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God's righteous thunderbolt to my stove   13 y  
I'm having fun with this. What else to do? Cry?
Day 1/12   13 y  
first day of my Holy Week fast
Morning: 1/2 cup of coffee church (crazy groggy first half of mass because I woke up late) 1/2 cup of coffee and didnít feel like eating till 12pm pb jar of green smoothie: banana, strawberries, broccoli sprouts, spinach and filtered water Doing my work while I have the television tuned to EWTN. RIght now they are broadcasting the Palm Sunday mass in Washington DC. Later, Iím psyching myself up for another walk to drop off my laptop at the office. I wish I grabbed more palms today but I was a little groggy. I went to sleep late and took a sleeping tab knowing that I had to ge ...   read more

Holy Week Green smoothie/juice/water fast   13 y  
stove destroyed by fire but Holy Week fast begins
And so it begins at 11:59 EST Iím fasting and praying for Holy Week. Itíll end probably April 9th when I go to visit my mom in NY. Yeah Iím typing this with my soot stained fingers. Hereís a pic of my kitchen. I came home to find THIS: God is good. My house didnít burn down. Taught me a lesson about actually having the fire exstinguisher in the house and some smoke detectors. Husband is having a nuclear meltdown. Itís just a stove but thereís soot everywhere. The mandolin caught fire and burned the electrical display on the stove. One less temptation to worry about durin ...   read more New York trip/food journal   13 y  
the ho-hum days of being a rawfooder and a nurse with the world on her shoulders
morning: water coffee handful dried cereal snack: pumpkin/sunflower seeds Work (over an nine hour shift) green smoothie (16 ounce) two bananas 16 ounce homemade juice fig newton with pb two graham crackers with 1 tsp pb four saltines cup of coffee (black) cup of popcorn -I was super hungry and I donít mind the raw stuff. I just want to keep a lid on the cooked foods/snack stuff. Perhaps itís time to institute a no kitchenette rule except to get my jars out of the employee fridge. My husband is also quite sick with the same respiratory bug I had except his body isnít ...   read more

Putting the breaks to the food leaks,etc   13 y  
my mini binge session
I ate a little ice cream tonight. I also had a little cereal, dry. The rest I had seeds topped with chili sauce that part was raw. Realised that after I ate the ice cream (which was good but Iím still getting over my cold!) that I was genuinely hungry. Iím discovering food insecurities that never used to be there so I need to make a decision. Tomorrow I will decide whether to do a mini fast before my New York trip or not. Iím STILL doing my all day fast of water, juices,etc. tomorrow and coffee (so I can be productive and clean my house). I wish I could be a super champion and talk abou ...   read more

Taking it easy this weekend...SPIRITUAL ATTACKS ABOUND!   13 y  
wow what a day yesteday!
Yeah Iím doing green smoothies and juices. This is my weekend to work and being charge nurse, I need to feel a little more grounded this weekend. Yesteday was my day off. During the afternoon, I came under tremendous spiritual attack. I didnít start back fasting yesterday but just ate mostly rawfoods and wow the afternoon this tremendous depression hit me. It was a beautiful afternoon and I was sunning myself and decided to ride my bike and get out the last of my chest congestion. Really I felt worse and worse. I went into our local bookstore, well itís a nursing scrubs and christian books ...   read more

Respiratory issues   13 y  
next financial windfall I'm getting a neb for my colloidal silver
I did go to sleep and woke up feeling better. Took a super long shower and coughed up more crapola. Iím eating today and drinking juices. I am going to church to pray about restarting my juice fast, get strength,etc. I thought Iíd restart my feast today but I didnít feel to. I ate an avocado and sprout wrap with two rawfood bars. I still have a big pickle jar of juice to drink later. My boss called and sounds like I will need all the energy I can get later. Beautiful day too but Iím going to drive to work the next two days and give my lungs a rest.   visit the page

Repost of last night's drama   13 y  
a copy of my journal I typed at 3am in the morn crack-a-dawn
Hey guys Iím awake here. Not because I drank coffee but because I am feeling better now that my body is coughing up the brown/yellow GOOP. Yuck. My poor lungs. Thereís a bad respiratory/intestinal bug going around the nursing home and even in church people were coughing. Really truthfully, I am feeling so BLESSED by the Lord that I got on the raw juices for the weekend because I felt it in the spirit to juice a lot of citrus this weekend. Grapefruit and lime are mucus busters. That and really good quality coffee are my home remedies for sinus, throw a TRUCKLOAD of cayenne in there and BAM! ...   read more

Vera Richter...rawfood pioneer   13 y  
old world rawfood book   visit the page

Impromptu video   13 y  
I made this yesterday as I was going out the door
Spiritual juice fast/feast   13 y  
back to works!
Folks Iím juice fast/feasting this weekend. Not even doing the green smoothies this week. Iím wanting to finish off Lent in a wonderful way and get really focused. Today: half a banana blended down in a sm cup of green juice coffee resveratrol cap liquid vitamin D ginkgo amino acid tab The green juice was leftover from last night. I stopped eating yesterday afternoon when I decided to go back to fasting and not eating. I decided to take on my old childhood issues holding the Lordís hand. This weekend Iím juicing, next week Iím doing green smoothies and not luxurious ones eith ...   read more

New video...oh what a beautiful day!!!   13 y  
this is me in my glorious 80% raw nursitude outside gardening
Beautiful afternoon of bike riding, prayer and working out!   13 y  
my rawsome day off
I hit all the important points of exercise, exercising the physical,emotional,spiritual. I really needed this day off. I really did need to go talk to the Lord today and sit/stand/kneel before His Holy Tabernacle. All through Lent, Iíve been working and not been able to attend stations of the cross but I did my own today. I went to confession yesterday. Almost immediately I felt spiritually and morally challenged. Iíve been eating 80-90% raw and not really desiring cooked foods. The cooked items I eat are items Iíd eat raw if I had access to substitutes, organic peanut butter,etc. What ...   read more

Exhausted! Still your raw nurse   13 y  
Nurse powered by rawfoods
Iím sitting here drinking some Yogi bedtime tea. Iím exhausted from working and also fighting off a sinus infection. Wow if I was still eating cheese and drinking milk Iíd be much worse off. Today I had a little milk in this cup of mocha I made. Started my period today. Thatís another blog post subject. Meanwhile Im not cheating as muh as I thought because itís not just a physical thing. This rawfood thing is making me so super sensitive spiritually. I ought to be going to sleep now so I can go to church in the morning. Didnít go today because of the sinus thing. Poor me! LOL   visit the page

Rawfood on the road (high rawness)   13 y  
I'm still keeping at it...feeling a little rundown
My husband and I went shopping yesterday. I love the youthful vibe of State College. We ate lunch at Hossís Steak and Sea. The salad bar was puny but I ate a plate of salad and a small bowl of french onion soup. Yes cooked but it was not creamy and no croutons. My husband reminded me that it was probably beef stock so no restaurant soup for me. At the grocery, I had a coffee (black) and a dark chocolate bar. The smells of Home Depot and Loweís really irritated my sinuses and the black cofee and chocolate helped to open it up a little. By the time, I got home, I didnít feel my very best. ...   read more

Wrap up/Rawfood lifestyle   13 y  
end of the green smoothie
Gossipping is such a sin. My supervisor said that I canít talk about my workplace online esp if I have a tough shift. Someone complained and there it is. Oh we women are so shady. Iím glad my supervisor knows me. My husband, a lawyer, agrees that it could be taken into a court of law. Okay vent over! Now onto the GOOD news. I got home and ate my four squares of dark chocolate and am having a cup of meditation tea. I took 20cc of castor oil to get my bowels back on track. After I take a good poop, Iím going to weigh myself in at the gym. Sounds ridiculous but Iíve not gone to the BR in t ...   read more

Day 14/14 Still going strong   13 y  
detoxing from workplace negativity
Last night I was not at my best. My encounter from the night before was so toxic. I spent so much of my vital energy staying on course that I did lower my resistance a little bit. Hence why I sat in my prayer room the next day for forty five minutes. I figure if Iím not going to church today, Iíll spend another forty five minutes this morning just sitting in front of my prayer altar and speaking my mind even if I do say things I felt like killing a b*tch but I didnít. Last night I experienced the greatest amounts of temptations. But isnít that just like the ítempterí anyway. My husband ...   read more

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