What if; is part of the lie of life... by kerminator .....

Date:   4/5/2006 9:02:01 PM ( 17 y ago)
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Dear Lady;

I understand your pain and concerns....  We all have such!!    But the perfect, man, woman, child, car, job, house, or what ever does not exist....    So we must not listen to the lies about such stuff...   Lets look toward your destiny and with a sharp mind like yours, create a life guided by a positive attitude, with you mind focused on prayer to accept the Grace of Almighty GOD in your life....    

I some how felt compelled to write this to you...   You are a great spirit in God's eyes, and have a wonderful life to live...  So move on toward your marriage and settle into the life GOD has chosen for you, as a wife and then a mother....  There is no greater calling....    

We will keep you in our prayers....     See Ya... Kermie    


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