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Date:   6/1/2005 1:46:56 PM ( 17 y ago)
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first off i want to say, im a fan of yours and i find your blogs very helpful and inspiring, but i do question aspects of this message. where you state that it is fundamentally wrong for us to believe in hard work and earning those good things that come into our life. for example what i desire is to be the best guitar player artistically speaking in the world. so you are saying that i can achieve this simply by thinking about it and saying to myself 'im the best guitar player in the world'? i feel this is something i must train towards, by staying focused and disciplined and through --> hard work, only then can i achieve this goal.

i also question the fact that by thinking good thoughts and being happy one can stay healthy through vibration. i know of countless wonderful optimistic loving people who have suffered terribly with their health. hard times often happen to good people and i have trouble understanding that this is somehow tied to their vibration and echoed back through the universe.

dont get me wrong, i truly believe 100% in the healing power of positive energy and thought. i just find there are aspects of what you are saying that dont seem to ring true in real life circumstances.


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