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Drug free at last! Arthritis

From Kathy Aitken

From: "Kathy Aitken"
Date: Sun Nov 18, 2001 9:03 pm
Subject: Re: Drug free at last!

Just wanted to report that, after six and a half months of being on
prednisolone, I stopped a few days ago. Still readjusting. Not an
easy transition. I feel nauseous much of the time but I am sure that
will pass.

Now I have a chance to really get well using healthful methods.

I started in May on 20mg. After a few weeks the rheumatologist
reduced my dose. He generally would ask me to do alternate days at
the old level (letīs say 20mg) and the new level (letīs say 17.5mg).
After some days of that I would stay at 17.5mg for several weeks. We
did this over a few months until I was down to 12.5mg.

I discussed my medication with my osteopath. Whilst she had been in
favour of it to begin with (I had severe inflammation and could
barely walk) she said my condition had changed and it was her view
that I didnīt need to be on such a high dose. We discussed a plan
whereby I could come down 2.5mg a time over a period of time, not
doing the alternate day thing that the rheumatologist advocated. So I
went down to 10mg, 7.5mg, 5mg and finally 2.5mg over a period of two
to three months. My osteopath has monitored me every step of the way.

Although I have been suffering from feelings of nausea and a bit of
dizziness, there are other possible contributory factors. For
instance, I did a blood test for allergies a few weeks ago and have
cut out almost everything which came up as a negative for me. This
requires a lot of physical readjustment. I gave up coffee which had a
major hold over me. Iīve also completely given up alcohol.

I feel convinced that I have done the right thing. I went out to a
Buddhist meeting this afternoon and gave a testimonial about the
power of my faith in overcoming my health problems. That, for me, is
the key thing: having a strong spiritual conviction that underpins
all oneīs actions, including oneīs actions to get well.

I feel happy and liberated. When I look at the bottles of pills in
the cupboard (prednisolone and sulphasalazine) and KNOW that I am
never going to take them again in my life, I feel triumphant!


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