Uncovering The Starchild Within
by Ren
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The Ren Hour   11 y  
one hour for myself per day
Today I am actually taking a whole hour to myself to start my day proper, emptying my mind of ĒyesterdayĒ of all the Ēshould havesĒ and Ēwhat ifsĒ and the money on my back of compulsive overeating and food addiction. I started off the day with some yoga and deep breathing. Itís very hard to take a good breath when you are not in a place of love for yourself. Also had a little challenge getting the brain kickstarted. Iíll add a cold shower first thing to the routine tomorrow. Things have been rough lately but caring for myself spiritually in this way is part of ĒtherapyĒ. Iím in actual t ...   read more

3HO guide for praying for Japan   11 y  
pray for Japan!
http://www.3ho.org/resources/pdfs/survivalkit.pdf   visit the page

Tired of being "poor"   11 y  
a little vent about money woes
I know REAL poor people in third world countries. Not even in third world but my motherís country, I have poor family in the mountains. Iím talking the American concept of poor in giving up my iphone and getting a cheapo mobile phone. Iím talking about not buying vitamins, more premium health food, paying my mortgage, paying my student loans (Iím in forebearance). Tired of my husband being underemployed because of the real estate market crash... I have this nagging deep feeling that I donít have more money because Iíve not ASKED enough. Am I asking amiss like the Bible warns against? Is ...   read more

Too Blessed to be Depressed?   11 y  
a gratitude list
If I believe I am blessed... If I believe I am living in the land of privilege (America)... I have a house! I have a car to travel in the wintertime. I have a handmedown winter jacket. I just had a midnight snack after getting home from a good paying job. Lights in the house are on. I have a car that still drives after getting hit on the driver side. Went to the gym twice today. I went off OA abstinence but didnít hate myself. So I AM indeed too blessed and not depressed (at this very moment). Sometimes itís good just enjoy the calm seas or the time in the calm spiritual harb ...   read more

Offering Up My Day to the Lord   11 y  
I'm still here!
Good morning people. God has placed a burden on my heart to pray for my sister so I did. What better time than to rededicate myself to the original intent of my blog. I started therapy again after so many years. My therapist likes to do meditation and tapping which is wonderful. Itís not so much about uncovering but the reclaiming of what was there to begin with! Had a dream about my teeth being rotten out of my mouth which my mother said meant anxiety and financial trouble. Itís just amazing how time can pass by so quickly when you get caught up in financial and personal trouble. ...   read more

The Last Time I Meditated   12 y  
God is GREAT and so is 15 min of meditation
The last time and every time I see a hand offering me the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Isnít that beautiful? I started meditating again because I deserve to spend quiet time alone. If I canít find fifteen minutes to myself then thereís no hope for me. You can find fifteen minutes for yourself guys. Letís get out the rat race matrix, being part of the problem in America which is overconsumption and obesity but being spiritually/metaphysically poorasses. We overeat cheap spiritual crapola and then we wonder why people are still unhappy. Letís enjoy the simple things that make America GREAT. Whe ...   read more

No not now Lord   12 y  
not gonna do it! How the effects of sexua| abuse last forever
I had a memory from my childhood come right out of the blue. I donít dwell on unfortunate experiences from my past but this memory wonít go away. Really I donít have the time to think about why I still think I was a willing and active participant and it was my choice. Except to say, it may be something from the Lord and I just donít want to deal with this right now. Iím rescheduling my appointment with the Divine Physician.   visit the page

Mental Prayer   12 y  
long but worth the read...more text at http://www.ewtn.com/library/spirit/mostpray.txt
MENTAL PRAYER by Fr. William Most (Chapter 21 of ĒOur Fatherís PlanĒ, by Fr. William Most, published by Christendom College Press.) Prayer in general seeks direct contact or union with God in mind and will. We have already considered liturgical prayer, in chapter 11, and have stressed the essential part of it, the interior participation, while also saying that exterior participation is objectively very good, even though without the interior it is worthless. The importance and value of liturgical prayer comes from the fact that it is the prayer of Christ, or, the whole Christ, ...   read more

blue light shining bright   12 y  
touch the looking glass, take the red pill?
Oh my word my job as a charge nurse almost killed me but thereís still the still small blue light glowing, dim yes but itís there. I feel like Alice standing in front of the looking glass.   visit the page

The Value of Spiritual Communion    12 y  
I'm back. still alive!
I wanted to blog about my spiritual grace in church today. I just looked and saw Iíve not posted anything spiritual in four months!!!! Went to church today before work. Iíve not been able to go to mass in a few days because of my job and just getting a promotion. I made a spiritual communion and I felt so...well wonderful. I felt the same way I felt a few weeks ago when I was so thankful for being able to make it to mass to receive the Holy Eucharist that I knelt for my communion. Anyway, I was so totally exasperated. Like right now. Quotes about spiritual communion: http://www.fis ...   read more

Passion of the Christ   12 y  
morning thoughts
Mel Gibsonís finest work. Today Iím cleaning before I start my morning job. God help me. He has no reason to since I didnít go to Lent prayer yesterday. But I did stop by church last night but everything was GONE and even the tabernacle was open with no Holy Communion. Felt weird to be in church so I went home. I woke up this morning having spent the night in the spare bedroom. My husband snores too much. I listened to the divine mercy and said now itís time to clean my house (itís a disaster area). This Lent has truly been one of the best ever, actually is the BEST Lent yet. I just hav ...   read more

Our Lady of Loreto prayerbook saved my house   12 y  
a testimony to Our Lady of Loreto and power of positive vibes
I started wiping the soot off of it but I decided to stop. Just like tonight when the outline of the monstrance started appearing on the altar and I asked íWhy me Lord?í it disappeared. This Holy Week fast is going to be interesting.   read more

New Daily Habit   12 y  
in my room of solitude
I gave up yoga for lent because I wanted to go to church in the morning. I used to do my hot yoga in the morning but that went by the wayside when I started attending mass regularly. Anyway, I started the rawfood diet for lent and am getting more energy so hereís to bringing back more yoga. What prompted this post? I was sitting in the room of solitude this morning praying after a tough night at work. Any reason why I canít wake up in the morning and say hello to God first? Nope. Plus I was starting a visualisation/meditation when my mother called from Trinidad otherwise I would have been ...   read more

Lent stuff   12 y  
my lent list
Yes that includes fasting on wednesday. Iím not into the whole deprivation thing BUT... Subtracting... 1. Ash Wednesday- one small cup of coffee in the morning and one in the afternoon 2. no breads- I may just do green smoothies. 3. Holy thursday through Easter sunday I may do a fast. 4. television- Iím seriously considering a tv fast Adding... 1. daily rosary 2. daily yoga 3. daily mass attendance And other lent stuff. Iíll have this list figured out by wednesday!   visit the page

The EF vial and me   12 y  
switchword show recommendation
Iíve been listening to this podcast every saturday morning while I work at my other job. Itís all about switchwords, law of attraction and other positive affirmation-type things. Itís just a wonderful show and I encourage everyone to listen. I invested in a pendant and a vial. Hereís the link to Kat Millerís website http://ehdef.com/ I encourage everyone to listen to this show.   visit the page

Lenten spiritual goals   12 y  
Lent intentions
Iím excited about goal making because I just discovered that my room heater has a timer so I can wake up first thing and do bikram yoga. Iím more excited because when Iíve done yoga consistently in the past, itís had a wonderful effect on my spiritual life. Thatís another blog. Iím thinking about Lent. Lent can be positive or negative. Iím adding things in for Lent. More rawfoods, more rosaries, more mass attendance. Specifically... 1. continue going to eucharistic adoration on tuesdays 2. continue lighting candles but during Lent light a daily candle for something Iíve yet deter ...   read more

When the she-wolf sits in my path   12 y  
back from hiatus? Got too busy for God so God put the brakes on HISSELF!
So I did a meditation after yoga one night and it was for thirty whole minutes. The crucified hand of Christ pulled me through the looking glass and onto this path where a she-wolf sat with two puppies. What a trip. Whenever I let myself go, I usually have very trippy meditations like I ate shrooms or something! The best time to meditate is right after yoga. Iíve been trying to get back into serious meditation. I donít know why the wolf has replaced the eagle as my animal totem or is the eagle still around? Also, in my reading, thereís a lot of racialism around runes, odin,etc. and well ...   read more

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