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By David Icke

The number of children and young people who have developed autism has soared since the introduction of the MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccine, a survey has shown.

The figures from Britain and the US have exposed a massive increase in autism since 1988 - the year the MMR vaccine was introduced. Other scientific research reveals that the measles virus is found in 24 out of 25 children who developed autism after a healthy infancy. Many children only became autistic after they were given the vaccine as teenagers.

In Yorkshire, England, the number of autistic children has increased 22 times since the vaccine was introduced. In Surrey, one in 69 three-year-olds are developing autism when it should be one in several thousands. And in the Shetland Isles and the Western Isles of Scotland there are no children with autism born before 1988.

The picture is the same in the United States. In New Jersey, the cases of autism have increased by 876 PER CENT in the last eight years; in California by 275% from 1993-1998; and by 109% in Pennsylvania from 1993-1997.

In Japan, the MMR vaccine has been banned and some UK doctors are refusing to give it, saying that it is safer for the child to have the disease than it is to risk the vaccine.

K.M. was perfectly healthy when he was taken by his mother for an MMR jab as a 13-year-old five years ago. He had an immediate physical reaction to the vaccine and within two weeks he was breaking down mentally. Eventually autism was diagnosed.

But what does the "caring" Labour Government of Tony Blair do? They refuse to even accept there could be a link and so they will pay no compensation for autism caused by vaccine because they deny the two could be connected. Even children brain damaged by vaccine in others ways can only get a maximum of 40 thousand pounds - and then only if the parents prove that their child was 80-per-cent brain damaged by the vaccine.

A study into the vaccine-autism connection is being carried out at the Royal Free Hospital in London and the Coombe Women's Hospital in Dublin, where the director of pathology, John O'Leary, said that there had to be a full investigation and more urgent research."

Reprinted from:

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