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NutraSweet - Aspartame by Jan

In one month I lost 20 pounds and the headaches started going away immediately.

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I had used diet drinks lightly because I have always had a problem
with low blood sugar. Several years back my husband and I lost
weight (at the time we were just a few pounds over..mostly just out
of shape) and got into a regiment of working out and being "sugar
aware" in the foods we ate. More and more I was choosing foods that
did not have sugar or was sweetened with Nutra Sweet. After about a
year of doing this, I was in the best shape I had ever been in my
life. I was buff. Then suddenly I started getting a burning
sensation in the skin of my thighs and I felt puffy. I started
gaining weight like crazy.

Nothing I did seemed to effect it. I
went to the doctor and he ran a series of tests on me. Blood work
including thyroid tests and such. A few months later I started
getting killer headaches. Then I was having chronic sinus problems.
I went from 120 very lean pounds to 170 in nothing flat. All this
despite working out religiously and countly every stinky calorie in
the world. The headaches got so bad and blinding that they put me on
migraine medication incuding having to get shots.

This went on for a year and a half. I was very fatigued. I had
narcoplexy. I scared my mother half to death because I fell asleep
talking on the phone to her. She said she yelled in my ear for a
couple of minutes before she was able to get me to respond.
All these things the doctor said were not related to each other.
They put me on anti-depressants. It didnīt help. They sent me to an
allergist. They said I was allerigc to everything. I had burning
sensations in my mouth and throat. My skin was trashed....I had
never had acne even as a teenager.

About 7 or 8 years ago we got hooked up to the internet. I just
went "surfing" to see what I could find. I went to some Ironman
sites because the company I worked for did clothing for them. I
found a link to the Aspartame claim on one of them. I follewed the
link and I read it all. Most of the symptoms I had were addressed
on this site. All I did was stop using ANYTHING that had aspartame
in it to see if that in fact could be the cause. WOW!!!!!!!
In one month I lost 20 pounds and the headaches started going away
immediately. The narcoplexy went away ( that was really scary).
All in all, I was a new person.

Lupus is a disease which effects the liver. Aspartame screws up the
liver. MS is a nerve disease and aspartame damages the nerves. I
donīt care what that "urban legand or hoax site" says.....I know as a
matter of personal experience that Aspartame is nasty stuff. I
wouldnīt give it to my enemy much less my child or family. I donīt
think it effects everyone the same because it may depend on their
health at the time. Also I believe that because I started using it
more because of "dieting" that I had a big jump in my usage from

I know that since then my allergies are all but gone except for a few
flowers. I donīt have migraines,skin rashes, narcoplexy or
depression. My weight is 130....I donīt work out anymore because of
injuries from a car accident. My diet is not perfect but but I am
doing pretty good all considering. Only thing is that under no
circumstance will I sue aspartame.

Aloha, Jan

'Programmed Obesity' Handed Down To Next Generation  Apr 26 2002

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