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Juicing and Raw - Breast Cancer, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Sinus Condition, Heartburn

From Hallalujah Acres

Message: 22
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 14:05:27 EDT
Subject: juicing and raw

This is a testimonial from Hallalujah Acres weekly newsletter for those
of you who do not get it. ej

"I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal (invasive) breast
cancer in December 1999 and immediately went on the
Hallelujah Diet. During the first MONTH on the diet my night
blindness disappeared, my ten-year chronic sinus condition
completely cleared up, my fibromyalgia disappeared, no more
heartburn, and all my arthritis pains simply vanished, and I
have not taken so much as a Rolaids since starting the diet.

"In addition to the Hallelujah Diet, I play tennis four
times a week, expose my limbs to sunlight every day, drink
three quarts of distilled water, drain my lymphatic system
by rebounding two or three times a day, and much more. I
also eliminated as much EXCESSIVE stress in my life as
possible. But the most important thing is the DIET.

"After I found the lump in December 1999 I had my first
mammogram (something I was opposed to because of excess
radiation, false positives, missed diagnoses, etc.), then a
lumpectomy (removal) to determine that it was indeed cancer.
They wanted me to have more surgery to remove 33% of my
precious lymph nodes, burn me with six weeks of radiation,
poison me with chemotherapy (suppressing my immune system
even more), and then take a maintenance dose of the
dangerous, side-effect laden Tamoxifen for five years, a
drug an oncologist friend said he wouldn't let his wife

"Well, I turned it all down. The doctors talked themselves
blue in the face trying to convince me with horrible tales--
that I would wake up in six months with ribs cracking and in
extreme pain--that other tumors would pop up in the other
breast also--and that the cancer would metastasize to my
lungs, as well as other organs and spinal column.

"But I still said 'NO!' Luckily I had been a registered
nurse, licensed in two states, and had started doing
research in alternative methods in 1982 when my mother was
diagnosed with cancer. The doctors are afraid of cancer and
die of cancer themselves. They are allopathic-trained to use
drugs to treat every symptom or disease that comes along.
Plus the drug companies are behind the A.M.A. I have been on
both sides of the fence because of my nursing career.

"Fortunately, one of my good friends from 1982 was the
president of the International Association of Cancer Victors
and Friends and she sent me Dr. Lorraine Day's videotapes on
which Hallelujah Acres was highly recommended. Many of the
things Dr. Lorraine Day said made sense, and so I
immediately started the Hallelujah Diet and sent for Rev.
Malkmus' materials.

"I combed over dozens of back issues of 'Back to the Garden'
newsletters--reading the testimonials over and over and over
really inspired me, and assured me I was doing the right
thing--and kept me from getting depressed. Also, when the
'God's Way to Ultimate Health' book arrived, I was thrilled
to find four hundred more testimonials and literally
hundreds of encouraging and useful tidbits. Rhonda's
'Recipes For Life' book is incredible, too. It has so many
of the basics needed and goes into very good detail--very
helpful for the beginner and I refer to it often.

"I ordered and listened to the audio tapes, 'How to
Eliminate Sickness.' I listen to them on my daily walks and
in the car. I have played them probably two hundred times if
not more. I almost know them by heart. They have been a
constant reminder and I can't believe that each time I
listen to them I learn something new. I recommend them
highly. I recently watched the new juicing video and it is
packed full of tips that are helping me revamp my carrot
prep and cleanup. WOW! I wish I had that tape when I got my

"It is now the end of August 2000. All my lab tests--liver,
kidneys, white blood cell count, etc. are normal and have
been since February. I have so much boundless energy from
the raw food, and can go for hours--playing tennis, walking,
helping others with cancer and multiple sclerosis,
researching health matters, running my company. I am the
mother of three and grandmother of four.

"I am sixty years old and consider myself a FORMER cancer
patient. I hope this helps some of your readers. So many
testimonials meant so much to me. Reverend Malkmus, thank
you so much for your utter devotion to this cause. You have
saved thousands of lives and helped so many achieve better
symptom-free lives from all types of illnesses. Thank you,
thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart."

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