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Forget Sparkpeople....My green smoothie two week tear down   13 y  
Big Boxmart smoothies...check the blog tomorrow
Lent is all about the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ. I celebrated my Fat Tuesday by eating some foods I wanted to say goodbye to for a while. Namely chocolate, milk, basically all dairy, bread,etc. My husband and I made a pact to not eat store bread during lent. Myself, Iíll be doing a green smoothie ífeastí since you canít fast on a green smoothie, esp. when Iíll be throwing bananas and wheatgrass sprouts up in there. Iím doing this for two weeks. I already have half a jar of smoothie in the refrigerator. When I get hungry, I plan to sip hot teas. Iíll allow myself coffee ...   read more

Got bored with sparkpeople but going back   13 y  
green bilge water tastes good
It keeps me regulated with throwing things into my mouth. I wonít obsess about it but I wonít give it up. Iíll get back on the sparkpeople track tomorrow. Meanwhile, a residentís family member came up to me and asked me if I lost weight. She thought I lost a lot of weight and if I was on a diet. Well I got kind of shy and said Iíve been working out a lot. Iíve been trying to drink my green bilge water every day. My green bilge water is the staple of my life. I had one pint jar of green smoothie today. I had a ginormous bowl of fruit from the salad bar at work. I also ate granola and ca ...   read more

Tracking foods on sparkpeople and some updates   13 y  
quickie updates and off to bed I go!
Iím tracking my foods on sparkpeople now. I do it every day and today I see how being depressed affects my eating. The first day I tracked my foods on sparkpeople, I was totally mortified LOL! Iíve also being making my green smoothies religiously. BTW, I forgot my carrots in the breakroom icebox but I know those bit-I mean ladies wonít steal carrots :P Today I did NOT drink any green smoothies because I was depressed and in my ínot eating till the hypoglycemic near blinding hunger descends on meí modeí. Anyway, theyíre fresh and in glass jars for tomorrow. Went to the gym for a quick ...   read more

Emotioal Eating strikes! I'm officially depressed...   13 y  
I need the two Brit ladies to come clean my house!
I just donít know what to do when I come home and find the house a filthy,disgusting mess. I ate a slice of bread with cheese. Right now I just want to go to bed. The housework will be here in the morning but I didnít quite eat the way I wanted to today. I wish I had more support at home and my husband would keep his promises. At least there are two green smoothies in the refrigerator for tomorrow and Iím not buried under rubble in Haiti. Can I get a witness! Okay Iím going to sleep now.   visit the page

One pound gained for the ho-ho-holidays   13 y  
sexy nurses like it raw for the new year
I gained one pound. I am 155. Yes I confess to being a workplace snackmonster. Well not the kind of snacking when Iím under marital stress or work stress. I also ate meat this Merry Xmas. Not a lot but three small bites of my husbandís first ever holiday ham. He promises to make vegetable soup tomorrow. Anyhow, I find that a dirty kitchen is more of an impediment to my rawness than lack of funds. Now that Iíve released all of my financial woes to the Lord, Iím not talking lack anymore. Iím talking a CLEAN KITCHEN for the happy new year! Iím rededicating myself to releasing the excess we ...   read more

Round TWO...Not giving up!   14 y  
Going raw gangbusters!!!!
Iím buying a bag of nice chips or cookies for the christmas party. For myself: 1) raw eggnog 2) homemade lara bars 3) big green juice 4) and some other raw entreeí I have to watch it with sweets. I made this fruit smoothie too sweet one time and it spiked my blood sugar. Tasted good though :o) Some raw websites Iím cruising right now: Give it to me raw and Raw food rehab too. Iím going raw as much as I can tomorrow with the exception of milk in one cup of morning coffee. I have to walk t ...   read more

Bored with rawfood   14 y  
on the ccc diet for mental sanity while nursing!!! coffee, chocolate and cardio
Iím bored with the same tired green smoothies. I get these good eggs from Walmart (yes I know Walmart is crap but free range hens donít lay in the winter hardly!). Sometimes I want something different. I guess I need to think outside the box or mason jar. New grocery store is opening up here. I wonder what they will have in terms of produce. I want to try raw grassfed beef that is organic but not till Iím into my muscle building phase. Right now Iím tearing down to build back up. My mother ate organic beef livers and sheís cancer free. The residentsí families have been bringing more ...   read more

Sinus troubles in winter   14 y  
avoided doctor visit
I try to think positive about the environment at work but I just have to accept the truth that the air dirty and dry. After suffering with sinus woes over the weekend, I did sme serious EFT, nasal irrigation and I sniffed down a capful of colloidal silver this morning. Wow I coughed up this ginormous goober with old blood in it. I knew I had a nosebleed over the weekend even with the nasal irrigation. I feel so much better now. Perhaps Iíll get a humidifier for my room this week. Otherwise, Iíll keep tapping for health. Oh yeah I think a citrus carrot juice is in order but I need to clean ...   read more

Hips don't lie...weekend plans   14 y  
updates galore gotta go to work now!
yep Iím still doing my raw challenge. Gotta getting going to work. 1. Carrying a green smoothie 2. carrying homemade cooked soup 3. wearing my new healing energy vibration pendant 4. discovered that oil up the nose helps my sinus 5. did two rounds of EFT today Thereís more but Iím playing in the nurse aide sandbox today! Iím carrying my iphone so if I go to the gym afterwork Iíll hit you guys up. Oh yeah hips donít lie...I lost three inches on my hips since I started working out seriously this summer. Check out my stats at my bodybuilding blog http://bodyspace.bodybuilding ...   read more

Ice cream craving killer   14 y  
raw on the go; raw nurses cleans her own house
1 banana 3 dates cinnamon as much as you want blackberries aloe juice and water alfalfa sprouts 2 raw eggs blend and enjoy My mother is coming for thanksgiving. Iím still trying to save my pet chickens from the pot. Just ordered a dolphin energy pendant. Itís 80 dollars but I think Iíll get that money back three times over. I gotta go!!!! I got the rawsome flow for cleaning cuz big mama canSer cowgirl is coming to visit.   visit the page

My night last night   14 y  
Vent session
Last night I watched Julie and Julia. It was ok. I took a two hour nap when I got home from work. I was sooooo exhausted. I mean really my boss ordered me to go home cuz she said I was working too much. Indeed I am as men in this area having been losing a lot of jobs. Not the íhope and changeí folks were hopng for Iím sure! Anyway, Iím the main breadwinner of the family and weíve had two financial dry spells. Iíve had a lot on my shoulders. My husband and I have fought over money like every other American couple. I wonder if propsperity thinking can succeed with one partner believing and ...   read more

Oh noes depression struck me   14 y  
bad bad today...just have to vent a little
Luckily my eating habits have changed enough over the years that I do not binge eat anymore. Today I just had more sugar than I cared to at work and had a little ice cream at home tonight. Discovered that ice cream is waaaaaay too sweat for me now. Took 3,000mg of vitamin c to take care my awful eating this afternoon. I was terribly depressed to tears about everything especially my job. I just do not like working in a nursing home anymore. Maybe thatís how I feel today and maybe Iíll feel better tomorrow. I just donít want to give insulin shots and pills anymore. OTOH, I feel that leaving ...   read more

Wow Raw Egg Nog   14 y  
eggnog recipe
I was trying to make a cake icing and made raw egg nog instead. Just three fresh eggs, honey and cinnamon. WOW I canít believe how good it is. Cuz the yolks are raw Iíll get the good fat, choline,etc. for my brain. YUMMO I love it. Better than store bought eggnog.   visit the page

Raw beginning Cooked Middle Raw End   14 y  
superhero in training first 12 shift eating lots of rawfoods
It was a carnival of eating today. I did manage to keep a lid of most of my eating. Iím surprised that iím not hungrier with Aunie Flo right around the block. Iím positive that itís due to the daily smoothies Iíve been drinking. Today I drank a little more regular coffee and it wasnít the same. I stopped drinking regular coffee on my regular shift and today I discovered that my body really likes not having it in the afternoon at work. I still like my morning coffee but the days of making straight regular are OVER. My coworker made me a little birthday cake. I had three small squares and ...   read more

Weigh Ins and All that   14 y  
good night till tomorrow morning!
11/17/09 156# at the gym scale- Aunt Floís red ferrari is right around the block too. No major symptoms yet. Glad I bought a bag of organic decaf coffee at Walmart! LOL I should do measurements too but not tonight. Itís waaaaaay past my bedtime. I will post a weight every week on tuesday since thatís Biggest Loser day. If the firefighter dude goes home, I prolly wonít watch anymore episodes but their weightloss is AMAZING. My sort of long term goal is to lose 16# in time for Merry Xmas Dec.20-21 and earn my Om Yoga Gym. Hereís a clip of the Om Yoga Gym: ...   read more

Amazing empathic connection with a resident   14 y  
strengthening spirit at work and being a godly wife with rawfood
Isnít it amazing that when you ingest stuff totally connected to Mother Earth (greens, farm eggs made by chickens who eat stuff that grows up out of Mother Earth) LIVING FOODS how truly beautiful experiences open up to you? Amazing. I guess itís one leap of faith I made to change my body is radical ways instead of the slow crawl and having a poverty mentality about my food options. Also, I come home and my husband was depressed and not himself, not treating me right. Itís as if something really open up after we watched that Fireproof movie last night. Perhaps itís like the wound debridi ...   read more

Woke up a little fuzzy headed   14 y  
raw nursing school is in session!!!
Woke up a little fuzzy headed because I refused to eat right before bed last night. I stayed up later than I thought I would. My husband and I were watching this movie called Fireproof. We got into this long, emotional discussion about marriage. I had my non-raw meal for today already but I was able to pray and meditate to the Lord for 30minutes. Did you know that meditation produces stem cells??? Anyway, I feel good and thatís what I want. If rawfoods helps me with me being a good disciple of Christ then itís fine by me. So day two, Iím doing smoothies again and portable hand fruit ...   read more

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