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Conventional vs. Alternative Medicine (References)

by Dr. Walt Stoll

Conventional vs. Alternative Medicine (References)

Copyright © 1998 Dr. Walt Stoll

Historical documentation for the basis of the present Disease-Care Crisis.

Many people have been asking WHY there is so much controversy about alternative approaches to a purely Allopathic (conventional) Medical approach to medical care.

This information is readily available and has been extensively documented in the published literature for the past 200 years. I am encouraging BB participants to look into this literature by listing some of these publications. I have frequently mentioned Health at the Crossroads by Dean Black, PhD as the simplest and easiest to read introduction to the problem. It is available for about $10 by calling the publisher Valeen Burdal at 801-768-0560.

However, in case you or any other participants of the BB are interested in going deeper into these reasons, I will list a few of the better references available in the current literature. I would appreciate feedback being shared with the BB participants. ALL LISTED ARE EASY, EXCITING READING.

Divided Legacy

    The most extensive publication, covering the WHY, is a work of genius by one of the world's foremost Medical Historians, Harris Coulter, PhD. It is more than 1700 pages, published in four volumes. The third volume would be the most immediate for your purposes of understanding our present political situation. However, the first two volumes clearly describe HOW we came to it in the first place.

    Volume 3 is now available in paperback form for $14.95 as The Conflict Between Homeopathy and the American Medical Assn. The series title Divided Legacy is a pretty good description of the problem--which has been a fundamental philosophical schism for more than 4000 years. Volume 4 is Twentieth Century Medicine-The Bacteriological Era. All of these are available by calling the Center for Empirical Medicine in Washington, D.C. at (202) 364-0898.

Planet Medicine

    Another leading medical anthropologist, Richard Grossinger, PhD, has written a beautiful book: Planet Medicine. Published by Anchor Press in 1980, it can be located via its ISBN #0-385-14053-3; call your library.

Other Books

    The immediate application of this controversy by the system presently in power (the Allopathic Monopoly) is well documented by the following 2 publications. Dirty Medicine by Martin J. Walker, published by Slingshot Publications in 1993, BM Box #8314, London WCIN 3XX, England. At 729 pages, it is $24.00.

    Racketeering in Medicine--The Suppression of Alternatives, by James Carter, MD, Dr.P.H.. This was published by Hampton Roads in 1992 and can be ordered directly by calling (800) 766-8009.

    The Assault on Medical Freedom, by P.J. Lisa, published by Hampton Roads in 1994, offers many examples of the harassment of some of the best physicians in our country by the AMA. Until the public begins to have an appreciation of how extreme and blatant these miscarriages of justice have become, they will never believe what is going on.

Unless the public (which includes our legislators) learn this WHY of the current Disease Care Crisis there will be NO "Health Care Solution". Dr Stoll's new book, Saving Yourself From the Disease-Care Crisis is meant to give its readers the tools to do something about this (both personally AND in the larger context of our culture). Many BB participants are getting copies for their loved ones who need this kind of information.

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