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Hi Lapis, ol' buddy!!

I am still in Salmo, BC. Are you still in Canmore?

Anyhow, I am reading a book that might tweek your interest a bit called "Instant Emotional Healing".

The title is unfortunate, as it seems to be appealing to an instant gratification mentality, but really there is a lot of good stuff that relates to this blog of yours.

----------From my notes on this book:

Thought Field Energy

Polarity Reversals and alignment in our bodies

"thought energy interacts with the body's electromagnetic frequencies to cause emotional disturbances"

"thought energy influences polarity reversals"

"if a weak negative polarity can be created at the site of damaged tissue or nerves, it will promote healing and growth"

Sensitive individuals were placed in a room where the EM fields are controllable; magnetic AND electric - two diff things...
With LOW Magnetic fields, but normal electrical radiation, they actually lost their abilities to control their balance in certain tasks given to them [where balance is difficult]
With NEITHER, ["deprived of EM energy" ] they felt weak and anxious
With high electric radiation, they felt positive and "highly conscious"


Dr. Burr, 1940s, did work that was followed up on recently about the specific polarity of each organ where they found that 80% of breast cancer patients had polarity reversals.


P 51: Nerve cells dispatchs specific neuropeptide chains "which find receptor sites throughout the body that control physical processes" . Dr. Candace Pert calls them "the molecules of emotion"


Pg 52 on > "quantum" -

the story of how a special Capacitor was discharged by thought alone!!


OK? Interested? I got the book from my local library.

contact me at


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