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Chelation - Tom's story

Email originally posted at

From: "duncanmcdowell"
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 02:44:44 -0000
Subject: [mscured] Chelation

Hi All,
Janie and I have a friend in Michigan who is supposed to be dead now
due to blockage in the arteries. We tried to get them to try
chelation, but thier doctors told them that chelation is a scam and
a waste of money and told them that if he didn't have bypass surgery
he would die. Then a few months after the bypass they went back for
a checkup and found that he was already 50% blocked in the bypass.

The doctor told them there was no option for another bypass surgery,
and for him to go home and prepare his will, because he was going to
die. They asked the cardiologist again about chelation as an option
and he again recommended against it. Attached is a copy of an email
that his wife sent to all their friends recently, including me. I
think you will find it interesting reading.


Subject: Update on Tom

Hi Everyone,
I should have written this update sooner, but we've been pretty
busy getting ready for our son Brian's wedding later this month.
Tom got the results of his last stress test about 2 weeks ago. It
was great news. There was NO mention of any blockages in his

Please keep in mind the miracle of this, as Tom had to undergo a
bypass (through the ribcage) in July 2000, and was given 6 months to
a year to live, as his arteries were in the advanced stages of
arteriolosclerosis. He was again hospitalized after yet another
heart attack in March 2001 (8 months after the diagnosis). I
remember it like it was yesterday, the cardiologist came into his
room and told Tom that the artery that they had just bypassed the
previous July was already blocking up and was about 50% blocked
already. The doctor cut me a look, and I heard him loud and clear
and he didn't utter one word....I knew that Tom would not be long
for this world. I asked him if another bypass could be done, he
replied that there wasn't a surgeon in the state of Michigan that
would perform surgery on him with his arteries clogging at this
rate. I was devastated.

Tom and I had already scheduled an appointment for
him to see a Chelation Doctor, to see if this might be an option for
him, so I told the cardiologist our plans. He looked disgusted and
told us NOT to throw our money away on chelation! After he left the
room Tom and I started talking about it. Tom said that it was alot
of money, and that he didn't want to burden our monthly expenses. I
told him that we HAD to try this, that if anything should happen to
him that I wanted to know that we had done EVERYTHING to try and
keep him alive, and my heartfelt tears I think showed him I was
desperate and he agreed to try it. We he was discharged from the
hospital I called the Chelation Doctor's nurse and asked her if on
Tom's 1st visit if the chelation treatments could start instead of
the usual conference with the doctor on the 1st visit, they had us
get his bloodwork together and did begin the treatments on that 1st
visit. I can't express enough to all of you the emotional roller
coaster we were on during that time. I was so scared I was going to
lose my husband, the love of my life, and Tom was scared imagining
what my life would be without him. I was also afraid that we had
waited too late for the chelation treatments to do any good. Thank
the Lord that I was wrong. Tom's arteries are now opened!!

I know that there
is some damage to his heart from the heart attacks, but I still have
my husband 19 months after he was told he would be lucky to last 6
months to a year! God does answer prayers! And conventional
medicine is NOT the be all, end all that we are led to believe. I
beg any of you who know someone who has arteriolosclerosis, to urge
them to get chelation treatments, it can save their life! Also,
Tom's diabetes is now at normal levels, and he requires no
medication for it and the only thing he has done differently is

When we got the report from his stress test back we took it into
the Chelation Doctors office (Dr. Bernard), we were showing all the
doctors there and I can't tell you the wide smiles that were on
their faces! How good it must make them feel to see a patient who
was suppose to be dead by now, doing so well! God bless these
doctors who must endure the ridicule of their peers, but know in
their hearts the life's they are saving!

I plan to start a maintenance dose treatment of chelation myself,
after we get through with Brian's wedding. After all, we do have a
history of heart disease and strokes in my family tree and I want to
live as long as my husband is going to!

If it weren't for the "urging" of 2 dear friends in Beaumont,
Texas, we would never had heard of chelation and wouldn't have
been "reminded" that we should try it! :) Duncan and Janie, Thank
you, is a masterpiece of understatement for the deep gratitude and
love we feel for you in our hearts, please know if there is ever
anything we can do for you, all you have to do is ask! We love you!
Thank you all for your support and prayers, and please keep them
up, they DO help!

Donna and Tom

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