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Blood Type Diet & Allergies; Chronic Fatigue; Arthritis, Hypertension

By Fitch

Date: Sat Apr 28, 2001 4:54 am
Subject: Re: [gallstones] EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE

I am 41 years old and I am 0 negative, I have had tremendous results with following my blood type diet.

Just to name a few, my allergies have improved 95%, my chronic fatigue is 75% better, have more energy, lost 15 pounds, my digestion has improved no more pepcid for digestion problems.

I am a lot more pleasant to be around is what I am told by others.

My shoulder pain is less tense.
I just feel and look alot better, my boyfriend and family have noticed a big change in my attitude and outlook on life.

Trust me I go to a homepath doctor and he told me this book would help and it has, sure it is not easy to give up all the things we like to eat, but once you get use to it and you see and feel the results you dont want to go back to eating bad.

I have one more story to tell you I have an uncle who got off 10 different medicines, for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, prozac, also he use to take 2-3 insulin shots a day for diabetes now he takes one every couple of days, the doctors are amazed at his progress in just four months, his crippled arthritic hands are totally better, no more arthritis pill. His blood pressure is normal, lost 35 pounds and has energy, he was taking two naps a day because of his diabetes making hims so tired, now his energy is great andno more naps during the day. He has had excellent results, he is a type 0 and is 55 years old.

But I must say he sticks to it and does not cheat ever.

Good luck if you try the diet and let me know how it works for you.
No cheating though or it wont work you cant do it half way.

I liked wheat, corn, dairy, caffeine, tomatoes, avocados, but now that i feel so much better it was worth giving all that up.

Try it

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