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Vitamin C and Mortality

The Lancet March 3, 2001

The relationship between vitamin C and chronic diseases is of considerable interest to people - this is the most popular vitamin supplement.

An article in the March 3, 2001 issue of The Lancet reports that high blood levels of vitamin C are related to reduced rates of heart disease and total mortality in both men and women; cancer was reduced in men only.

Over 19,000 adults in Norfolk, United Kingdom were studied. They were followed for 4 years after their vitamin C levels were measured. Almost 500 deaths were recorded during that time. There were numerous characteristics that differed along with vitamin C levels such as weight, smoking, supplement use, age, blood pressure, and serum lipids.

HERE´S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The authors conclude that increasing vitamin C intake by increasing fruit and vegetable intake by about one serving daily is the way to implement their findings. It turns out that people who are consuming too little vitamin C were really at risk. The lowest levels averaged just over 50 mg daily while the highest group took in just over 110mg, an amount easily obtained from the diet.

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