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Date:   7/28/2007 6:34:11 PM ( 16 y ago)
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I have done the same thing. It creates a flowing uninterrupted energy. I have many old things that I wish to donate and feel my life would be better off without them. Like the lady said, to find the God-shaped hole in your heart, but existential longings can become compulsive too! I love meditating and doing things that are borne of consiousness, they are deeply fulfilling to me, more than anything else. There are so many things to explore of spiritual origins that these things can become highly addictive. I look forward to many of my pursuits and feel that I have been rightfully blessed in many ways that the things of this earth no longer satisfy me either. I no longer worry about these things unnecessarily or consume my time with them as they are only peripheral. The yearnings of the soul eventually become louder and you answer the call in many ways which are deeply satisfying to you and enriching. I try to listen to the little voice within and ask in what ways this enables me to grow in awareness and love. I have made the same mistakes as everyone else but I think we are all merging with the God I Am through a variety of portals and through various means. There is ample opportunity and a plethora of adjuncts to enhance your world, but I think it begins from the vantage point of spaciousness. You need a void from which to manifest matter, an emptiness that stands in readiness to receive. A place of receptivity that makes way for more.


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