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Date:   2/10/2006 5:06:45 PM ( 16 y ago)
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thanks for that info, very interesting. i am considering trying to make my own orgone with all natural items. i have always been leary of the synthetic resin that they make that stuff out of. i am going to use crystals, cotton and copper wire, for my orgone, thats it. but i am not as sensitive to the crystals as you seem to be so i don't know if i will hear them saying whether they like it or not.

although i will say that after reading thru some of your crystal articles i held my large crystal in my hand and it heated right up, then it seemed to me it wanted to be held in my right hand, not my left! weird. it seemed like in my right hand it got hotter than in my left. odd. anyway i have never really tried to communicate with them, so maybe i could try and see what happens.


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