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I Was Cured of Multiple Sclerosis

by Lisa Cochran

Hello all,

Now that I have acces to be able to post...Hereīs a summary of my story:

In 1982 I, suddenly had a bad pain in my left eye and went blind in that eye; the opthalmologist (graduate of Johns Hopkins) diagnosed it as retrobuldar neuritis. He told me it could be Multple Sclerosis. I rejected that diagnosis. Steroids were my only option of treatment, which I also rejected. After approx. 2 months of complete blindness, in that eye, pain had subsided as the inflammation subsided, but nerve damage was not rrectable (so they said)

After using visualization techniques, it started to clear up. (I read many books on these techniques, and other books, like Norman Cousins, "Anatomy of an Illness.") The doctors were amazed that I gained sight back. (My theory was, if my brain could tell my hand, for instance, to pick something up, and it would respond, then why couldnīt my brain tell my body, internally, to do things, as well. So, I used visualization techniques to tell my brain to send things to blast away the scarred tissue on my optic nerve, so the electrical impulses which allowed me to see, could get transmitted down the nerve, once more. This did indeed work and although I doubt I will ever get full vision back in that eye (I donīt do those techniques anymore) I can see out of my left eye, although it is like looking through a screen, there are holes in my vision field, and colors donīt look the same anymore.

The following year, the double vision abruptly interrupted my life and spinal taps, MRIīs, and a barrage of nuerological tests "confirmed" the diagnosis of MS. This time I endured the steroids (and the side effects.) The spinal fluid did not show MS, but the "confirmation" was made by the double vision and the plaque or scarring on my brain shown by the MRIīs. The steroids, it is said, do not work for everyone, but I could see the two separate images gradually coming together as one over a period of 3 months, so the doctors claimed I was steroid sensitive and so they did indeed work for me. Next year, my balance was affected and rotary nystgmus (eyes move on their own and shake constantly) set in.

Again, steroids, visualization (my idea again, doctors, of course, poo-pooīd that idea) and 2 months of time made it go away. Through the next few years, I endured depression (attributed to the diagnosis) fatique, blurred vision, nervousness, anxiety, weakness in my limbs, tingling sensations, burning sensations and various pain. (All attributed to the MS, but I rejected steroid treatment and opted for just my own method of treatment: distraction in the form of reckless behavior, ie, sky diving, impulsive behavior, drinking to excess, manic behavior, etc. It was around that time, 60 Minutes reported the amalgam/mercury story. I had 11 large amalgam fillings.

My cousin was a dentist and removed all of them, at one time, and replaced them with gold (now I wish I had opted for composite material, but the gold doesnīt seem to cause me all that many problems).

Within 10 days, I had NO more symptoms of MS! Very few people, including my doctors and my cousin, the dentist, believed me. I didnīt care, I KNEW it was from the mercury!! (Thank God for that TV report!) MS is said to exacerbate with stress. Well, I have endured much stress since having my fillings replaced: the birth of my son too early, my husband of 15 years being suddenly and tragically decapitated in a car accident, losing all my money and assets to a con artist, to name a few.

These stressors did not bring on any symptoms, as surely would have if the diagnosis of MS were correct. However, the medical profession will not see itīs way clear to UNdiagnose the MS; making health insurance exhorbitant, for one thing. This has been a long, but educational trek. I HAVE NO DOUBT I was mercury poisoned and still endure some after effects. I did not do any chelation, I didnīt know about it back then. I feel extremely strong about getting the message out and making "whom ever it is" that approves mercury use to STOP! I would like to go back to school to become whatever I need to to get the necessary credentials (not sure what they are, though) to do research, writing, etc. to get paid for a working against this practice of using mercury, about which I am so passionate, interested and directly affected by. I wish everyone affected by mercury all the best of luck in beating this thing If there are any questions about my experiences,please send me an email or posting and I will be glad to answer.

Lisa Cochran (


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