Hampshire reported that a policewoman, a detective and state social service worker showed up unannounced at her home armed with a court order and forced her to submit her son to a DPT injection. The forced injection came after she had taken her son to the emergency room a few days earlier for a minor burn from a wood stove, and had mentioned that her son had never received any vaccines.

The hospital notified state health authorities. A nurse at the hospital had insisted that her son get a tetanus injection and an injection of immune globulin (even though it was not medically indicated because there was no puncture). When the group came to the woman's house, a social worker held down the child while a nurse injected him with DPT toxoid. For several days after the medical assault on her child, the child was hyperactive, "acted like a different child", could not sleep at night, and within a week he had a fever and was ill. This child had previously been ill only TWICE in his life.

The woman, Terra Newton, commented that "I feel like I have been violated and that I am living in a Police State. If it is not my constitutional right to protect my son from this kind of violence, then you might as well throw the constitution out the window." She is looking for a lawyer to represent her. "I want to take this as far as I can legally go. This is America, not Communist China."

Karin Schumacher
Vaccine Information & Awareness (VIA)
858-484-3197 (phone/voicemail)
858-484-1187 (fax) (email) (NVIC website) (VIA website)

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