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Peace in the Home (Womb)   15 y  
a vent about life
I had a major conflict with my in-laws regarding the homeless kitten I adopted. I’ve made numerous attempts to be friendly, to be family,etc. Well a few days ago, I stopped being peacemaker and turned on the ugly a little bit. Sometimes you just have to let go of people and drop dead weight. I’m not going to lower myself to other people’s standards. I’m not going to give away my cat because of someone’s years old issues with power and terrority. The cat came into my life for a reason. My husband loves the cat. It’s like pet therapy for him. No I decided no more stress off this house. No mo ...   read more

Embracing God's Liquid Light of Love   15 y  
spiritual revelation about my womb dis-ease
During a meditation (a very brief 15 minute meditation) I asked the Holy Spirit to come and protect me and follow me on my guided journey. Most of my visualisations involved just myself but sometime back I began asking the Holy Spirit to protect me and help me not to be afraid to seek God’s face. Well anyway the first color that popped into my head was Violet/Purple-ish, White-ish...Well anyway, it was such a profound and bizarre spiritual experience, I will talk about it on Thursday when I’m home and have done another meditation to compare. I know that the fibroids will not go away ...   read more

Lowest Point of My Life   15 y  
wtf am I two years old again???
I have journeyed 33 times around the sun and tonight I wet the bed. Actually, the kitten wet the bed first *LOL* and POOPED too. Thank goodness there weren’t any worms but it was clear that the cat had not pooped in days. I digress. Words can’t express the depths to which my emotions snack over these two days. After hearing that I have a fibroid, things began to downhill. I don’t think my husband really understands how much this bothers me. I yelled at my husband because I didn’t find his orgasm jokes funny tonight. They’re usually funny but right now I don’t feel like laughing. I don’t ...   read more

Here Kitty Kitty!   15 y  
cozy and comfortable
My Spiritual Garden   15 y  
new pics in my blog album
I’ve uploaded some pics of my garden. Here’s one for Leslie...   visit the page

Park a Crown Victoria Under the Solstice Bush   15 y  
when it rains, it pours!
Okay I wanted to say hang it under the christmas tree but tomorrow IS the Summer Solstice and my garden is in the ground. Solstice is about balance and PROSPERITY. Hence, I’m going to start imagining huge(well they’re big to begin with!) Crown Victorias driving around in big circles underneath tremendous maple trees. Yes this might be the most cracked out post I’ve ever made BUT you just pictures it didn’t ya?! Last night a really bad thunderstorm ran through the area and blew down a tree in my husband’s path. He didn’t have time to stop and well...the car is totaled. So now we do not hav ...   read more

Self Reliant Living...the lesson of Hurricane Katrina   15 y  
brief note
Reading Torrie’s post about having to go an hour out of her way to buy natural foods, reminds me of why I’ve been investing a lot of time in planting a big garden. I wish I could say something positive about the cucumbers at Walmart but oh well I can’t :-) Perhaps I had to live in a town with no grocery store like Whole Foods so I could learn to live off the land, less dependent on ready made stuff,etc.etc.etc.   visit the page

The Drive Out and Stroking Out at Whole Foods   15 y  
long intense post
Yeah so I fell asleep at the wheel in standstill traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway. Aside from that, this drive was much better than the last hurried drive out here. I was extremely motivated to get here and drop off my dog Sophie. If I was going to keep her, I’d make her adjust to my sleep schedule. However, between her and Scoobie, I’ve not been getting good sleep and well I get really mean when I’m sleep deprived. I feel a little guilty because Sophie is advanced in years and I feel that she should be with me in the country. Honestly, if I had my own home, I would keep her. She irri ...   read more

Spiritual Matters...Trust but Verify   15 y  
critical thinker
I was having a discussion with my husband about the Magisterium. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magisterium I was also very involved with various new age movements before returning to the Roman Catholic Church. My blog does have a new age ’ring’ to it, a little more eclectic than most new agers because I didn’t wholeheartedly abandon the Catholic church in all my frustration. Anyway, I’ve been engaged in a bible reading program and wondering about the strength of my critical thinking skills. I do think that a lot of us old time new agers consider critical thinking and skepticism to be clo ...   read more

Another Day, A New Project   15 y  
100 days project info
I did feel better this morning till I looked at my bank account. I had two overdraft fees. Eventually after ranting about it, I just came to the realisation that it was my responsibility. Anyway, I don’t care about that. I’m going to participate in the 100 days experiment on http://cocreatingourreality.com/getstarted.html I’m going to use my current Fruitarian Fitness challenge blog here on curezone to document this. I DO have some things I’ve been wanting to do that I might have mentioned here previously or written down in my moleskine hipster pda. My Job’s Tears seeds are growing. ...   read more

Emotional Vent!   15 y  
not a nutter, I'm just frustrated...explicit language used!
I hate when I eat to excess because I’m nervous, irritated,etc. No one understands. No one gets it when I drink too much coffee, eat too many snacks or take too much cake at staff parties, well what I consider to be too much. I guess if I was around healthy, vibrant people, my behaviour would seem strange or cause for concern. I have not been feeling myself these days, not depressed but a little blah-ish. I’ve been dog-sitting for my sister’s dog and the two dogs together are driving me crazy and making me reconsider if I really want kids after all. Then today was supposed to be the day th ...   read more

Lotus Feet of God   15 y  
some thoughts about my life
I’ve been following a bible reading program for a few days now. It’s just hysterical almost how truly bad things start happening whenever I start reading the Bible, saying the rosary and meditating/doing my yoga everyday. My mother is pressuring me to go to nursing school. I do not wish to do that right now even though she offered to pay. My marriage is still young, husband is not on his feet and financial responsibilities need fulfillment. Perhaps at a later date. Going to Walmart today to return some unneccesary items bought and will buy frozen vegetables and organic rice. Organic ite ...   read more

Becoming the Lotus   15 y  
from the Egyptian Book of the Dead
As if I’d slept a thousand years underwater I wake into a new season. I am the blue lotus rising. I am the cup of dreams and memory opening--I, the thousand-petaled flower. At dawn the sun rises naked and new as a babe; I open myself and am entered by light. This is the joy, the slow awakening into fire as one by one the petals open, as the fingers that held tight the secret unfurl. I let go of the past and release the fragrance of flowers. I open and light descends, fills me and passes through, each thin blue petal reflected perfectly in clear water. I am that lotus filled with light r ...   read more

Spiritual Gardening/Running Marathons   15 y  
I'm still here!
I am happy to be able to officially call myself a marathoner. I finished the Long Island Half Marathon in under three hours, three hours being the official cutoff time. Anyway, I really pushed myself and as such have been resting all week (no exercise). Today was such a beautiful day that I felt compelled to be ’active’ again. I sowed some seeds for chard, beet, cucumbers and canteloupe. Felt good to be moving around and getting lots of fresh air. I stretched my knee which had taken a beating running 13.1 miles without stopping. I think I might take up race walking or get better shoes. I l ...   read more

Birth As We Know It (When is God When...)   15 y  
birth as we know it..a stunning DVD
I bought the DVD. I HIGHLY recommend it to EVERYONE. It is a wonderful DVD filled with the most unique information. I am very excited to watch this DVD with my husband. We have date night this week and we’re going to watch it together. The dolphin birth scenes are especially moving and those are my favorites! I will post an indepth review about this movie this weekend. I’m about my spring cleaning business having opened both my windows for the first time. The air is crisp, cold and refreshing. I am imagining God’s cleansing spirit moving through the air cleaning out the stale, winter emoti ...   read more

Conscious Conception   15 y  
new book and some thoughts
new book and some thoughts I’ve received a wonderful book called Conscious Conception. It is perhaps a blessing because I needed the mental boost today. My husband and I needed an infusion of faith and belief. I need to go to church this week for confession so I made a special appointment with the pastor. He was happy to oblige which is quite a switch from the priests in New York! Anyway, I am irritated with myself for not attending church every week, it’s only an hour after all. I wish my husband would want to go more then I’d be more enthusiastic about going. I don’t want to be the ty ...   read more

case of the disappearing blog entries!   15 y  
missing blog entries
This is the second time this has happened. It’s time to back up my stuff!   visit the page

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