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Hyperthermia (InfraRed) and Electrotherapy - Part 2 - Building Immunity

Alternative Medicine Issue 37 September, 2000
Hyperthermia (InfraRed) and Electrotherapy
By Harvey Kaltsas, D.O.M.,A.P.

Building Immunity

One of the long-term cancer survivors I met in Bad Aibling is Friedhelm, a former schoolteacher who couldn't wait to tell me his story. We talked on a couch in "Professor" Dr. Douwes's waiting room. Friedhelm was diagnosed in May 1993 with a non-small-cell lung tumor 12 centimeters by 6 centimeters (about 4.7 inches by 2.4 inches) in size. This type of cancer usually has a five-year survival rate of only 10%. Doctors told Friedhelm: "Go for chemo tomorrow. If you're very lucky, you'll survive six months. He knew of Dr. Douwes's reputation and effectiveness of his therapeutic protocols because his brother had gone to university with the doctor.

In Friedhelm's words, his immune status at the start of treatment was "nothing, absolutely terrible." Dr. Douwes told him he couldn't start chemotherapy right away. He could not withstand the poisons. Like most patients, he had to build his body up first. Thus, for two weeks, he was given nutritional supplements and natural immune system modulators.

>From May to September 1993 Friedhelm had two cycles of low-dose chemotherapy with hyperthermia. Then in October he had radiation in Munich, nothing more. Buy the end of treatment he was cancer-free, and has been ever since. His other medical doctors are astonished and consider the case unexplainable. He suffered no hair loss from the chemotherapy, no nausea. In fact, except for a mildly reduced white blood cell count that his doctors attribute to the radiation in Munich, he had no side effects whatsoever.

"Most people call it a wonder. I think it's a result of this therapy." Says Friedhelm. He points out that he now has more hair than he did ten years ago. He also observes that "in the past, before health insurance, if you were poor, you died soon. Now, if you're not informed, you die".

Dr. Douwes says that killing malignant tumors is usually not difficult, and a synergy of treatments works best for that. The biggest challenge comes about afterwards, to keep tumors from coming back once patients leave the clinic and resume a normal lifestyle. To prevent their reoccurrence one must keep the immune system strong with diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation and especially a positive mental attitude.

Friedhelm has taken this advice to heart. He is on a regular supplementation program and visits Dr. Douwes faithfully four times a year for reassessment and cancer screening (early detection). He says he retired from teaching and fulfilled a life-long dream of riding his motorcycle down Route 66 in the U.S.

While in Bad Aibling, I met patient after patient who would not have considered undergoing more chemotherapy unless it was low dose chemo in combination with hyperthermia or electrotherapy. Not only do these treatments reduce the amount of chemotherapy needed, but also they markedly reduce side effects from chemotherapy and radiation, and they allow for achieving much greater results. Dr. Douwes backs this bold statement by referring to many oncology studies, both in the laboratory and in actual patients.


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