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Day 13/14 aftermath of the shift from hell   12 y  
I'm testifying to the Holy Ghost power!
Iíve not had nasal congestion through this whole experiment. This morning I woke up with a tremendous amount of multicolored nasal goop. It was disgusting. If I was eating cooked junk I probably would be in much worse shape. No I didnít even feel like eating! I mean hereís what was in this nurseís lunchbag: 1. Pickle jar of green smoothie 2. Pint jar of green smoothie 3. Pint jar of lemonade 4. Coffee- chock full of nuts but organic is on my list for this week I had a serious run in with a coworker during a medpass. Anyone who is a nurse knows thatís it can deadly to interrupt a ...   read more

Day 11/14   12 y  
okay I'm waking up...seriously
My new green smoothie formula is quite filling. It adds more bulk to my poop and wow I just have to remember I canít guzzle down a peanut butter jar of this stuff LOL! Fiberfun 2 bananas rolled oats sprouted wheatgrass seeds about two tablespoons spinach (of course!) dash of cinnamon dash of angostura bitters This is VERY filling. I thought I actually had too much this morning! But I ran the numbers through sparkpeople and it comes out about 343 calories. I do not have a reference for sprouted wheatberries. Iím going to measure the oats for accuracy. Yesterday was my day o ...   read more

Day 10/14 cravings!   12 y  
Hello folks. I was totally exhausted from last nightís shift. I apologize for no update. Anyway, I was saying to myself Im getting really bored with the green smoothies. The cravings were really bad last night. I thought about everything from slices of meat to cookies. Then I remembered the story of Dave the rawfood trucker AND I didnít read my bible or say a rosary. I also found out that someone put me down to work on Saturday which means no confession (again). So anyway I want to go to church for rosary and adoration. Iíll miss confession but itís important to not break the chain, tha ...   read more

Day 9/14   12 y  
my day so far... suboptimal night sleep so no mass attendance today and green smoothies
I took a tablespoon of castor oil before I went to bed and wow...It worked. I sucked on an organic lime to get the awful taste out of my mouth. BLECH! I got so nauseated by the same this morning that I thought I might be pregnant. Yes Iím trying but thatís another blog. That post will be the mother of all TMI blogs. I really want to have a raw pregnancy, with lots of raw greens, raw eggs and raw stinky french cheese but I digress. Anyway, my diet roundup for today: jar of blessed water 1.5 cups of coffee with a teaspoon of brown sugar between the two of them one jar of green smooth ...   read more

Tonight's video!   12 y  
one week husband says I look less jowly
Sleep!   12 y  
still on the green smoothie trip
I went to sleep at almost 1am in the morn. I woke up at around 0630. I was thinking of staying awake but I woke up sluggish. Really wanted to go to church but I sensed alarm bells going off about going to church so I went back to sleep. Finally woke up at 0930 refreshed. Wont be able to attend mass but Iíve not been to confession yet so if I miss one day thatís okay to me. So far Iíve puttering around in my bathrobe, rode my exercise for twenty minutes had a jug of water and a smidge of coffee. Iím not hungry yet. The supples are getting low. Iíll need to go out to the quickie mart some ...   read more

Happy Morning Day...Going to praise God   12 y  
woohoo! Not in the poor house!
My bank account wasnít a six car pileup this morning. Praise Jesus!!!! I mean if it was, it would have sucked for five minute then I would gone to church anyway. THANK YOU GOD. :dance: :dance: :dance: Anyway, yesterday I did bellydancing and had a good sauna session. After church, Iím heading to the gym for morning cardio and weight lifting. I seem to have rediscovered walking since starting this green smoothie thing so Iíll be doing that too. So far, Iíve had some salt water. I need to move my bowels. The idea of castor oil makes me gag but itís the only thing that works. Iíll have ...   read more

My consciousness is now in the InterTubes   12 y  
my first video ever
I just want to cry   12 y  
financial mini-crisis
I accidently paid my momís bill with my account and went negative. Really I could cry but that would be negating the desperate prayer I just prayed to God. Now going to mass today REALLY has not an ulterior motive (weíre all sinful and always doing things for selfish reasons anyway arenít we?). Itís right out in the open and Iím not ashamed to be a teenager and ask God for a little allowance. Not like I was spending it on something ridiculous. I was paying my momís bills while she was away! JEEPERS!!! Switchwords CANCEL- to stop beating up on myself for the OD on the checking acco ...   read more

End of shift report day 5/14   12 y  
I'm falling asleeeeeeep
I had a second poop at work and felt totally awesome afterwards. The idea of taking swiss kriss and/or castor oil again right is making me gag. Ho boy I totally understand how the old ladies feel when I come at them with milk of mag,etc. Hereís a run down of what I had at work: a cup of apple juice but I ended up grabbing my jar of lemonade at the tail end of my medpass. Went to dinner and had half a cup of coffee with blueberry honey to revive my brain Had a big cup of smoothie and still have some left. I do not feel hungry but I just canít bring myself to take any swiss kriss ...   read more

Happy morning day people   12 y  
morning report, church
Rising time by the holy alarm clock Scoobie Snacks aka OT McCracken, Scoobulator, Scoobtastic, The New Soviet Dog, Scratch and my favs Triborough Wrecking Ball and the Pride of Astoria.... 0530. I decided to stay awake and God gave me a lot of energy ans whispered ĒHey since youíre awake why donít you stop by the House...just sayiníĒ So I did. I went to early mass. Had my jar of water, some lemonade and an amino acid pill. I went to the gym for a quick 30 min workout. Later folks   visit the page

Morning Report   12 y  
good start to the morning
Woke up at 7:30 half a quart mason jar of blessed water- I have pictures of the Divine Mercy, holy words written all over this jar. Iíve totally convinced of the work of Dr.Emoto. half a cup of coffee My mother called from Trinidad just as I was getting ready to leave for mass so I was late once again. I can just picture God saying íbetter late than neverí. Iíve not talked to my mother in over a week so it was worth it. She sounds really good, having the time of her life celebrating life after cancer. Back from mass- I had the rest of a quickie smoothie I made. I tried this new ...   read more

Shift report   12 y  
Yes I survived an 8hr shift at the nursing home!
Wow boy Iím so glad I decided to start this fast two days ago. The shift went okay till I started feeling funny and tested my glucometer. 79!!!! :( I had a cup of orange juice with ice. Tomorrow Iíll carry another jar of green smoothies. I had everything I made. The granniesí homemade fudge was calling me LOL!!! Strangely I had no cravings for fig newtons. I had so much energy at the beginning of the shift that I was actually hyper. I noticed that I slowed down a little bit and settled into a pace of managing my first go around. Lunchbag contents: pickle jar and pint jar of smooth ...   read more

3/14 Honeymoon is Over...the cereal and chocolate was calling me   12 y  
morning this and that
Last night I got hungry and had a headache. I ended up having two pint mason jars of lemonade (organic lemon juice, molasses and cayenne)and a pint jar of smoothie. I felt a little better. I made one blender jar of smoothie yesterday. Today Iím making a jar of smoothie for the first part of the day. Later before work, Iím making a workplace smoothie. Whatís the workplace smoothie? Well itís higher fat and protein so it lasts longer in my belly. My job is very physically, mentally and emotionally intense. A low fat smoothie lasts for about an hour during a medpass then Iím getting hu ...   read more

Big Boxmart shopping list   12 y  
Walmart shopping list
Lots of bananas 3.83 organic limes 3.00 grapefruit 3.00 organic salad mix 7.38 hass avocadoes 3 for 2.94 frozen mixed fruit- my hubbyís favorite- 7.84 two bags of frozen dark cherries- 4.76 I tend to use a little more water and less when I want to feel more full. My game plan for work is to have a really thick smoothie before work and a thinner, sweeter smoothie for my first go around which is really...well special. When you have to pass meds for twenty something little old folks who are all sick, take phonecalls, help nurse aides (I go out of my way for CNAs because I used to be ...   read more

Mighty Whitey   12 y  
day 2/14 I might make it longer and do juices only. Who knows?
Big Boxmart is on an organic kick and Iím going to look for white fabric. I want to learn to sew. Apparently, no one wears skirts anymore and I wanted to wear all white to work for Lent. The little old ladies love my grad pic with my nurse cap. Iím an LPN and donít know if I want to wear a nurse cap. My white turban is my trademark actually and yes Iím developing my own personal brand because everyone should have one. I think Iíve just found a topic for my other blog Emersonís Coffee House. Anyway... 30 minutes of bikram yoga 1 mason jar of brita filtered water 1 amino acid pill wi ...   read more

Salt water and Swiss kriss   12 y  
Day 1/14 raw nurse on Gods therapy couch
Last night: swiss herbs 1/2 tsp liver detox tea a big coffee mug approx 300cc Morning: a mason jar of sea salt water (the quart ones) 1.5 cup of black Chock Full O Nuts coffee one amino acid tab I donít feel hungry yet but I can feel the blood sugar saying errmmmmm time to eat! Big Boxmart smoothie #1 (leftover from yesterday) marketside spinach frozen cherries bananas water I like to put a squeeze of citrus since the acid makes the iron more available. Vitamin c and iron go well together. Smoothie #2 post workout (subject to change) 1 banana cherries flaxseed ...   read more

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