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like all anaerobic bacteria & viral illnesses


© 2003 By ‘Mr. Oxygen,’ Ed McCabe, Best-selling Author

My experienced and educated opinion is reflected in the title of this article and in the following further expressions of it. Health officials and our leaders and the public urgently need to start realizing and considering that the bacterial and viral transmission vectors of the above illnesses are anaerobic. Anaerobic means ‘can’t exist in oxygen.’ Therefore by definition these illnesses cannot exist within the beginning of their invasions into our bodies, if and when tissues and fluids full of boosted levels of active oxygen continually surround the invaders. Medical forms of ozone/oxygen gas administered safely by trained doctors using simple IV therapy techniques would be one method of active oxygen delivery. Serious home supplementation of other forms of active oxygen through various methods and products would be another.

The viruses and bacteria would of course be similarly surrounded by active oxygen immediately if they had to pass through safe levels of ozonated air in order to get to us in the first place - whether in our rooms, hospitals, planes, trains, subways or doctor or office buildings. It's so simple, we could continually safely ozonate our bodies and safely ozonate our water and the spaces around us and thereby construct an inner and outer active oxygen ‘shield’ long before our immune systems have to get involved. And if one were freshly infected with one of these anaerobes that cause the diseases, what better immediate therapy would there be?

I’ll say it again until all the people wake up. When surrounded with active oxygen the anaerobes causing SARS, AIDS, WNV, Anthrax, Smallpox, Flu & the common cold cannot survive because they are anaerobes! Very simple, isn’t it? No one can dispute these scientific facts. And our bodies love oxygen. Do not believe the authoritarian sounding statements like 'Ozone will hurt you far before it does any good.' The history of millions of applications already proves otherwise. When used correctly, ozone is a beautiful thing. Anyone saying otherwise has another hidden agenda.

Our bodies naturally love oxygen, and beyond mere breathing, in Europe, especially Germany, doctors have put millions of dosages of active oxygen safely and effectively directly into human bloodstream's for over 50 years! 3,250 Russian MD’s and nurses in 1,100 hospitals and clinics are using this form of treatment daily. Most of the bacteria and viruses living inside our bodies cannot exist when surrounded with active forms of oxygen, and yet these facts are not taught in American medical schools. This is why many people in America take it upon themselves to learn how to use various methods, supplements, and devices to fill body tissues and fluids - and keep them filled - with supplemental active forms of oxygen. In my opinion this is our best chance at immunity.

After someone has been sick for a while, the same active oxygen treatments and supplements still have historically rooted the bacteria and virions out of human bodies, but in these tougher cases it does involve taking longer treatments consistently. This is all according to all my interviews of patients and doctors and thorough reviews of the scientific literature. The longer treatment periods used on long term sufferers are usually necessary because delaying the surrounding of the anaerobic invaders with active oxygen has allowed the microbes to have time to escape destruction and burrow deeper into the body.

Once far from the bloodstream and embedded in tissues like bone and cartilage, the tiny disease causing microbes ‘hide’ under layers of mucopolysaccharides (mucous covering the irritants) so they are harder to get to and surround with active oxygen from just supplements. These chronic conditions usually always require some form of doctor administered multiple IV active oxygen therapy coupled perhaps with Hyperbarics to flood the body with active oxygen, strip away the mucous, and find and surround the problem microbes. These methods have commonly been employed in thousands of hospitals and clinics in Europe, and a few places here, but the majority of our American healthcare workers remain unknowing about their wonders.

Normal healthy cells are unharmed by these techniques and in fact love them. Keep in mind that if there is nothing left to repair in the body by the time you start treatment, no treatment will work.

Obviously individual results vary, and the best use of your personal active oxygen supplementation of choice is to work with a health care provider who knows this active oxygen stuff very well. The experts will lead you through slowly and increasingly flooding your body with active oxygen and help you smoothly get through any occasional natural body detoxifications that may arise. After through cleansing you may chose to always keep your tissue and fluid levels stuffed with high levels of active forms of oxygen (and their residual sub-species) before any infection tries to work it’s way into you. I have interviewed plenty of people who continue to supplement with active oxygen therapies reporting they no longer are getting colds or the flu, even years later. Natural ionic and colloidal mineral, enzyme, and MSM supplements are often included in their daily active oxygen supplement regimens to further buffer acidosis and re-supply missing dietary nutrients.

Find out the details of how this works; the fifty plus-year history of millions of applications of active oxygen in Europe, the thousands of European hospitals and clinics using active oxygen therapies, what all the available therapies are, how they are applied, and why the American authorities, media pundits, and medical spokespersons fail to mention these and other valuable historical and scientific facts when routinely proclaiming "there is no cure."

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