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Obesity is starvation that occurs as a result of confusing things that look like food with food. Obesity occurs when you eat (for instance) KFC because your body wants essential fatty acids. Maybe you eat candy when your body needs glyconutrients. Even when you try to choose healthy looking foods they are often frankenfoods that are toxic. Nice looking apples that never go brown when cut. Oranges that have been dyed orange. Gassed bananas. Most things are terrible for you.
If you begin to source all the things you eat to make sure that they are real food (no pesticides, no GMO, etc) then you will do better. Sadly even organic stuff might be grown on depleted soils.
When your body sends you out on a food finding mission, look for superfoods. Klamath blue green algae, spirulina, barley greens, coral calcium, wheatgrass juice, hempseed, chia seed. Sprout stuff at home.
Most real food is more expensive than fake food. Recently the same plastic you find in yoga mats was found in Subway sandwich bread. Fake bread. Contributes to renal failure. Bread and grains are a poor idea nutritionally speaking. Unless you sprout the wheat, or sprout the grains.
The simplest way to get off pretend food and gently detoxify, is to start out on Isagenix or something like it and then slowly integrate a wider diet of real food. Find non radiated nuts and non GMO veggies.
Worry less about how large you are and more about how toxic and depleted you are.
If any of this is new to you or you think you would like to contact me you may do so using my username at yahoo
Good luck

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