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  • Curing Heart Diseases with Sublingual EDTA   by  blueplanet     7 y     3,709       2 Messages Shown       Blog: A Library of Healing Tricks
    Unlike the old days, many scientists increasingly believe that calcification in the circulation system is the main cause of heart diseases. In fact, calcification is not only blamed for causing heart diseases and strokes, but it is believed to be a factor aggregating cancer metastasis.

    To cure a heart disease, therefore, we need to get rid of the excessive calcification from the body. To do this, we need to decrease the excessive build up of serum calcium, that is calcium ions in the blood. The medicine we need to get rid of the surplus blood calcium is di-sodium EDTA powder. EDTA is not really a drug. It has been used as an food preservative in the US. Di-sodium EDTA is inexpensively sold in China or the US. In addition to getting rid of surplus calcification, EDTA can also be used to:

    a) chelation of heavy metal; and
    b) destroying the biofilms formed by the harmful bacteria;

    However, if you go to get an intravenous injection of EDTA done by a doctor, you will probably end up having to pay at least US$ 2,000 per treatment. What follows is a DIY method that you can administer di-sodium EDTA at home without any doctor or nurse around:

    Step 1: Get the following materials:

    a) some store-bought di-sodium EDTA powder,
    b) a plastic spoon or plastic knife,
    c) a bottle of drinking water, and
    d) some baking soda.

    Step 2: Use a plastic spoon or a plastic knife to put some EDTA powder into the sublingual gland without touching the teeth (See the illustration of the following diagram). The amount of EDTA powder should not be more than the volume of a mung bean:

    Step 3: Wait for about 5 minutes. This is the time for which the EDTA powder is sublingually absorbed into the blood circulation system.

    Step 4: Rinse the mouth with drinking water.

    Step 5: Repeat the above steps about 10 times.

    Step 6: Use another plastic spoon or plastic knife to put some powder form of baking soda into the sublingual gland without touching the teeth. The amount of EDTA powder should be about the volume of two mung beans:


    a) In step 2, if you have uncarefully contaminated the teeth with EDTA powder, swallow the EDTA powder immediately. You might feel toothache but this toothache will not last long. You can do oil pulling to ease the pain in the tooth.

    b) Calcium is harmful to the body. Avoid any food or medicine that contains calcium.
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    • Re: Curing Heart Diseases with Sublingual EDTA   by  volantis     11 mon     196
      I have found that when pain is experienced due to calcium touching the teeth, it is due to consuming too much commercial calcium. Eliminate foods with Calcium Carbonate and other Calcium compounds added to the ingredients. I managed to cure the pain of calcified teeth in just a week using this method.

      As for taking EDTA, I take 670 mg vitamin C 15 minutes before taking 1/4 tsp EDTA powder under the tongue, while walking 30 minutes on the treadmill. I do this twice a day. Don't swish, just allow the powder to be absorbed as it is. The exercise pumps the blood and gets more blood to flow under the tonque to absorb the EDTA. I suspect this increases absorption to well above 40%.

      Be sure to drink 20 oz of filtered, non-mineralized water before doing the EDTA on the treadmill, and drink another 20 oz of water 30-60 minutes after finishing the exercise. The EDTA and exercise dehydrates the body.

      In the first 30 days of this treatment, I experienced substantial cleaning out. After 30 days, I experienced gradual declines in overall blood pressure.

      In between treatments, be sure to take plenty of vitamins and eat only whole foods.

      Before starting EDTA chelation therapy, I have found it very helpful to first start taking Serracor-NK for at least three weeks. The enzymes in the Serracor-NK dissolve the fibrin in the arteries and removes plaque and clots, which need to be removed before removing the calcium deposits.
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