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My last workout before the LI Marathon!   12 y  
Bald Eagle Sighting!   12 y  
saw a ginormous bald eagle on the trail
Skipping rope video   12 y  
short video with me skipping rope
Weigh In Post/ Beginning Stats thread   12 y  
weights and measurements
Started the challenge at 140.8 Chest 36 Waist 31 Hips 36 Week 1: 138.8   visit the page

Check me out...Raw Nurse at 140lbs   12 y  
new progress pic
Modified Green Smoothie Feast   12 y  
one of the most serious posts ever
Need I say more? I had a mini snack feast yesterday. It was almost embarrassing but I stuck with mostly healthy foods. Yet I stepped on the scale today and I was 140lbs. So I just had a ginormous healthy lunch with one slice of bread. My plan is to not be hungry at work. I have a quart of green smoothie that I’m going to tap into when I’m absolutely hungry, well not absolutely but you know what I mean. I’ve also offered up my need to drink diet pop for the poor who don’t have fresh water. I guess what was really embarrassing about snacking last night was the obsessive back and forth to ...   read more

Getting ready for green smoothie feast round two!   12 y  
Phase two...bringing out the big guns to get rid of bellyfat!
Woke up super early this morning to give my husband a good send off to the junkyard for a cardoor. I had coffee, a spoon of nutritional yeast, organic granny apple, a big banana and a canteloupe. My stomach tried to rebel but this time I chewed three tums (in lieu of bread) and I was fine. I decided to fast from lunch today for spiritual reasons. The only thing I consumed was a cup of decaf with milk and mixed in was nutritional yeast and wheatgerm for fiber. I’m not necessarily going for detox but I will be getting rid of the milk starting tomorrow! No more milk for the rest of Lent, unle ...   read more

Green Smoothie...raw nurse style   12 y  
first 'uncooking' video ever... just showing you what I'm prepping for work.   visit the page

Rawlicious Bodybuilder GOES FRESH   12 y  
Checking into the Vault! It's ON for the final push to weightloss glory!!!!
Visit Raw Food Rehab Join in Rawfood Rehab’s initative and join the vault and weightroom. Let’s get RIGHT and TIGHT for the summer.   read more

Ending My Feast...with 90% success!!! (foods mentioned)   12 y  
end of my GSF
Last night I ended my feast with fruit and a slice of multigrain bread. The bread was gratuitious. I was emotional about an argument between my husband and his best friend. I was planning on breaking my feast anyway because all of a sudden I stopped pooping and my tummy was getting bloated and getting me uncomfortable and depressed. I’m still fasting from all chocolate and all peanuts, peanutbutters and also I’m adding bread to the list of things I won’t be eating for Lent unless it’s ezekiel bread. It’s all good. I’m actually pleased with the results, physically and spiritually. Once ...   read more

Day 12- Day off woo hoo   12 y  
restful day off
Green smoothies ingredients: 1. arugula I bought from Trader Joe’s that was about to turn the corner 2. spinach 3. oranges 4. banana 5. nectarines 6. wheat germ and nutritional yeast Went to the grocery and picked up some sale fruit: 1. cantaloupe 2. banana 3. organic spring mix Hit the gym but my husband bonked and we left early. It’s all good. Daily calorie budget 1,121 Food calories consumed 1,182 Exercise calories burned 240 Net calories so far today 942   visit the page

Day 13   12 y  
made through overnight shift
Had to stay at work and made it through still on my green smoothie feast. yay me! Yay God. So tired :D this is more like a tweet blog hehehehehe. Good night people.   visit the page

Made it through Day 14 (barely)   12 y  
busy busy shift!
Hi guys. Made it through day 14 (counting backwards) of my green smoothie feast. Almost had a moment of sabotage. I ate some puree apricot and a little applesauce at change of shift when I started getting hungry. Good thing too because I just got home at 12:30 am. Praise the Lord I didn’t eat anything else. The puree is the thickness of a really thick green smoothie so I didn’t feel bad about tapping an emergency source. Today was a high cal day in terms of green smoothies. I thought I was going to the gym for a long run but I ended up just jump roping at home and doing squat thrusts. I ...   read more

Late nite(mostly) raw snack before my Lent green smoothies   12 y  
FWIW I did clean out the litterboxes LOL
What I chose to eat when I got upset about my husband not cleaning litterboxes and the cat peeing on my leg weights!!!! 2 kiwi 1 baby banana 3 spoons of kuchela (non raw but made by granny! ) Better than the homemade wheat bread staring me down. I have a green smoothie ready to go in the AM. This shift was rougher than I thought and tomorrow I will bring the other jar of smoothie. Two and a half jars is entirely appropriate for a busy nursing shift when I won’t be having any other intake of food stuffs. Daily calorie budget:1,139 Food calories consumed: 1,467 Exercise calories ...   read more

Monday 3-8-11   12 y  
Fat Tuesday...emphasis on FAT hehehehe!
Breakfast: 1/2 cantaloupe 1 baby banana 1/2 cup of applesauce (homemade) two tbsp nutritional yeast two tbsp wheat germ total cal: 341 I weighed in and gained 2.8lbs. That’s ok. I ate a lot of heavy foods this weekend. Last night I went over my calorie budget by 53 cal because I had a cup of homemade popcorn. I usually have three cups but I wanted to stay mostly raw yesterday. Today I’m hitting the gym and eating the same way. I’m using the nutritional yeast and wheatgerm for protein throughout the green smoothie feast. Lunch will probably be the same meal then I’ll make gr ...   read more

Rawfood on the Road   12 y  
rawsome road trip home back to the land that time forgot LOL
I ate an apple, a bag of Trader Joe’s frozen berries and three bananas bought from two truck stops. The price was right, two for a dollar. I made it back home and I looked at my mom’s homemade bread. For now, I’ve had a cup of homemade applesauce and two tablespoons of kuchela, which is peppered mango skins from my mom’s pantry. I didn’t drive and I’m a little road weary. Going to go watch tv with my husband. Oh yeah I did have coffee. One cup from Dunkin Doughnuts, black and another from a truckstop with a little caramel. I didn’t put hot chocolate in it. No chocolate, no bread, no nut ...   read more

fat sunday stuff-her-face-abration   12 y  
Pre-lenten smoothie feasting preparation
Just logged in the last thing on my loseit! account for my eat-a-thon which actually wasn’t an eat-a-thon. I ate two slices of my mom’s homemade wheat bread which is like...deadly. It’ll make you sink to the bottom of the ocean LOL. Gosh and a mug of Milo tea. I said goodbye to peanuts, nuts, DREADED PEANUT BUTTER earlier. I still didn’t do too bad with my calories today 2,041 total for the whole day. Monday morning (tomorrow) I leave to go back home with my husband. I will be drinking mostly water in the AM and for breakfast and then a cup of coffee. we’re supposed to go running on the ...   read more

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