Re: Ovarian Cyst - What Can Cause Them? What Should We Do If We Think We Have Them? by LittleWhiteDove .....

Date:   6/5/2010 6:01:09 AM ( 13 y ago)
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Great info thanks!

I was diagnosed by the gynecologist with ovarian cysts. He prescribed progesterone. I did not take it.

I must mention, I have very little faith in doctors. So, I think I will try and handle this myself, using a natural approach.

I have modified my diet, eating as healthily as possible, and I supplement with Hemp oil - for the omegas. I feel much better, the pain has lessened. I also use Chaste Berry (Vitex), but I found that to cause some side effects. I have started doing yoga, to counteract my sedentary lifestyle. This has also helped.

I am due for a checkup soon, so I will let you know how my approach has worked...

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