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Cayenne Formulas for Specific Ilinesses - Cayenne Tincture

An interview with Dr. Richard Schulze

BISER: Is it difficult to make your own cayenne tincture?

SCHULZE: Its easy Just follow these steps:
1. Start to make this and ANY Tincture, if possible, on a NEW Moon.
2. Take a Quart Canning Jar and fill it FULL with DRIED Cayenne Peppers,
getting the HOTTEST ones (i.e. - Habanero, African Bird, Serrano, Jalapeno),
that you can obtain.
3. Add enough 50% Grain Alcohol (100 Proof Vodka) to the Cayenne Peppers
(powdered, using a Blender or Grinder) to just COVER them.
4. Use enough FRESH Cayenne Peppers, that you can blend with 50% Grain
Alcohol (100 Proof Vodka) to turn the Mixture into an Apple Sauce-Like
5. Add this Mixture to the 1st Mixture, filling up the Canning Jar FULL.
6. Fill up the rest of the Canning Jar with MORE 50% Grain Alcohol (100
Proof Vodka).
7. Shake it as MANY times as possible, during the Day.
8. Let this Mixture sit, until the following FULL Moon (15-16 Days), but
OPTIMALLY until the following NEW Moon (28-29 Days)!
(It is actually better to strain off on a FULL moon)
9. Strain this Mixture through an UNBLEACHED Coffee Filter.
10. Bottle the RESULTING Tincture.

NOTE: Part EQUALS Volume, NOT Weight in this Tincture Method. Modify this
procedure by using DRIED Herbs ONLY, if FRESH Herbs are NOT AVAILABLE, and
when making other Herbal Tinctures also. Also if you want to make a
SUPER-POTENT Tincture (i.e. - Cayenne Pepper & Lobelia Seed Pod - see
below), then allow the Mixture to sit for a FULL 3 Months!

Cayenne Formulas for Specific Ilinesses

Powder the herbs and take 1 teaspoon, 3 times daily unless noted. Or, make a tincture, which is preferable.

Brain problems (memory, depression and hearing)
3 parts Ginkgo Biloba leaf
1 part Cayenne

Blood Pressure problems (high or low)
2 parts Garlic bulb
1 part Cayenne
1 part Ginger root

Eyesight problems
1 part Eyebright herb
1 part Goldenseal root
1 part Fennel seed
1 part Red Raspberry leaf
to 1 part Cayenne
Use 5 to 10 dropperfuls of the tincture in an eyecup. Fill with
distilled water, and wash your eyes. Also, use internally

Heart problems
3 parts Hawthorn berry
1 part Cayenne

Thick, Fatty Blood and Cholesterol problems
3 parts Red Clover blossoms
1 part Garlic bulb
1 part Cayenne pepper

General Circulation problems
1 part Cayenne pepper
1 part Ginger root

Colds and Sore Throat
4 parts Echinacea root
2 parts Peppermint leaves
1 part Garlic bulb
1 part Cayenne pepper

Arthritis and joint problems

Into 16 ounces of Wintergreen oil, soak 8 tablespoons of Cayenne pepper and 4 tablespoons of Ginger root and 4 tablespoons of Mustard powder. Let set from the new to the full moon. Strain and add 6 ounces of Menthol crystals.

Cuts and Wounds

4 parts Slippery Elm bark
2 parts Plantain leaf
1 part Goldenseal root
1 part Comfrey root
part Cayenne pepper

Sprinkle or pack this dry powder into wounds, or mix with warm water and
then apply.

Excitotoxins - MSG and Aspartame  May 03 2002

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