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  • "Brain Tumor" Or "Healing Brain Lesion"?   by  chef jem     9 y     2,955       3 Messages Shown       Blog: Chef Jem
    "At the height of the healing phase the brain edema reaches its maximum size, and exactly at this moment, the brain triggers a brief, strong push that presses the edema out. With German New Medicine, this crucial moment is called the Epileptoid Crisis (EK). Heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, bleeding tumors, migraine attacks, or epileptic seizures are just a few examples of this crisis. The symptoms always depend on the nature of the conflict and which brain layer is affected. After the brain edema is pressed out, neuroglia (brain connective tissue that provides structural support for the neurons) assembles at the site to restore the function of the nerve cells that were affected by the conflict shock. It is this harmless glia accumulation that is commonly called a brain tumor, even though it is actually a healing brain lesion.":

    GNM THERAPY (in a nutshell)

    "The very first step in GNM therapy is to provide an understanding of the biological nature of a symptom, e.g., a certain cancer, in relation to its psychical cause. A brain scan and a thorough medical history are vital to determine whether the patient is still conflict-active or is already healing. If still in the active phase, the focus is to identify the original DHS and to develop a strategy to resolve the conflict. It is crucial to prepare the patient for the healing symptoms and for potential complications. These symptoms are very predictable! Dr. Hamer’s findings provide us —for first time in the history of medicine—with a reliable system that allows us not only to understand but also to predict the development and symptoms of each and every disease. This is real preventive medicine, an aspect of German New Medicine which can hardly be emphasized enough. True prevention requires an understanding of the real cause of a disease, and that is what Dr. Hamer’s research supplies in splendid detail. By understanding the “Five Biological Laws” of the cause and healing process of disease we can free ourselves from the fear and panic that often come with the onset of symptoms. This knowledge is more than power, it can save lives.":

    "Hamer divided his findings into five biological laws. The first one he called The Iron Rule of Cancer and Equivalent Illnesses, and it deals with the origin of the tissue modifications. The second one was called The Law of the Two-Fold Phases of the Illnesses, and deals with the two phases. The third was named The Ontogenetic System of Tumors and Equivalent Illnesses, and takes up the nature of the symptoms in the two phases. The name of the fourth law became The Ontogenetic-Dependent System of the Microbes and takes up the role of our allies the microbes. The last, fifth law, underlines Nature's aim with the canceration/ulceration/hypofunction schemes, and explains why we shouldn't really call these schemes "diseases", with the negative ring to it that word has in our modern ears, because in their essence, they're powerful, helping, biological programs. Suitably, Hamer named this law The Significant Biological Special Programs of Nature.

    It's important to understand that Hamer's discovery is a series of empirical findings; as of 1997, over 31 000 patients had been examined, and all, without exception (!) showed this same pattern. It's thus not a theory, nor a hypothesis. It's empirical documentation, this is what was objectively found. That's why the word "law" was used; it's a strong word, but the only correct one to use, since it means something firm, established and predictable. Finally New Medicine also got to be scientifically verified, by several institutions, the latest in row being the 1998 examination at The University of Trnava, Slovakia, where a double study was conducted.":

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