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Arthritis, Severe memory loss, Extreme Fatigue, Incontinence & Allergies

By Joyce Inouye

Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 04:42:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Joyce Inouye
Subject: Re: flaxseed oil program for vegans?

About allergies and diseases in general.

To me, allergies are reactions from a poor immune system which does not
have enough nutrients to work properly when faced with toxins or foreign
particles. In my case, it happened when I first used a cheap rubber glove
which I bought from a DRUG store...I think it was Walgreens. My face
broke out in an ugly case of red, itching/painful skin.

My allergies became worst and INTERNALIZED several years later when I went to a dental school for some work on my teeth. Although I told Ruby that I was allergic to rubber gloves, she still used it while working on my teeth.

Whenever she used it, I broke out terribly. The pharmacist took
one look at my skin, and refused to recommend anything; he told me to go
see my doctor. The doctors, of course, couldn't do much except give me
injections, which I refused because I feared I would get worse.

Ruby was an "A" student and she took pride in her work. But she seemed to
care more about her grade than in my health. I feared the glove she used;
but whenever I'd mention the gloves, she'd brush it aside, saying they
were required to use them, and sometimes would wipe off the gloves with a
wet kleenix, which I knew woldn't take off all the powder. (She did not
check to see whether the school had had hypo-allergic gloves, which I
later found out they did.)

My fears of the gloves were well-founded. My allergies became
internalized, and I soon became allergic to almost everything...wheat
products, dust, pollen, animal hair, perfume, car seat covers, new
carpets, synthetic raincoat, wool, milk, etc. I also swallowed an
overload of toxins with the very soft temporary fillings she used because
it was too soft to remain in the tooth. [I noted that Walgreens now sells
temporary fillings, the same as what dentists use. ]

Over the next few years, I spiraled downhill in my health, with arthritis, severe memory loss, extreme fatigue, incontinence, and increasing allergies. I say all this to give you hope because I have regained my health, and now can eat whatever I want. What I found is that
degenerative diseases can be reversed/healed through taking quality
designer foods. I spent over $100 a month (less than paying for medical
insurance) for a period of about a year, trying the designer foods I heard good things about (cures). Some of the products I took that first year were:

By the end of that first year, I had regained about 90% of my health, and
my allergies were practically gone. I feel that most degenerative
diseases can be cured by taking quality designer foods.

In addition to nutrition, Dr. Clark uses parasite cleanses and toxin cleanses and more!

See her book, "Cure for all advanced cancers. By Dr. Hulda Clark"

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