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Psychological Components of Cancer

by Loren Parks

I have put off writing about the psychological components of cancer because Iīve actually worked with very few cancer patients. All my work involves relieving stress of some kind. Cancer patients have plenty of it. Carcinoma is the most prevalent form and accounts for about 85% of cancers.

Here are some high points for now, as this page is going to take a long time to develop into a more comprehensive page. Keep in mind I am not medically trained. I am only providing information and it may not be good information for you. Seek professional advice.

I want to discuss first the stresses that I believe can play an active role in some types of cancer. Keep in mind that there are many, many different types of cancer. Some are relatively easy to cure (skin cancer) and some are very difficult to deal with and successes are few and far between. Those include cancers involving nerves (like brain cancers), the pancreas, and small cell lung cancers. This is what I hear, and I have no medical background.

I am in touch with an alternative group getting most cancer people into remission. It is not always necessary to go there and consultation is free. Medications generally are not. It is non-profit.

Example from my friend there: "I received an e-mail today from a woman in New Zealand whose cervical cancer I turned around. She is deliriously happy. She was looking forward to having children and now she can."


1. When a person is first told he has cancer, it can create a severe emotional reaction--a negative one. That emotion can stick in your subconscious and, I believe as do some others, it can have a negative influence on the outcome.

2. When any woman suffers from depression and/or cancer, the first question I ask is "Have you had an abortion?" The reason is that there can be guilt locked into the subconscious that is affecting the personīs immune system or emotional state negatively. This in spite of their view that theyīve gotten over it. There is a "disconnect" message for this on my website.

3. Someone close to you has or has died of cancer--even a pet. It is upsetting, or was.

4.You think cancer runs in your family.


When I work with a depressed person, I try to relieve all the upsetting incidents in his life that I can find (or that he will admit to). That includes the following:

1. Parentsī acceptance of the child. "Did your mother love you?"

2. Parents favoring a brother or sister.

3. A brother or sister being mean to the subject.

3. Early pet deaths.

4. Early love affairs gone bad.

6. Death or alienation of a child or family member.

7. Sentencing by a therapist or physician. (Youīll be on drugs the rest of your life)

ALTERNATIVE NUTRITION HELP There are a number of newsgroups, most of which will be full of misinformation. However, gems do crop up now and then. These from people whoīve actually been cured or are in a stabilized state (remission) and believe they know what they did to cause that to happen.

You must realize that with cancer, there have been lots of spontaneous remissions. That means they got well for unknown reasons. My guess is that most of that is dietary or psychological--something has changed in the personīs life or he has developed a different attitude. Religious cures (placebo) fall into that category. There is no better cure than the placebo, properly administered, for many so-called physical illnesses. I witnessed lots of that in the Philippines, but it happens everywhere to some extent. And that includes a burning desire to conquer the cancer and live.


I firmly believe that some alternative methods, not permitted legally in the USA, can work very well in some cases. However, I also believe there are lots of crooks out there selling worthless remedies and advertising them highly. There are some Mexican Clinics that charge outrageous prices and have a very low cure rate. There are clinics in the Bahamas (I know nothing about them). Not all these doctors in foreign countries near us are bandits. But they canīt cure or put into remission everyone who walks in the door. Some of them do well to help 10% of their patients, often at great expense. They may be sincere in trying, but the result may not be there and the costs are.

I asked a Mexican doctor who is pretty successful with cancer, relatively speaking, about providing a guaranteed cure. He said a big problem is that some people just will not continue to take the medications he prescribes. I know he gets a lot of his medications from Germany, and they arenīt cheap but they seem to work for some. He is probably one of the better, more sincere doctors.


If you find you have cancer, know that you have the right to ask any doctor (and write it down in front of him) if he has experience with your type of cancer, and if so, what his success rate is. Is he merely prolonging life at great expense and suffering or is he making life worth living for you? Get right down to business and ask and write down crucial questions and have somebody there with you to witness and help write down his responses. The second time one goes thru chemo is the treatment with very low survival. Ask him. They act like itīs a mop-up operation, but itīs usually the end for the patient.

Would he use this treatment on a member of his own family, or for himself? Some cancer specialists do refer their own family members to alternative therapists--I know of that happening, a mother and a sister in law. Some patients, upon being given a death sentence, have moved into other cultures with different life styles and nutrition, and recovered. It is most likely the American diet and life style that results in cancer, something that was very rare around 1900. Of course tuberculosis was killing lots of people then. Remember, the doctors are dying of cancer as well. Itīs pretty clear they donīt have the answers.


Youīll find some of them at (heīs in Holland), and other medical sites. Some remedies touted (I have no personal experience) are Flor Essence (Essiac), Jason Winters Tea, Cantron, MGN-3, Poly MVA (Dr. Stephen Sinatra uses it), IP-6 (Dr. Shamsuddin), Beta 1,3 D Glucan (donīt get ripped off by hype)Check Chisholm Labs, hydrogen peroxide (careful!), Coenzyme Q-10 (breast), massive intravenous Vitamin C (several grams).

This weekend (1/25/02 I met with Roger DeLong, a retired Delta pilot. He had a cancer on the bridge of his nose which he got rid of drinking Pau DīArco tea. This material is from the bark of a tree in South America and is a byproduct of the logging industry. He now imports it and actually gives a pound package to people who canīt afford to buy it (about $10/lb which lasts from 2 weeks to a month). He showed me several testimonial letters from people whoīve beaten their cancers, at least at the time the letter was written. They are "in remission" which means they are functioning well and the cancer is radically diminished in size if a tumor type. I will post some here when he sends me copies. No one says cured as cancer has a way of coming back. He says it takes 3 months of drinking the tea to cure most cancers. Of course some people are so far gone it doesnīt have time to work. You have a chance with this stuff and itīs cheap. You have to boil it for at least 10 to 15 minutes to get the essential ingredients into solution. You can do a batch of a gallon and then refrigerate it. Extracts on the market donīt work, nor do pills. It takes about 3 tablespoons of the bark to make a quart, which lasts a day.

I drink it tho I have no cancer. I have no trouble just drinking it down. Some people add honey. His website is He has a newsletter

A Japanese firm has a patent on what they believe is the essential ingredient in the tea and are trying to get FDA approval to market it in the U.S.A. As you know, that takes a long time and a lot of money, so they must be pretty confident it works.

My chemist friend in the alternative clinic is just starting patients on the tea made from the bark. He says nobody who has been chelated properly has developed cancer. He thought it was Wm. Regelson, M.D. who discovered that. Dr. Regelson is very active in the alternative medicine field, especially with hormones. You can find doctors who do intravenous chelation (faster but more expensive than oral chelation) in most states. They use EDTA, which does not take out mercury, but takes out lead, cadmium and other heavy metals. Actually, I donīt believe it is understood just what EDTA chelation does. Probably takes out good and bad minerals. You have to replace the good ones. I believe this is the single best treatment for heart disease (plugged coronary arteries). It appears that people who have heart disease donīt have cancer, and vice versa. Just an observation.

Here is something I wrote for the newsgroup.

The chelation of lead and other stuff can be done inexpensively. I am no doctor. What I did is buy a small amount (100 grams) of disodium EDTA at a laboratory supply house here in Portland, OR(Nurnberg). It is made by "The Science Alliance" of Humble, Texas and it is relatively cheap and should be available in any large city or by mail.

I have a gram scale. I take 2 1/2 grams on an empty stomach early morning with fruit juice and eat nothing for an hour or so. One-half level teaspoon is 2.6 grams, close enough. I would not exceed that as I have no clinical data on the consequences of a larger dose.

In the mid sixties an M.D. in the Kansas City area was using this amount with patients and he invited me to come and see them and study them using dopppler ultrasound where appropriate (he was a customer--I make doppler ultrasound diagnostic equipment). They had all gotten dramatic results--recovery from stroke, relief from chest pain (angina) and the most remarkable, an elderly man whose leg had been dark blue from blocked vessels had a shiny pink leg with a wide open posterior tibial artery (the main one). I was amazed.

The doctor (no longer in practice) showed me the newspaper clippings about a soap manufacturer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who took it for his heart problem and was giving it to friends who were helped. I think the clippings came from the fifties.

Many thousands of people have been chelated using the intravenous technique for at least the last 30 years. I have had that (once) and 2.5 grams was used over a 3 hour period. 1 drop per second. I believe intravenous use is mostly turf protection. It works orally too--maybe not as efficiently but at far less cost and inconvenience. Expect to go for 30 treatments at about $100 each if you go this route, and youīll spend about 3 hours of your time each session.

I have a bottle sold commercially by a website for oral EDTA chelation and it has only 0.126 grams of EDTA and a bunch of minerals. Thatīs an exceedingly small amount and I donīt think combining minerals at the same time is the way to go. Hours later is OK, and thatīs what the doctor I knew did. Also he had them take it about 4 or 5 times a week as I recall.

EDTA is water soluble but slow to dissolve. It is ok to heat some water to make it go into solution more quickly. If you just put it in juice and stir and drink, youīll likely see a white powder in the bottom of the glass. It just didnīt all dissolve, so you arenīt getting all of it. I scoop with a spoon or add water and swirl it until I get it all down.

Side effects can be some diarrhea and the doctor told me it can unknit healed bone fractures and potentially dissolve gallstones, causing them to break loose and lodge in a bile duct. I donīt consider this too much risk. Cancer patients are mostly constipated anyway, so I read. EDTA is used in small amounts as a preservative in some foods and blood.

It is common for the Mexican cancer clinics to do intravenous chelation with their therapies. My contact there says patients do better who are chelated. Also experience shows that people whoīve been chelated donīt develop cancer (Wm.Regelson, M.D. of DHEA fame). There should be info on that somewhere within the American Academy of Alternative Medicine.

EDTA is great for removing lead and likely calcium or iron in the wrong places. Removal of mercury is very questionable.

Again, I am no doctor. The method I use may be contraindicated for some. Get professional advice.

NEWSGROUPS (Budwig Diet -Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese)

These are two I subscribe to, but there are many others from yahoo groups, like prostate, breast, non-Hodgkins lymphoma ( Another thing you can do to get the voice of the people (maybe some spam) is do a search at This is a compilation of all the newsgroups from way back and you can type in what youīre looking for, like "cancer, breast". Leave out the quotation marks.

So this is the beginning of this page, Dec. 19, 2001. I am putting articles from a 1935 publication on the use of Hydrochloric Acid Therapy for cancer. I will have voice messages on later, trying to help you get rid of past emotional upsets. I believe emotions can play a significant part in cancer. Some voice messages are already on my websites or the automated telephone therapy.

Loren Parks
Psychological Research Foundation, Inc.

Reprinted from:


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