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Hyperthermia (InfraRed) and Electrotherapy - Part 5 - Ovarian Cancer

Alternative Medicine Issue 37 September, 2000
Hyperthermia (InfraRed) and Electrotherapy
By Harvey Kaltsas, D.O.M.,A.P.

Ovarian Cancer

Hyperthermia and Electrotherapy

"There are no other treatments I know," Dr. Douwes says, "that have such a high specificity to kill and inactivate cancer as hyperthermia and electrotherapy." These two methods form what Dr. Douwes calls "the new strategy," which he anticipates will become a mainstay of conventional cancer therapy in the near future. "They have few side effects and are absolutely cancer specific."

Dr. Douwes showed me a study by the European society for Hyperthermic Oncology on the five-year survival rates of patients with malignant melanoma. Only 28% of those treated with radiation alone survived five years. Whereas in the group treated with both radiation and hyperthermia, 46% were alive after five years.

Keep in mind that these studies were performed by conventional oncologists who added only hyperthermia to their standard treatment protocols. Nothing was done to support their patient's well being and immune systems. Unlike Klinik St. Georg, they did not use detoxification regimens, biological dentistry, special diets, nutritional supplements, exercise programs like yoga and swimming, sessions in the hot tub and mud baths, lymphatic drainage massage, and visits with a staff psychologist for positive imaging. They were able to nearly double five-year survival rates for melanoma patients by using hyperthermia once a week with conventional radiation treatment.

Ovarian Cancer

In another trial with late-stage, therapy resistant ovarian cancer patients who had undergone multiple previous courses of chemotherapy (in some cases up to eight), 69.2% responded positively to a combination of chemotherapy and hyperthermia, and 15.5% went into remission.


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