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  • The Use and Benefits of Very High Vitamin Butter For The Control of Dent...   by  chef jem     13 y     3,983       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Chef Jemichel
    The following is an excerpt from pages 293 to 295 of "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"[1] by Weston A. Price

    (Chapter 16) Primitive Control of Caries

    "In my clinical work I have sought for extreme cases of active tooth decay in order to test the primitive wisdom. Many of these cases have been furnished by members of the dental profession in other cities and states. By the simple procedure of studying the nutrition of the individual, obtaining a sample of saliva for analysis, seeing Xrays of the individual's teeth and supporting bone, and getting a history of the systemic overloads.

    I have been able to outline a nutritional program which, in well above 90 per cent of the cases has controlled the dental caries. Improvement in the condition of the teeth has been confirmed by later x-rays and reports by the patient's dentists. In a few cases where I had contact with the patients only through correspondence the cooperation was not adequate for accomplishing complete improvement. While it is true that there is a marked difference in the susceptibility of
    different individuals to dental caries, even those who would ordinarily be classed as highly susceptible, have generally received permanent
    benefit from the treatment.

    These principles of treatment have now been applied to many hundreds of patients as indicated by the fact that over 2800 chemical analyses of
    the saliva have been made. The dietary programs that have been recommended have been determined on the basis of a study of the nutrition used by the patient, the data provided by the x-rays, from the saliva analysis and case history. The diets have been found to be deficient in minerals, chiefly phosphorous. Fat-soluble vitamins have been deficient in practically every case of active tooth decay.

    The foods selected for reinforcing the deficient nutrition have always included additional fat-soluble vitamins and a liberal source of
    minerals in the form of natural food. Human beings cannot absorb minerals satisfactorily from inorganic chemicals. Great harm is done, in my judgment, by the sale and use of substitutes for natural foods.

    One of our greatest difficulties in undertaking to apply the wisdom of the primitives to our modern problems involves a character factor. The
    Indians of the high Andes were willing to go hundreds of miles to the sea to get kelp and fish eggs for the use of their people. Yet many of
    our modern people are unwilling to take sufficient trouble to obtain foods that are competent to accomplish the desired results.

    Jobbers and middlemen as well as supply depot managers want butter sold in accordance with its label rather than in accordance with its vitamin
    content. One large distributor whom I asked to cooperate by maintaining a stock of high-vitamin butter to which I could refer people, told me
    frankly that he wished I would stop telling people about the difference in the vitamin content in butter. He did not wish them to think of butter in terms of its vitamin content.

    Another large concern told me that when I had worked up a sufficiently large market they would become interested in supplying the demand. I counsel people to put in storage some of that butter which has the grassy flavor and which melts easily and is produced when the cows go onto the rapidly growing young grass.

    Unfortunately, cows that have been on a stable fodder low in carotene and under stress of gestation often are so depleted in their own body
    vitamins that it takes them three to four weeks to replenish their own bodies when they get on good pasture. Then the vitamins will appear in
    liberal quantities in their milk. This has made it necessary for me to assist many patients in obtaining a supply by analyzing butter for its
    vitamin content and then putting this material in storage and making it available for special cases as needed.

    The program that I have found most efficient has been one which includes the use of small quantities of very high vitamin butter mixed in equal parts with a very high vitamin cod liver oil. A simple method of preparing the butter is by melting it and allowing it to cool for twenty
    four hours at a temperature of about 70 degrees F, then centrifuging it which provides an oil that remains liquid at room temperature. When
    this butter oil is mixed in equal parts with a very high vitamin cod liver oil, it produces a product which that is more efficient than either alone. It should be used within a couple of weeks of the time it is mixed. It is desirable that this material be made available in various parts of the country.

    Even the high-vitamin butter produced on the early summer growth of grass put in storage and used during the winter will go far toward solving our great national problem of shortage of fat-soluble vitamins.

    The quantity of the mixture of butter oil and cod liver oil required is quite small, half a teaspoonful three times a day with meals is
    sufficient to control wide-spread tooth decay when used with a diet that is low in sugar and starches and high in foods providing the minerals,
    particularly phosphorous.

    A teaspoonful a day divided between two or three meals is usually adequate to prevent dental caries and maintain a high immunity; it will
    also maintain freedom from colds and a high level of health in general.

    This reinforcement of the fat-soluble vitamins to a menu that is low in starches and sugars, together with the use of bread and cereal grains
    freshly ground, to retain the full content of the embryo or germ, and with milk for growing children and for many adults, and the liberal use
    of sea foods and organs of animals, produced the results desired."

    Real Butter is one of my favorite topics and top health food! I'm a "butter buddy"!

    Some more blogs for you all!:
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    "The Toils of Oils":

    "Real Butter - An Amazing Health Food and Food As Medicine!":


    June 22, 2015 -

    This is a most auspicious time, not only with the "Summer Solstice" today but also with the "stellium" of Jupiter, Venus and Regulus in Leo![2]

    Earlier today I was thinking of butter as medicine. If you have read all of this blog then you may understand how I can think this way. I thought it would be fitting to refer to the use of "high-vitamin butter" (within the context of food-as-medicine) as butter therapy! in that sense I am very happy to be regarded as a butter therapist! I'd like to start a new tradition with chefs as butter therapists. In this way chefs could take traditional cuisines (French, Swiss, German and every other cuisine that traditionally included butter) and renew them, elevate them to the rather glorious new height of therapeutic cuisine!

    Be Well ...
    and smile!

    Chef Jem

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    Other Blogs include:

    [1]You can also read from this chapter in "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" online at:

    [2]This astronomical phenomenah relates to "the Star of Bethlehem" and what is commonly know as "the birth of Jesus".
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    chef jem
    • Re: The Use and Benefits of Very High Vitamin Butter For The Control of ...   by  YOURENCHANTEDGARDENER     12 y     1,544

      8:56 AM
      March 15, 09

      Good Research Chef Jem!

      DR BERNARD JENSEN was also an advocate
      of raw organic butter.

      I believe I met one of the offspring of
      Royal Lee at the DR BERNARD JENSEN
      CENTENNIAL last Summer in San Diego.

      He was telling me about the severe
      actions taking against Royal Lee by the FDA
      and years in jail.

      The positive effects of faw butter
      were lessened considerably,
      according to Dr. Jensen, when
      the butter was either pasteurized
      or adulterated.

      He included frying foods,
      including in butter, as
      lessening the health benefits of butter.

      High heat and butter lessened the positive

      It would be good for this work on Dr. Jensen
      to come forth.

      I am sure some of his ideas about butter
      are in the archives here at the

      I do not recall what books he wrote about
      the benefits of raw butter.

      I would imagine some of these are on our book shelf
      in the dining room.


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