Nursing in the Raw
by ren
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Five days raw...okay maybe fifteen minutes at a time!   14 y  
rawfood diet to get my Om Yoga Gym
Doing a raw week this week. It’s for my ’around the sun’ celebration and to help me deal with the situation regarding my pet chickens being taken away from me. Plus I want to release fifteen pounds so I can get my Om Yoga Gym. I told my sister that when I reach 140 I’m getting my yoga gym.   visit the page

I need rawfood at work   14 y  
This nurse powered by LIVING FOODS!
Green smoothies and juice are grounding. I’m really vibing with the juice thing. My chickens will eat the pulp while they are still here. When I do raw at work, I feel better and more able to handle the stress of nursing. As long as I have a snackbar in my pocket, I’m good. When I do rawfoods, my non-fasting BS is about 85-95 and if I really have to hustle during a medpass well the BS takes a nosedive. I usually end up eating two fignewtons during a medpass. I’ll have to look around for some lara bar recipes. I saw them on Biggest Loser this past week. My mom wants to eat mostly raw to ...   read more

Double Shift All Raw   14 y  
I'm baaaack!!!! Mirroring a post from rawfu
I decided to go all raw this weekend except for the milk I like to put in my morning coffee. I want to see how eating mostly raw will affect my endurance for the overnight shift in addition to my regular 3-11 shift. I went to a parish mission tonight after getting superdepressed that my husband didn’t want to go with me. Not that he didn’t want to go but he has his own ’issues’. Anyhow, what a transforming mission! I was annointed with the healing Oil of St. Joseph and asked for healing in my life. I asked for the Lord to heal my mind, my boobs, my everything because I want to have chil ...   read more

Workplace Renegade   14 y  
Licensed to Practically Nurse?
I got myself into a little trouble by discouraging a resident from taking antibiotics before they diagnosed the illness. I'm getting disgruntled and depressed by working in a nursing home. Thankful...   visit the page

Yo-Yo Dieting May Weaken the Immune System   14 y  
have maintained the same weight of 168# till now...down one pound. I'm not restricting my food intake just changing things around.
Researchers at Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have found a that yo-yo dieting [repeatedly losing and regaining weight] may have a lasting negative impact on immune function. They ...   read more

The formula works!   14 y  
passed my boards
Exercise, organic foods, coffee and great sex apparently helped to... PASS MY BOARDS!!!! Yeah that's what I'm talking about. Finally to be able to earn more money and to be a change agent in the di...   visit the page

NCLEX PN Feb 6th   14 y  
tired of studying...I want to take my test now.
Pray for me Feb 6th... I'm spending the day before the exam in a hotel room with good books, organic foods and plan on relaxing and hopefully having great sex. The place has a swimming pool too. ...   visit the page

Charge Nurse for a Day- It's OVER OVER WOO HOO!   15 y  
carrot juice ideal nerve tonic
I was picked to be charge nurse today. I have a strong suspicion that she picked girls who are at the top of the class. Hey whatever. I MADE IT! :doing cartwheels: I carried a jug of fresh carrot j...   read more

Back in the FLOW of things...   15 y  
This week was indeed very full of stressors and as such my Aunt has decided to pay me an early visit. My body said enough is enough. Take a weekend off. This coming week is my last week of nursing ...   read more

still a nursing student!!!   15 y  
Still around on curezone
I've not updated this blog in FOUR STINKING MONTHS. I'm still a nursing student. I'm still working hard to bring the message of God's love, metaphysical healing, natural cures to people. Third s...   read more

Clinicals- Round Two!!!!! DING DING DING   15 y  
back to the grindstone
OMG I was sooooo exhausted this afternoon. I barely made it to the 'event reporting' afternoon. I was falling asleep during the IV pump video. The day itself was great. No major mistakes except tha...   read more

At Home Stretching Guide-FREE   15 y yoga guide   visit the page

Staying in School   15 y  
giving the good fight
I promised my mom I would stay in nursing school and not quit. Midterm care plan: 17/17 Clinical rotation: 47/50 So far so good...also juicing greens almost every day in solidarity with my m...   visit the page

Midterm Grades and Clinicals... It's All Good!   15 y  
got my midsemester grades!
Tests 100 Skills 90 Clinicals 15/- Today I get my second set of clinical grades. My grade wasn't so good 15/50 because I FORGOT my homework! LOL Good grief. Am I in grade school or what? Today...   read more

EFT script for at home studying and the business of life   15 y  
EFT for relieving anxiety
I thought of these today when I felt myself getting anxious/irritated so early in the morning. Today's agenda is to study for my test for at least one hour, workout then go to work. Even though ...   read more

Nighttime EFT round of thanks to my wonderful brain   15 y  
the brain runs the show so be thankful
My setup phrase: I am so happy and grateful now that I have a happy,healthy brain. I am thankful to my brain for making it through the day on limited sleep/rest time. I am thankful to God for ...   read more

My EFT script for class anxiety   15 y  
first amongst many of my new EFT scripts for nursing school success
Anxiety: Even though I have this anxiety feeling, I completely,deeply love and accept myself. -negative round- this feeling of anxiety this feeling of dread and worry this self hating feelin...   read more

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