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Gallstones or Olive Oil ?

Liver Cleanse and Gallbladder Cleanse Results

Are the stones that people get out by cleansing really gallstones, or is it just olive oil ?

Opinion: I think what people are getting out in the flush is olive oil.

My opinion:

Sound logical to me.
I think those stones are actually olive oil..

You drink yellow oil in the evening, your body converts it into the stones, and in the morning you get yellow or greenish, fatty ”stones” looking just as if they are made from olive oil.

Anyone else doubt that stones are olive oil?

I will try to test this hypothesis with 10 questions and common sense conclusions & answers.

Hypothesis: Stones we get are made over night, inside our intestines, and are mad from olive oil and bile and other digestive juices.

Testing hypothesis with 10 questions:


1. Test Question: If the stones are olive oil, Why do people who attempt to flush ”gallstones” out get that confirmed by ultrasound?


From: ”David Koeller”
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 19:37:17 -0500
Subject: [gallstones] Success Story

I just wanted to post another success story. I am a 33 year old male. I started having attacks back in August, while on a vacation in Niagara Falls after a heavy meal. I had lost about 25 pounds over the spring and summer and I had cutback on eating almost any fat through most of June and July. I thought at the time I ate something that was bad and had an episode of food poisoning. A couple months later I had another attack early in the morning right after consuming a bowl of cereal with milk. Once again I attributed it to something I ate and I was ready to get the cereal tested for poison or something along those lines due to the severity of the pain and the fact that it subsided after I had vomited . My grandparents, mother and uncle all had their gallbladders removed later in life, but I never thought of myself being afflicted at my age. My mom suggested it might be a gallbladder attack based on the
description of the pain. I continued with attacks for about one week straight. I could not even eat any dairy or other fatty foods at all without suffering for a couple hours with dull pain with occasional sharp pains.

I had mentioned my symptoms to a friends father at our church who had had severe gallbladder attacks two years ago and was diagnosed with a gallbladder problem that would probably require surgery. He did the olive oil and lemon juice flush. I started researching the flush since he was not sure of the exact recipe he had used. I found the following link:

I decided to give this recipe a try. I didn’t do any apple juice prep since at that point I was having attacks daily and I had already been diagnosed by my physician with a gallbladder problem after several days of continuous discomfort. I didn´t want to wait any longer.

I fasted the next day and tried to get down the 16 oz of olive oil and 8 oz of lemon juice. I managed to get down about ¾ of it over an hour and a half and I couldn’t bear no more and fell asleep on my right side. I could feel my gallbladder area surging and I knew something was going on. I finally managed to fall asleep and managed to get through until morning. I didn’t pass any visible stones, not that I checked all that thoroughly, but I did pass a very greenish stool and I felt pretty good.

By 12 noon I felt pretty good and actually got out of the house. My three year old had to go to the doctor for some tests which thankfully turned out negative that afternoon. My wife decided to treat her to ice cream at Friendly´s that afternoon. I decided I would try to eat a little. I felt decent and decided to do a test. I ordered a great big
cheese burger and a large chocolate milk shake. Prior to the flush for over a week, even the slightest fat consumption and I was keeled over in pain, I figured if I got through this meal okay, then I was cured.

I’m happy to say that I have not had any pain now for the last month and a half since I did the flush.

I recently went for an abdominal ultrasound and I was diagnosed with an empty healthy gallbladder.

The ultrasound technician had had her gallbladder out and mentioned that she wish she had known about the flush as well before taking to the knife.

I plan to do a flush every year as preventive maintenance since this tends to run in my family. My mom was amazed with the success and wished she had known of this before she had surgery five years ago. It seams that this recipe was more extreme than others I have read about on
the internet in regards to quantity of oil and lemon juice, but I figured the more you get down, the more work it will do. I hope others can benefit from the flush. I figure what have you got to lose. Your only taking in natural items, it´s not like your drinking gasoline or something toxic.

Dave Koeller

Message: 6
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 15:31:23 -0000
Subject: irregular shaped stones - hard to flush, but....

Well,,, my problem seems to be that these big irregular shaped stones
dont want to come out, they get stuck before the bile duct. Well, I
had a succesfull cleans a couple of days ago, and got a big irregular
out. They are also much harder that the other ones, beggining to get
Well, the good news is that my gallbladder is working for the first
time in ... years probobly. When I eat now i get this ´fluid´ -
´getting hungry´ - ´bowel movement´ sound that I havnt had since I
got sick (ibs - constipation). Hopefully this was the last ´hard to
flush´ stone. I have had some real problems flushing, but now Im on
the track again. Lets see what the lecithin and flaxseed really can
do now.

take care - keep on getting healthier!


1. Conclusion and Answer: Stones are not made from olive oil.

Hypothesis did not satisfy test question!


2. Test Question: Why do people, who do bowel cleanse, get ”fatty stones” out, though they didn´t take one drop of oil ?

I spoke with many people doing herbal bowel cleanse, and many reported getting out ”fatty stones”.
There is a clinic in Sweden where you can undertake 1 or 2 weeks of fasting and bowel cleanse.
People working there say that patients get occasionally gallstones (”fatty stones”) out by just doing herbal bowel cleanse and fasting.

Also, people who do water fast for many days report passing gallstones.
Water fast does not include drinking olive oil.

2. Conclusion and Answer: Stones are not made from olive oil.

Hypothesis did not satisfy test question!


2. Test Question: Why do people, who do bowel cleanse with homozon, report getting out ”fatty stones” , though they didn´t take one drop of oil ?

One Example:
From: Jim Lambert
Subject: [oxyplus] Re: liver flush

I´ve done her (Hulda) flush method, and consider it the best of the
methods I have tried, but BE SURE to deparisitize first,
as Ms. Clark is correct that you will get more stones out
if you do.

Also, you have to do another 2-3 liver cleanses at about 2
months invervals to get them all out.
When you do the first cleanse you will get out the bigger stones
and then the smaller ones will move forward & clog the liver
even more, and you will feel bad again in a couple of months.
It is NOT a one-time thing.

When I started on Homozon several months ago I chose to take it
with the juice of a whole lemon in a glass of orange juice.

I took this twice a day with the Homozon.

Every time I visited the toilet I noticed my movements were pea
green and I swore I saw soft cholesteral stones passing.

In about 7 weeks my liver was all cleaned out, and my bowel
movements turned a light brown & have stayed that way.

All of the upper back pains I had are gone, I can drink coffee
again (tho I only do it rarely) and I can eat pork without
getting a headache.

All of these things confirm my liver is flushed out.

The Homozon is optional for this. IMO it is better to do it
with the Homozon, because the constant trips to the toilet
keeps the toxins being flushed from being reabsorbed
on their way out.

jim :)


amicus certus in re incerta

Messages crossposted from [bowelcleanse]


Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 18:38:18 -0400
Subject: RE: liver flush

Also what is interesting is that sometimes when I take
the Homozon I pass these floating stones also. Didn´t
take olive oil with it. So I know it is not congealed
olive oil.



3. Answer: Stones are not made from olive oil.

Hypothesis did not satisfy test question!


4. Test Question: Why do some people get ”fatty stones” out, in the evening, before even drinking Olive oil ?
Why do some people get ”fatty stones” out, in the morning, after throwing up Olive oil in the evening ?

I read reports from people who did liver cleanse, got diarrhea before 10pm (before drinking olive oil), and got stones in that diarrhea.
Whole that day, they didn´t eat fatty foods, no Olive oil.

4. Answer: Stones are not made from olive oil.

Hypothesis did not satisfy test question!


5. Test Question: Why do some people get cured from ”incurable” ASTHMA, Allergies, Cancer, Food Intolerance after liver cleanse and after passing numerous ”fatty stones” ?

If stones are olive oil, and if liver cleanse is just a way of producing ”olive oil fatty stones”, then how it comes that people get cured from INCURABLE diseases by doing cleanses.

From: ”Karma Tucker”
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 17:22:23 -0500
Subject: [gallstones] liver flush

I don´t remember if I posted about my daughter and her cleanse. She is
ten, but has had allergies and asthma for quite some time. When she was a baby, she had trouble getting her bowels moving even though I nursed her. My husband´s grandfather said that her bile was slow to kick in. I have wondered if these things were reasons that she had allergies and asthma.

About a month ago, maybe a little longer, she was having some really bad asthma problems. I was having to put her on the nebulizing machine each night for several treatments. I was beginning to think I was going to have to take her to the emergency room because we couldn´t get her airways opened up. Each night was getting worse, so we decided to give her a liver cleanse. It was a pretty rough night for her even though we gave her the Ornithine capsules.

She kept the olive oil down for a few hours, then threw it up, which was discouraging to me. I thought we had wasted our time. But the next
morning, she started passing HUGE stones. I had done three cleanses prior to this, so knew what she was going to go through. Her stones were much larger than anything I passed though.

She passed hundreds of small ones, but the most amazing thing was the
amount of large ones she passed. If you put your forefinger and thumb
together to form a circle that is an idea of the size of stones she passed.

I´m saying at they were over 1 1/2” in diameter. She passed about 15 of
them this size and one that was even bigger. It was about the size of a
golf ball!!! I was teasing her that her liver wasn´t even as big at these HUGE things coming out of her. The most important thing about it was that she hasn´t had an asthma attack since!

That is incredible.

Another benefit that I have notice from both of them, plus myself is weight coming off. My daughter lost about ten pounds, which put her right where she needed to be for her age and height. My husband lost weight, but it is too soon to see if it will stay off. :-)

Message: 5
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 06:50:11 -0000

Subject: Many cleanses... and still going on

I´m the ONLY one of 36 cousins who has NOT had her gallbladder
removed. My family fits the ”fair, fat and forty” profile. I´ve done
at least 12 cleanses over the past 5 years and I KNOW I´ve prevented

For me, I had interesting symptoms... yellowish eyes, shoulder pain,
nausea, and after each cleanse, all have lessened or disappeared.
It took at least 4 cleanses before the really BIG stones came
forward. Since, all the stones that come out are not calcified or
even the slightest hard.

When I am losing weight, and metabolizing my own fat, they are the
black stones. Nothing is going to keep me from cleansing.
My 72 year old mother has had numerous tests and a diagnosis of
collagenous colitis. I´ve begged her, for years to do a cleanse.
Finally out of desperation, years of vomiting after eating and
continuous runs, she did it. You would NOT believe what she passed on
the very first cleanse. On repeated, she kept passing stones.

Immediately she stopped vomited. Her skin improved. She had classic
liver itching.

I am a firm believer that this is something that should be as routine
as brushing our teeth or blowing our nose.
Other References scroll down:

5. Answer: Stones are not made from olive oil.

Hypothesis did not satisfy test question!


6. Test Question: Why do ”fatty stones” that some people get out look exactly like stones on those photos?

1. Pictures showing gallbladder removed and gallstones:

2. Pictures showing liver and intrahepatic stones:

References to this question can be found here:

6. Answer: Stones are not made from olive oil.

Hypothesis did not satisfy test question!


7. Test Question: Why are not all ”fatty stones” that some people get the same color and density?

Explanation: Many people reported getting stones of different color: Black, RED, White, Yellow, Multiple colors,...

7. Answer: Stones are not made from olive oil.

Hypothesis did not pass test question


8. Test Question: Why don´t people get always the same amount of ”fatty stones” ?


If you always take the same amount (1/2 cup) of olive oil, it would be logical to always get out the same (or similar) amount of ”fatty stones” ?
Wouldn´t that be logical ?

I have done over 20 cleanses, sometimes I got many stones, sometimes 0.

People reported getting in one cleanse from 0 stones, up to amount larger then the amount of oil.

Sometimes, amount of stones was double the amount of olive oil !!!!!

Few stories to illustrate this:
--- In,

Anette MSIMS0960@m... wrote:

I did my 4th flush on Monday as well and the result was
disappointing. I never got more than 30 stones out during the
previous flushes, but this time only bile and maybe 3 stones. I
agree with Ken´s answer. I know I have plenty more stones in my
liver, but my small intestine is not at its best, so the liver will
not release enough toxins. I will do a colonic in 2 weeks and then
try another cleanse in about a month. Did you follow all the
instructions including the parasite cleanse? I´m not doing that and
the flushes can make me quite ill, but I´m sensitive to a lot of
herbs so it´s not easy for me to take them.
Good luck
Subject: Second flush and AGAIN no noticeable stones???
From: Karen < Karen >

I did my first flush 3 weeks ago and did not notice ANY stones. I did not even have any bowel movement either...Just nothing! I had done everything according to the schedule/recipe.

I did another Liver flush yesterday and a friend did it with me and this was his first. I AGAIN had no noticeable stones...I did have bowel movements but NO stones and very few ”pieces” of floating particles! We both did the exact same routine at the exact same time. My friend did pass numerous stones in every bowel movement...perhaps 50 in total...mostly pea size.

Can anyone give me some insight as to why I would not pass anything in two flushes?
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 20:16:12 EDT
Subject: [gallstones] Frustrated

I have tried three unsuccessful liver cleanses. The first one I passed nothing but parasites and felt very ill.
The second time I passed one very light tan stone.
The third time I passed a few tan stones, but none green and very few.
What am I doing wrong?
I am following Hulda Clark´s method to a tee.
The last two times, though I did not get sick, I felt very tired and had a terrible headache.

Can anyone help???:


8. Answer: Stones are not made from olive oil.

Hypothesis did not satisfy test question!


9. Test Question: If the stones are made from olive oil, then analyzes would actually confirm that?


People who gave their stones for analyzes, got report that stones are made from cholesterol and salts.
Olive oil does not contain cholesterol and salts.
References: ”Fats that heal, fats that kill” by Udo Erasmus

9. Answer: Stones are not made from olive oil.

Hypothesis did not satisfy test question!


10. Test Question: If the stones were made from olive oil, then they would smell like olive oil or like feces? Logical ?

People who get stones out often report smell that is at least 10 times worst then worst feces smell. The first stones I got - you wouldn’t believe a smell. I was only 26.
In gallstones@y..., ”Simeon Todoran” wrote:
I must underline, that I showed the stones to my aunt, and
she refused to believe me that those were gallbladder
stones. I warned her, not to open the lid of the box,
because of the unpleasant smell, but she did. Even today,
she is in a shock. She cannot believe what happened.

10. Answer: Stones are not made from olive oil.

Hypothesis did not satisfy test question!



Enough testing.

Anyone still believes that stones are actually olive oil ?


Few references:

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 06:15:29 -0400
From: The Hazels In Virginia
Organization: THE HAZEL FAMILY
Subject: liver stones

I have now done the liver cleanse 5 times and have gotten several
thousand stones out. WHat I watn to knwo is what causes them to form in
the body in the first place and how to prevent them from recurring. MIne
developed after hip surgery and I am wondering if it was a reaction form
all the drugs given to me in the hospital because it was after that that
I became jaundice. I would appreciate any infromation you might have
regarding this matter.

Melinda HAzel

Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 08:10:36 -0500
From: (Sharon L. House)
Subject: [gallstones] green blobs

”I saw floating green blobs in the water, about five of them”

I have done a number of liver flushes myself and except for the last 2
times I also saw floating green blobs in the water. I was very excited and
happy about it.

Then I read in a couple of different places that the green blobs are
congealed olive oil. I didn´t want to believe it. I thought they HAD to be
wrong. Then in the last 2 flushes I did I saw what were unmistakably
stones. They were about the size of small grapes and were real well formed.
They definitely looked like they had been hard stones that had softened.
The outsides of them looked whiteish and rather rough, just like you might
expect hard stones that had been softened.
Also I didn´t pass these immediately after getting up in the morning.
I passed them thruout the day after I´d started eating.

Hope this helps in some way.



Subject: This recipe
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 10:17:21 -0400 (EDT)

I´ve been using a recipe by Dr. Clark. Can´t complain.

In six months I flushed out 31,963 (!) stones.

Not as large as my thumb, but many as large as 30 mm.

Usually as soft as putty. Usually green. And never feel a thing.

Gotten rid of ALL of my food allergies. Permanently.

Haven´t tried NOT taking Epsom salt the day after. But tried fresh,
pure, UNfiltered apple juice. Didn´t like it.

The fibrous stuff in the juice remains undigested, floats in the toilet,
and interferes with my stone count.

Tried lemon juice. Got more stones out. But I didn´t like it. Burned my
lips and mouth.

I lie on my LEFT side. Makes better anatomical sense to me. Dr.Clark´s
advises ”lie on your BACK”. Your friend´s advises ”lie on your RIGHT”.
Also, persistent ”zapping” and not taking any drugs or vitamins make
more difference than most of us realize.

Warm regards,
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 07:48:37 -0400
From: ThankGod
Subject: Re: Hello all, new member, with a few questions you´ve probably heard
100 times

Hi Keri,
If I were you I would not hesitate and do a liver cleanse as soon as
possible (Now!). Follow the procedure and repeat it every 2 weeks as
needed. I have done 25 cleanses in 1 year and I feel great. The only
trouble I found with the cleanse is the intense nausea I get at about 2:00
in the morning. If you throw up the cleanse is just 1/4 effective.
Look at some stones I got out (updated):


--- In gallstones@y..., ”Simeon Todoran” wrote:
I would like to add to my previous posting, that this time,
I guess accidentally, or by intuition, I used a little bit
more of olive oil and lemons. I mixed 2 dl olive oil, with 5
lemons. There was more oil then lemon juice. I believe there
was about 1.5 dl lemon juice.

In total, it makes 3.5 dl of emulsion. I remember, this time
it was a little bit more difficult to me to swallow all
that. Also, a difference this time, is the fact that I used
the Zapper. I just was not in the mood to experiment with
frequencies, voltages and currents. This Zapper has a
frequency of approximately 35 kHz. And a pretty flat square

I believe, the first time, the body was busy getting rid of
toxins. I experienced a sensation of fog in the head. Second
time it was all easier, no fog. Third time, I believe the
body was used to this experience, and engaged in dealing
with stones, and not toxins. I am exhausted today. I took a
walk, and I do need a couple of days to recover. I think
I´ll start some light weight lifting, in order to strengthen
the body. To be able to undertake future FLUSHES.

I mentioned I had went to the toilette 2 times in the
morning, and 1 more time in the afternoon. The first one,
there were a couple of bigger stones, and a number of

The second one, there were lots more stones, a large number
of small ones, and a couple of larger ones, the biggest
about 1.5 cm in diameter.

The third time, I only had a couple of stones, but all of
them were large, and in comparison with those before that
were green, these were a little bit yellow. I think I´ll
have to visit the toilette once more today.

Have a good time folks,


--- In gallstones@y..., ”Simeon Todoran” wrote:
Thank you Dale.

I am sorry I am a little bit late with this post. Well, I
would like to add one more posting to this 3rd FLUSH
episode, and end the 3rd FLUSH tread.

I had another visit to the toilette. I thought there won´t
be any more stones, but was I wrong. This time, the stones
were Yellow, and more then a half of them were heavy, that
means sank down. There were not many, but were bigger in
size. Again, the biggest one was about 1.5 cm in diameter.

Today, everything´s back to normal, no more stones. The
stole is not liquid any more. I have recovered and started
to lift weights. Took a couple of walks.

I must underline, that I showed the stones to my aunt, and
she refused to believe me that those were gallbladder
stones. I warned her, not to open the lid of the box,
because of the unpleasant smell, but she did. Even today,
she is in a shock. She can not believe what happened. And
when I recall the time of a few weeks ago, when my father,
who is a doctor, claimed there is no alternative to surgery
... I am happy that I found the Gallstones FLUSH recipe of
Dr. Hulda Clark. What a great person she is to make the
recipe available to all of us. Lots of thanks and love to
Dr. Clark.

I wish you all the best,



Hi from Joe:

As part of the treatment & recovery from a diabetic
coma, I had a sonogram of the gall bladder run, had
3 ´stones´ too big to go thru the plumbing.

Found later after REPEATEDLY refusing surgery [since there were no related symptoms] that sonograms can´t tell density nor stiffness.

Per DR. Wallach - 97% of all gallstones will deform & pass thru by using the oil process.

Mine did. After 64 yrs my gall bladder is still my friend & hasn´t turned on me as the [incompetent] surgeons predicted.


Mary Ann McCall wrote:

I did my first gall bladder/liver cleanse the other day. I was
amazed..I had stones the size of marbles! I had my gall bladder removed a year ago.

The doctors said my g.b. quit functioning. I still have tenderness and
some pain in the liver area. It is so bad that I cannot stand to wear pants that fit me correctly. I´m actually looking forward to my next cleanse. I´m ready to feel better.

Jane Moran” wrote:

This is the first time that I have sent a message to this group. So,
I apologise if I am asking things that have already been covered previously.

I had my gallbladder removed twelve years ago and was assured by the
surgeon that it would solve all my problems. Sorry, to Gina I don´t want to spoil any optimism you may feel, but it didn´t give me my old life back. I built up again until two years ago the pain was again so bad that I was driven to go back to the doctor.But, I just could not
face going through all that again.

I used a grapefruit and olive oil flush very sucessfully, but the
stones kept coming back.


After 13 liver cleanses, stones still keep coming. About 1700 now.
They are mostly small white ones instead of green. I cleanse every
two weeks. If the stones ever stop coming, twice a year is


Message: 3
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 19:33:20 -0000
Subject: 2025 stones

After 15 liver cleanses, 2025 stones have appeared. All allergies are
gone and I can eat anything I want to with one exception:MSG-which
really isn´t food anyways.

Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 18:13:54 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] 1000 gallstones passed!!

I can´t quite believe it myself but having followed the procedure of
the liver/gallbladder flush as propounded by Hulda Clark (this time
pretty much to the letter), I had an amazing reaction resulting this
morning in 11 trips to the toilet in about 4 hours. And though I
didn´t exactly count every one I reckon I must have flushed about
1000 dark to light green stones out of my body - ranging from about
1mm to over 1cm in diameter. Since before now I´d only expelled a
total of approximately 200 stones over the course of 3 flushes I´m
quite astounded at the success of this one. One thing I did this time
that I hadn´t before was complete a parasite cleanse prior to the
flush. Also previously I´d consumed the oil/juice solution after
midnight whereas on this occasion I drank it at 10-45pm. My first two
flushes were completed during a 42 day fast; my 3rd during a period
of normal eating; whereas I preceded this one with a 5 day fast using
the ”master cleanser” recipe (no apple or any other juice this time -
only the MC´s lemonade). I don´t know which if any of these factors
made the difference but I seem to have hit on something.

From: ”Kathryn Gold”
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 07:24:23 -0700
Subject: [gallstones] here I am

Hi All,
I hope that because you havent heard from me you dont think that I have
died. I didnt.
My flush produced lots of pea-sized and smaller green stones. I was hoping
for much more. My sister did the flush and a week and one day later she
passed about thirty brussel sprout-sized stones.
I will do it again next week.
My step daughter wants to do the flush with the Classic Coke. Has anyone
here tried it? Do you also use Epsom Salts with it?



Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001 19:06:07 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] Re: Chinese Med & Gallstones

I have done 37 liver flushes over the last two years according to
Hulda Clark´s methods in her ”Cure For All Advanced Cancers” book for
my own cancer.

The numbers of stones I pass each time are slowly, slowly decreasing.

What I have observed to be helpful in reducing the numbers of
stones; removing my amalgam fillings, giving up all dairy including
butter, taking ozonated olive oil daily (see the book), essiac tea,
and taking ground milk thistle seeds.

I might add that I have passed probably several hundred stones that
were 3/4 of an inch around and have now passed 2 stones that were 1
and 1/4 inch. Passing the big stones felt no different from passing
the very little ones. I have passed over 13,000 stones total, most,
obviously, quite small, probably the size of a lentil.

The most I´ve passed is 1400 stones at once, the least I´ve passed on
a flush is 0. Hope this helps someone.

Thanks again Dr. Bob for passing on some really good liver



From: Adrienne McLaughlin
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 05:25:16 -0800 (PST)
Subject: [gallstones] 4th cleanse-Wow!

Hi all,
I continue to be amazed. This morning, upon awakening I immediately
passed ten larger stones, between 1 to 1.5 cm. (I took pictures!) I´ve
since passed about 50 .5cm ones. I thought that after my first 3
cleanses, I´d be slowing down. Guess these stones were holding out.
Along with these larger ones, I´m passing smaller ones, too numerous to
count. These stones are not as dark green as the first three cleanses,
although they are green, and there are tan-colored ones as well. I´ve
been doing the cleanses every two weeks. Someone suggested that I
didn´t have to do them so close together, but I´d like to get it done
and over with for a while, if possible. Now I´m wondering if my body
is making them as fast as I pass them! I´m feeling tired, but not too
much. This also seems to be the easiest cleanse so far, in the passing
of everything. Thanks to all of you for being here! Only you guys can
appreciate this kind of conversation! hehe! (side note to those new on
the list: I´ve had my gallbladder removed!)


Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 00:07:52 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] Update from Ken A.

Hello old and new groupies!

I have been away for most of the summer and have missed all of the
interesting questions and insights...

As for me... my gb problems are basically gone... hopefully
forever! Bottom line in my cure...

5-6 Flushes over a two year period... Last was December 2000
Flaxseed and Fish oils regularly each morning on an empty stomach
mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of granulated lecithin IS the main cure.
The oils make the gb erupt and along with the lecithin keeps the bile
smooth. I also take bile salts regularly and try to dink much more
water each day. I have basically given up dairy and found that Soy
and Tofuti Icecream is fabulous!

My side effects have been to significantly reduce headaches, TMJ and
many other arthritic pains especially in my hip joints... overall I
hate gb attacks of which I have had 7... but love what they have
done for me in forcing me to take better care of my body!

My step-mom went through the same process as me and is also has found
it to have cured her gb attacks. No more gnawing pains in the gb
region and middle back.

Good luck to all!

ken a.
From: ”Val & Mario”
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 20:04:09 -0400
Subject: Re: [gallstones] about multiple flushes/ and about to do my first

Believe us when we tell you IT WORKS... Just keep doing what they tell you
and you will find out it works great. I have done 4 cleansings since my
first gallbadder attack after doing Amoxicillan for 6 days 4/26/01.I cannot
do amoxicillan anymore. And let me tell you the more I do the better I
feel. I am a very active person that have a very active personal life and
can only find times not in the schedule to do them. I may only do them maybe
once a month but believe me it works. I have passed more green stones the
more I do the cleansing. I am not lying. JUST DO IT1.. And you will not
believe the feeling you get after several flushes. I feel better than I have
in along time. Everything comes out on time now where it did not before. I
can even time it.
Just do it.......


From: ”Betty”
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 02:11:50 -0000
Subject: [gallstones] Re: liver flush/advise please

I have FMS, arthritis, high blood pressure, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
diabetes, and a number of other things. I´m hurting all the time,
and never have any energy. I learned about this liver flush about 2
weeks ago, and decided to do it because of the daily pain in my
back. I had not read all the info, but thought I better not wait any
longer to get started. This is what I did:

Thursday - ate lighter than normal, started apple juice w/dinner.
Friday - Prepared epsom salt/water and put in fridge. Had light
breakfast, mostly liquid, had apple and brownies for lunch (no
comments on my ”nutrition” now! ;) Figured if I was going to ruin my
glucose and insulin levels with apple juice, I might as well sneak in
some brownies!) then sipped on apple juice the rest of afternoon at
work. Some soreness from running to bathroom so much.

Came home and drank 3/4 cup Epsom water at 6 pm. Drank 3/4 cup Epsom
water at 8 pm. Went to bathroom at 8:30 and thought I must not have
chewed up my apple very well. (didn´t even realize I was passing
already!) At 10 pm, had 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil shaken
together with 1 juiced pink grapefruit. Went to bed and went to
sleep. No cramps, soreness pretty much gone.

Saturday - Got up at 5:30. walked the dogs, drank Epsom water at 6 am.
Went to bathroom. Wondered if I was ”going” right. Went back to sleep.
Got up at 8:15 and had last Epsom water. Bathroom again at 8:30.
Examined what body ”flushed” and decided that ”yep, it´s working!”
Dried samples on paper plate, wrapped in Saran wrap and scanned them
to my sister in FL who had gall bladder removed. She called and
screamed :”OH, you´ve avoided surgery! Those are gallstones!” So I
figured I was on the right track. Went to bathroom several more times
and then decided to shower, go to mall and go shopping! Can´t waste a
Saturday when you work full time!

I´ve had a few short trips to bathroom, but not much of anything since
passing several hundred last night and this morning. Largest ones
were last night when I didn´t even know what they were. No pain in
passing anything. Mostly pale tan, but several green ones this a.m.
Isn´t this gross??? But losing a gall bladder is grosser still!!!

Plan on doing this on a regular basis, since this body I live in is
the only one I´ll get and want to prevent any further damage to it.

Go back and read, read, read all the posts from the start of this list
and you´ll get a better idea of what´s going on. There´s not ”one”
and ”only” recipe for a flush, and not all people do all the flushes.
Start with what you´re comfortable with. It´s MUCH worse just
wondering about it than actually doing it...nothing mysterious at all.


--- In bowelcleanse@y...,

”ken Takemoto” wrote:

Hi group

I just completed my liver flush. This is my 5 th time in the past 16
months. Again I was amazed with how many stones I passed. Unlike
the other flushes, I got pretty sick this time.

I am wondering how healthy it is to consume that much oil?

Is a flush every 4 months too much? What happens to all the oil? When do you know if you passed all of your stones.

Thanks in advance.

--- In bowelcleanse@y..., zenalpha@y... wrote:

Get the book ”The Cure for All Diseases” by Hulda Clark. Looks like
you probably have a parasite problem (or possibly there is something
wrong in your digestive tract that needs correcting). Substitute
magnesium citrate for epsom salts. It tastes better and there isn´t
as much nausea.

I did a liver cleanse this paste weekend and got out about 1000 stones (maybe more). My shoulder was aching and I had not done a successful liver cleanse in quite a while (for various reasons), which is why I did one. You´re supposed to use grapefruit, not lemons...btw.

The only time I felt really sick when doing a liver cleanse was when
there were parasites inside of my digestive tract (large ones). They
looked like a whole bunch of baby earthworms with little orange hooks
or ”beaks” on the end of them. They came out with the liver cleanse
(I think the overdose of magnesium sulfate must have ´killed´ them).
So be sure to kill them, if possible (herbs seems like the best way to
do this, or possibly a colema in conjuction with anti-parasite herbs).


--- In fibromyalgiacured@y..., rklute@h... wrote:

Liver Cleanses are discussed extensively on this site. This is just a
reminder to anyone who has not done one or has stopped doing them.

My brother-inlaw has been trying various aspects of the Clark
protocol. For him nothing has worked quite like the liver cleanse.
Kind of gross but he passed 150 stones on the last one plus a
roundworm and numerous small flukes of some kind. Said he never felt
better till it was time to do another one(about 2 weeks).

With a cleaned out liver you should be able to clear out toxins that
you might not have been able to before. Plus the ability to kill
invadors is increased(somehow the liver plays a role in this too).
Drugs will be metaboized easier and should not poison the system so
much. Even natural products that bind to toxins in the body can be
difficult to remove if your toxic.

For me, my main attack now is Vits,Minerals, liver cleanses.


--- In DrClark@y..., ”V. Richter” wrote:

Hi Robert,

I can understand your frustration and dissapointment after going
through all
that and no concrete results of stones. My first flush I needed to
results to justify the trouble of the flush. Thankfully, I saw
results on
both my flushes which confirmed all that I´d heard about the benefits
flushing. I not only saw 50 marble sized green stones the first time
about 600 smaller sized green, black and brown stones the second, but
I feel
better than I have in many years. I´m going to continue flushing no
often than 2 weeks apart until I quit getting stones.


From: mccorkel@c...
Delivered-To: mailing list
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 18:30:06 -0000

Subject: [gallstones] Just did my second cleanse

I finished the second cleanse yesterday and I was thrilled by the
ammount of stones I got out. Most of them were pea green and some were
an inch long. One was the size of the end of my thumb to the first
knuckle! I have never heard of stones that big before. I have had
liver problems in the past. There was a time when it would swell up
and I would turn yellow if I had a glass of wine. I am completley
satisfied with the results that I got with this cleanse method. I used
the recipe from Hulda Clark´s book.

I did not do the parasite cleanse at all and I did not feel sick. I am
looking foreward to doing more cleanses. I had no pain either. I would
estimate that I got out about 400 stones this time which is less than
last time but I never had any so big before!

My first cleanse was about a year ago and I haven´t had the nerve to
do it again because of the taste of the epsome salts. I think that I
will do one every two weeks for the summer and hopefully then I will
be in better health for the winter months when the flu bug hits.

Has anyone tried to encapsulate the epsome salts and take the water
separate? I wanted to try that this time but I was afraid to in case
it did not work.


Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 22:08:08 -0500
From: ”Deb & Pap Khouri”
Subject: Cancer

My 42 year old sister-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer
last September (2000). They went all the way to Mayo Clinic and the
consensus was that it was too late to do anything but give her some
Chemo for the pain. She refused the
Chemo. It is now a year later and she is back teaching this fall. He
doctor says she is a ”miracle”.

What she and her family did was simple--use every alternative therapy
that sounded reasonable and that could do no harm. This included
essiac tea, Hulda Clark cleanses and her ”zapper”, a diet free from
sugar, red meat, white flour, and most milk products. She juices
carrots daily as well as other fresh vegetables. She eats
barleygreen daily. She also has flaxseed and cottage cheese daily.
She does coffee enemias to encourage her body eliminate the bad
cells. She does oxygen therapy. She takes a Chinese herbal mix (I
believe it is MGN-80 --three letters followed by 80).

We think the diet of loads of fresh raw foods plus the juices and
barleygreen were extremely effective but really can´t tell for sure
which item or combination is working so well. We also asked for
prayers and all of us worked on our spirituality. I send her many
books about alternative therapies.Her husband got up a 4:00 am every
day to read anything he can find on the net . She and her family took
special care to avoid people who are not positive.

My sister worked all summer to decorate her home. It is beautiful.
My husband and I remodeled and decorated her 9 year old daughter´s
room. We have tried to do everything we can to give her loads of
smiles and wonderful things to look forward to. All of us around her
have changed our diets and we have all lost weight and feel healthier
than we have in years. We talk a lot about all of the good things her
cancer has taught us all.

No one from my family has posted because only a year has passed and we
want to be 100% certain that we have the cancer licked but I can tell
you that her eyes are sparkling, she has put back 10 of the 30 pounds
that she lost, that she has no pain, that she is working full time.

If you want to fight this disease, get the family and friends working
as a team. Get on the net and learn everything you can about
alternative therapies. You will get no help from the medical
establishment, not because they don´t want to help but because they
can´t. Most of these alternatives have not been tested because there
is no patentable process that would make the millions that would need
to be invested in testing that process. The Doctor can´t tell you to
use carrot juice because if the patient died, you would sue him. So,
you have to take ownership of this disease yourself.

My Mother died at age 59 of cancer and her only sister was 61 when she
died of cancer. I am 52 and for the first time in my life I am no
longer afraid of the disease. I think it is caused by a defeciency of
micronutrients that causes the immune system to break down and the
cancer to gain a foothold. I know what to do --make sure my diet
includes loads of fresh and raw foods, organic if possible, to keep my
immune system strong. I only have meat once or twice a month. Fish
or vegan meals usually with chicken or Turkey once a week or less.
I´ve lost 21 pounds and not had any colds or flu since I changed my

Hope this helps you.


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