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  • Your Gut = Your Health!   by  chef jem     8 y     4,980       2 Messages Shown       Blog: Chef Jemichel ~ The Chef-Doctor
    We now know that "Many of the most common symptomatic conditions associated with a loss or lack of normal gut function include: autoimmune conditions such as lupus, Crohn's, RA and MS, issues associated with chronic fatigue, IBS, hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and schizophrenia."[2]

    That's the short list associated with the gut!

    "Digestive disorders are more prevalent than ever, with 60 to 70 million people in the U.S. being affected by some form of digestive disease. In 2004, digestive diseases accounted for over 100 million ambulatory care visits and 13.5 million hospitalizations in the U.S. alone. Common diseases include gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)[1], chronic constipation, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disorder, IBS and more."[3]

    Hippocrates is attributed to having said "all disease begins in the gut"[4]

    Countless "health practitioners" realize that a happy gut is the foundation of health. I first learned about the gut-health connection through books by Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Norman Walker, Paul Bragg. I have been applying this knowledge since the mid-70's and even though it has been 40 years now I am still learning the importance of gut health for over all health! Now more than ever - I eat with a nutritional awareness of nourishing my gut flora. I have eliminated foods that are contrary to that main objective. In the process of doing that I have eliminated virtually all of my food cravings! I find that one single benefit alone to be priceless!

    "Numerous researchers also believe the overload of immunizations and chemical and metal toxicity as key factors in the development of gut dysbiosis-related conditions." I have blogged on this.:

    "The Gut is An Ecosystem, Just As Much As The Rainforests and The Oceans" - Article in the Wall Street Journal By Barbara Martinez: "Gut Reaction: 'Good' Microbes Under Attack" plus comments by Chef Jem[5]

    "Overcoming Problems With Digestion and Assimilation" - Quoting "Out Of Africa: What Dr Price And Burkitt Discovered In Their Studies Of Saharan Tribes" By Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD. Also Chef Jem on digestion as the Foundation of Health[6]

    "The Gut-Brain-Mind-Body + Mind-Brain-Body-Gut" - "Think Twice: How the Gut's 'Second Brain' Influences Mood and Well-Being" + Fermented Foods / Probiotics.[7]

    April 25, 2018 - Dr. Tom Cowan - " Autoimmune Disease - What Your Doctors Aren't Telling You" -

    "To heal the gut, a number of principles must be followed, one of which is the consumption of only organic foods. Most conventionally grown food in the U.S. is contaminated with the herbicide Roundup, whose active ingredient is glyphosate. Glyphosate increases the zonulin concentration within the gut, which makes the gut more leaky to large proteins, i.e., antigens. The leakage of large proteins into the blood stream stimulates the body’s production of antibodies to neutralize these proteins, initiating the autoimmune process. Anyone dealing with an autoimmune disease must eat only organic, Biodynamic or wild foods. ..."[15]

    May 15th, 2014 -

    This leads me to present the following well-supported statement: "Healing from acid reflux requires an in-depth understanding of all the facets of digestive health."[8]

    "In the United States (of America), sixty million people have acid reflux, or one in five people. ... Acid reflux and related digestive disorders now constitute an epidemic, and no age group has been spared. In fact, 50 percent of infants suffer from acid reflux in the first months of life, and during the last few years, there has been a 56 percent increase in sales of medicine for acid reflux and digestive disorders in infants and children from birth to four years old!"

    Knowing that over thirty million infants suffer digestive disorders (and that they are wholly dependent on their caregivers for virtually all of their dietary needs) speaks volumes to me regarding the great ignorance among these adult caregivers regarding childhood nutrition.

    As appealing as it may be to those who suffer - the claim (by many) that there is a simple "digestive-aid" product that an individual can take to heal their digestive disorder is not at all well-founded. In fact it appears to be ludicrous!

    May 21st -

    The Human Food Project

    "Nobody tells a giraffe how to eat. But for the first time in history, humans don’t know what to eat. We no longer know what human food is.

    .... our super organism (us and our microbes) adapted to a nutritional and cultural landscape that literally changed at a glacial pace. But more recently, rapid adoption of technology and need to feed a growing population a shelf-stable food supply, along with hyper-sanitized food and water, increasing rates of c-section births, formula in lieu of breast milk[14] and antibiotics for every sniffle, we are now out of sync not only with the natural world, but with the microbial world as well.

    The whole entire dietary paradigm for the Western world was completely altered/"transformed" to produce "a shelf-stable food supply" for the economic benefit of mega food corporations.

    Therefore, it is correct to say that a great many diseases of the modern world represent a discordance with the ancient microbial world.

    The biological reality that we are vessels to a vast microbial ecosystem is radically altering our basic understanding of medicine, nutrition, public health and the very scientific foundation of what makes us sick.

    The Human Food Project is an effort to understand modern disease against the back drop of our ancestral/microbial past. ..."[9]

    July 12, 2017 - Chances are you probably need a: "Massive increase in microbiome diversity"!

    "However good your diet and gut health, it is not nearly as good as our ancestors'. Everyone should make the effort to improve their gut health by re-wilding their diet and lifestyle."[10]

    "... the all-important diversity of the microbiome is a direct reflection of the diversity of food eaten."[11]

    September 18, 2017 - Glycine supplementation -

    "... anyone with gut issues should be taking about 10 grams of glycine per day (research studies have safely used up to 100 grams per day). This is how much glycine is estimated that we throw away from food, what we would have consumed in previous generations. This is how much I consume and I started seeing results very quickly. Not only on a little lingering gut pain that I’ve had, but also on joint pain, mood and sleep. Taking glycine is especially important if you are not consuming bone broths. Glycine has a slightly sweet taste and dissolves well, so it is easy to add to smoothies ..."[12]

    One of my search results for Glycine+calming+digestion that I was inspired to research after listening to Dr. Kelly's presentation on anxiety.[13] Years ago my father had been diagnosed with an "anxiety disorder" for which he (fortunately IMO) did not resort to pharmaceuticals for. So he "lived" with it however it was evident to me that it greatly impacted his quality of life (and I believe it was a factor in his final decision to leave the planet). Knowing and offering information on ways to deal with the actual root causes of anxiety is of special interest to me. Your presentation here made a great first impression on me in this regards!

    September 7, 2018 - Hippocrates, 'the father of medicine’:
    American Association for the Advancement of Science [16]

    “Hippocrates has deservedly been called the Father of Medicine. He raised a craft based on superstition and linked with the priesthood to a noble professional art and science that relied on clinical observation and experience. He taught that the physician’s primary duty was to his patient and developed ethical standards, encapsulated in the Hippocratic oath, that have never been superseded. Wisdom, humility, and love of humanity shine through his writings. He believed in helping nature to bring about a cure and above all that ‘whenever a doctor cannot do good, he must be kept from f=doing harm’. His teachings survived the Arab conquest of Egypt and eventually returned to Europe through the University of Salerno in the 11th century. From the Renaissance onwards the philosophy and practical approach steadily gained ground until today it forms the basis of modern clinical medicine. The following short extract… give a flavor of his teachings:

    ‘Our natures are the real physician of our diseases’.[17]

    Hippocratic Oath -

    “The oath taken by physicians in various forms for over 2,000 years; originally thought to have been composed by the Greek physician Hippocrates, researchers have shown that it most likely originated in a Pythagorean sect around the 4th century BCE; the oath originally prohibited physicians from participating in abortions and surgery; many modern physicians take a revised version of the oath upon finishing medical school.”

    Search: Francis Adams, “The genuine works of Hippocrates”,
    London, 1849.

    “Your gut can either be a fountain of youth...or the biggest drag on your health.

    When the ecosystem of 40 trillion microorganisms living in your gut are thrown into chaos, they can wreak havoc on your health. Microbial imbalance or dysbiosis is linked to all sorts of conditions.

    We aren’t the first to see that the gut is the epicenter of overall health – Hippocrates the ‘Father of Medicine’ famously stated over 2,000 years ago that, ‘All disease begins in the gut.’ This statement is proving to be more true than anyone fully realized.

    The gut microbiome is so critical that there isn't one chronic disease that hasn't been associated with dysfunction of the gut microbiome at some level. …”[18]

    Hippocrates is not only the "Father of Medicine" he is IMO the archetype for my vision of the "Chef-Doctor". The statement "all disease begins in the gut" indicates both the crux and the gap where the Chef-Doctor is needed along with the right food-as-medicine" that will be most welcomed by the gut. America needs this kind of Chef-Doctor medicine. It is a medicine that most all medical physicians do not have - and if they did have it they can't actually deliver it! Fortunately ‘Our natures are the real physician of our diseases’ and therefore we need to look more to "our natures" than to the M.D.s (especially those who imagine themselves as the superior physician).

    Dr. Hamer rediscovered the "real physician" in his process of the unfolding insights that became the Five Biological Laws for the New Medicine. Therefor - I will let the "doctors" be doctors and continue to articulate the vision for the new Chef-Doctor who realizes the true nature of "disease" and understands that he doesn't need to do anything about what actually is an intelligent biological survival program; yet the Chef-Doctor can certainly ascertain the right "foods-as-medicine/medicine-as-food" in harmony to the particular healing phase that the program is in.


    [1] "Studies have shown that coffee can reduce the pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter, which normally prevents the reflux of the acid contents of the stomach from going back up into the esophagus. Since this effect is produced by both coffee and decaf coffee, it is not just the caffeine in coffee that contributes to heartburn, acid reflux, and GERDS.":













    [14] The pooh-poohing of breast milk by doctors is possibly the leading "source" (or at least a very significant contribution factor) for the overall health condition of the American population and especially if you consisted that health begins in the gut. The advocacy for formula-fed babies excellerated with the Baby-Boomers. Is it no wonder now that: "Half the population is chronically ill and 70% take at least one prescription drug."(?)

    Carolyn Dean writes:
    ... an incident in med school when in a Pediatrics class I mentioned a new study saying that breast milk was superior to bottled milk. The Pediatrician conducting the class just wanted to shut me down so he called me BUBBLES and told me that scientists could replicate breast milk and it was every bit as good. After he had read the study, that same doctor, two weeks later, apologized, but to the wrong class. I'll never forgot that incident and the patriarchal arrogance of doctors who think they are right and pass on their ignorance and arrogance to their patients giving them no support in taking responsibility for their own health." - Carolyn Dean MD ND, The Doctor of the Future® in "Today's Wellness Tip From the Future...' on 11-29-17






    Healing, Intestine, Food As Medicine, lupus, Crohn's, RA, MS, chronic fatigue, IBS, hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, paul bragg, schizophrenia, bernard jenson, traditional food, mind body, Digestion, Assimilation, Second Brain, Mood, Well-Being, Fermented Foods, Probiotic, Human Food Project, microbiome

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    • Re: So Much of Your Health Begins In Your Gut   by  everything     8 y     2,557
      This needs to be repeated a million times, forwarded ten million times, and repeated over and over to doctors and GI specialists specifically. I tried, and they told me I need a psychiatrist and that it's all in my head.

      Signed -

      Abandoned by the health care industry for not going along with the standard protocol, which is to eat your antibiotics, shut up about your G1 Problems, and just go and have your GB removed like the other 750 thousand other people every year.
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