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Arthritis / Bursitis Testimonial - Water Cure

By Mike George

Arthritis/Bursitis Testimonial

From: Mike George
935 Main Street
Avoca, Pa. 18641
(717) 457-7909

To: Dr. F. Batmanghelidl
Global Health Solutions
P.O. Box 3189
Falls Church, Virginia 22043

About eight months ago, I had a talk with Bob Butts, owner of Cee-Kay
Auto in Moosic Pa. When Bob discussed "The Water Cure" with me I laughed, I really laughed. But, I had this leg problem. My legs used to swell up real bad, I could hardly walk because of my arthritis and gout. I went to the doctor, he gave me anti-inflammatory pills. They just ended up ripping my gut out, so I stopped taking them.

Then when Bob talked to me again about your program, I decided to start it. I have kept it going for the last four to six months. Now I feel like a young person. I am 54 but I feel 20. I was ready to sell my business of 35 years and get rid of it. I figured that my legs were worn out. At least, that's what the doctors had told me. I needed joint, ankle, and knee replacements. I had one right knee done but the left one I never went back for. The first one didn't do any good. My attitude changed greatly after I started drinking water.

When your living in constant pain, you're mind is only on one thing. I
was just going to get rid of the business and say I can't do what I used
to. I usually work 10 to 15 hours a day. I felt I might as well, get out of the business. Then I started just drinking water and adding a little salt on my food. My health has really improved in the last four to six months. I am not saying that is all because of the water. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. All I know is that since I have been following "The Water Cure" I have made "The Water Curd" a habit. I really feel much better and my wife will also tell you that. I used to be nasty and very unpleasant to live with and now all that has changed.

I have no problem with people contacting me about my health. They can
call me at my business number (717) 457-7909, Mike's Service Station. I
will be glad to tell them how I feel. When I talk to people about this,
they laugh at me. Well, I laughed at it in the beginning too. Why water?
Water has been around since the beginning of time. Instead of drinking
coffee in the morning or milk like I used to, I go home for breakfast and I have a 12 oz. glass of water. I don't drink coke or beer with my meals or anything else except for a 12 oz. glass of water. If I want a beer later then I'll have one.

I can't say that my complexion brightened up or wrinkles diminished,
but at 54, 1 don't look too bad. It is funny, people with swollen legs are
told not to drink so much fluids and to stay away from salt, but I did the
opposite and my legs are just about down to normal. I can wear cowboy boots again. I haven't worn cowboy boots since I was 42 or 44 years old. That's when my gout got real bad. It was pill after pill until I ended up with ulcers from them. Now I don't take any pills. My joint pain is just about gone. It'll flare up now and again. It's the kind of work that I do. It depends on the stress, especially in the shoulders. I do a lot of heavy work, a lot of pulling, picking up heavy tires and parts. Its all I do all day. Some days you go home and your shoulders hurt, but that's from normal wear and tear.

Before I started on "The Water Cure" a scale from one to ten, I felt
like checking in, a zero. I wanted to die but now at least I am a seven or

When I get to ten, I'11 let you know.
By Mike George

Reprinted from:

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