Re: Rh Incompatibility in the 1950s - Long Term Consequences by Karlin .....

Date:   11/24/2016 10:30:44 PM ( 6 y ago)
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"Oh come on, I wrote that" lol you have so many things the same as me. You have a longer, more tortured list than mine, but the infancy/childhood was very similar, and you are a FISHING FOOL!!

I assume you go fishing. I had the greatest summer in 30 years this year because I found a fishing partner. And, I also caught BIG fish here for the first time too. Such excitement!!

And I nearly died on a solo fishing trip... [ask me if curious!]

And 59 years old, me too. And, I am male also ["Karlin" is just a nicname]

I am sorry it took a year to reply, I hope you write back bud!!

my main email is
if you want to contact me directly, which is what I am hoping for, just to compare notes, etc.

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