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Date:   4/24/2011 4:41:08 AM ( 10 y ago)
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Hello chef jem,

No issues with what you have written I whole heartedly support the view you have expressed so well. The reason for my reply is simple:

How far down this road have you gone?

It appears to me that many people speak the theory but know not the practice. In raising that question I am not trying to be smart rather just simply asking a question.

To justify my asking here is my food works for the last few days: I have made three fruit ferments volume: 12 litres not alcohols but fruit preserves using fermentation. 130 litres of apple cider to make ACV. Three pots of vegetable leaf ferments each ~12 litres in volume. Replenished my nuka box with a fresh layers of vegetables. I also grow my own food and collect lots of wild foods. Dried mushroom supply have just been replenished.

What treats have you done laterly?

All the best T2

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