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Learning the Technique of Prostatic Massage by Dr Antonio Novak Feliciano

Learning the Technique of Prostatic Massage

Dr Antonio Novak Feliciano, M.D.
Director, Prostate Treatment Center, Philippines

"To learn what the prostate should feel like, make a fist. The ball of muscle below the index finger adjacent to the thumb is similar to one lobe of the prostate. With your other index finger, feel this muscle. The harder you make a fist, the firmer the muscle will feel.
This is how a normal prostate should feel (firm), and be more or less similar in size. If you relax the clenched fist, the softer the muscle will become (boggy). The bigger and boggier the prostate feels, the more accumulation of retained prostatic fluid is indicated.

"Exert firm pressure on the upper portion of this muscle (prostate), and slowly push downwards and towards the mid-line, repeatedly as necessary. You may have to develop the strength to do this properly and this can be accomplished by doing this several times daily (on the muscle). Imagine a balloon filled with water, the chances of rupturing the balloon is more if a firm pressure is applied rather than stroking it.

"After your spouse has learned the technique in this manner, your spouse may proceed to the actual massage of the prostate.

"Position yourself standing on a platform about 12 inches high, with the legs spread, bending forward at the waist, leaning on a high table or a chair with your arms. The spouse should position herself behind you, sitting on a stool. (Refer to the "Main Page" Prostate dissected from behind.) Using a disposable glove, lubricated with KY jelly, she should feel the anus and gently insert the index finger, extending it as high as possible. Without exerting any pressure or unnecessary movements, she should feel the uppermost part of the prostate, and begin to apply pressure, as much as you can tolerate. There could be a slight pain and but this should be bearable. Any unbearable pain may be due to acute prostatitis, in which case massage is contraindicated. Consult your urologist before doing anything else.

"You may feel the prostate begin to drain even before the fluid drips from the urethra to the outside. Normal fluid should be clear as water and not more than 4 drops obtained. (Refer to Article 10 -Technique of Prostatic Massage in Relation to the Consistency of the Prostate.).

Collect the fluid on a clean slide and note the consistency. Infected, it may be opaque, milky or yellowish purulent fluid with jelly worm-like material (obstructing the ducts) and precipitates (calculi) You may drain as much as a teaspoonful of fluid, or no fluid at all, indicating completely obstructed ducts, or it may be due to improper technique. The procedure should then be repeated daily until the prostate drains with no difficulty. Repeat the above procedure on the opposite lobe of the prostate.

"The more fluid is drained, the less the referred pain will become, and the flow of urine may become freer. If this technique is accompanied by the multiple antibiotics applied empirically, a cure is possible within 2 to 3 weeks."

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