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What do you think???   10 y  
No contact with a friend for a month. What the hell is going on???
I have a friend that just graduated from college last december and now he is going to medical school in Texas. I dont know if he is going this semester or in the fall. So i usually talk to him about once a week. So about the middle of December the phone lines just went dead. I just attributed it to him studying for finals. So I waited until around christmas and called again... nothing. I have been calling like once a week ever since. Dont you think that a person could find one minute to call and just say ”hey” or ”Im alive”? I dont know. This might be the end of our friendship. Not that ...   read more

She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes!!!!!   11 y  
Time to do what I am supposed to do
Do you ever feel like God is telling you to do something and you havent done it and you feel like you are going around in circles in your life???? I totally feel like this. I feel like I have been in the same place in my life for 4 years. I feel like I have wasted 4 years of my life. Since I was 16 God has been telling me to fast and seek his face and for the past almost 6 years i have been putting it off. I am at the point now that I feel like I need to do what I got to do to move forward in my life and I do believe that every thing will fall in line when I just do as God asks me to d ...   read more

yeah im back   11 y  
Clarity of mind, body and spirit
Have you ever been in a place where in no one seems to have their head on straight??? I feel like the only sane one at my job!!! Anyway I am about to start a new fast. I will be posting the physical changes on my other blog and the mental and spiritual on this one. During this fast I just want to seek Gods face and I am asking for him to speak to me and guide me. I pray for clarity and drive. Physically I just want to be in perfect health. Completely detoxed.   visit the page

Such a troubling question...   11 y  
Would you do it, for loyalty???
I was talking to my friend the other day and we were discussing abortion. I am against abortion. I feel that adoption could be an option. That is just the way I feel and I feel that a baby is alive even at conception. My friend helped one of his other friends pay for her abortion. He said he feels bad about it because he feels that he help kill a baby but he said that that was his friend and he would stand by her and help her do what she ”needed” to do. I was taken aback!!!! I was like so you are saying that you would compromise your moral fiber in order to help your friend do some t ...   read more

randomness...   11 y  
airforce, weight, goals, school....
i thought about ending this blog but i think that this blog is a good one. So i took a career aptitude test see which career would be good for me because i am quite undecided about it. I hope to get the results back tomorrow. I want to go in to the air force but im too fat right now. i will lose the weight and then i will join this fall. the aptitude test will tell me what to go into in the airforce. i scored a 94 on the asvab so i could do anything. im going to hit the gym hard every day so that i can reach my goal.   visit the page

One little thing makes it all come crashing down...   12 y  
The feather called INCIDENT has landed on the wall of REPUTATION and has smashed it to smitherens!!!!!
Who ever said (and im paraphrasing a little)it takes a lot to build a good reputation and just a little incident to wreck it was telling the truth. Why is it that someone can be doing good the whole time and not get any recognition for that but if they mess up or make a bad choice people will jump over everyone else and their own mother to come over to where you are and point out your mistake. Instead of pointing out your mistake, why doing they say well she has been doing well the whole time, im not going to jump down her throat for this incident which wasnt even an incident. It was a ...   read more

Thanks Kerminator!!!!   12 y  
Words of Truth!!!!!
Kerminator broght up a good point in a message he left me. He said when you humble yourself God will lift you up. That really encouraged me because I have been told that I have a humility issue. I think that If I humble myself before God that he will lift me up out any problem that I am facing. I just have to yeild to his will and to his way. I am going to continue to read my bible, pray and fast to discover what his will and his way consists of. I am also encoraged by the word because it says if you seek him you WILL find him. I know that if I stick with it my serch will not be in ...   read more

To eat or not to eat??? That is the question...   12 y  
I hope the answer is to eat.
Ok I have a question??? Can you eat Collard greens raw??? Are there any veggie that i should not eat raw except peanuts? i know you cant eat that raw?   visit the page

Plot o' the enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   12 y  
Robot mode aborted!!!!!!!
In case you havent noticed, I am Christian. I believe in and love God a lot. I prayed about the situation with my mom and God told me not to go into robot mode but to collect my thoughts and explain myself to my mother and apologize to her. I did that yesterday morning and now me and my mom are ok now. I dont recomend using robot mode unless you dont care about your relationship with that person. I now relize that using robot mode with my family was a plot of the enemy to isolate me from my family so that I have no support system when the enemy wants to play mind games with me. This ma ...   read more

At a loss....   12 y  
I am the problem. Im what's the matter with everyone...
Im so confused. I dont know what to do. I should just keep what I feel and think to myself when it comes to my mother. This will be my last blog about her. Im so angry and frustrated!!!!! Time for robot mode with her, my aunt and grandmother. They are all the same person. I never thought that I would have to go into robot mode with my mother though. Let me tell you what robot mode is. Robot mode is no feelings, no opinion, no speaking unless spoken to, no elaboration when I do speak, and agree with everything. Im crying right now cause I dont know what to do gain respect with them. It’s ...   read more

Just Grow Up Already!!!!!!   12 y  
I want to be an adult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im 20 years old and I think that Im doing pretty well. No one gives me any money. Everything that I get I pay for. I think my mom thinks of me as a little kid. A few days ago she basically told me that I’m a little kid that needs to be instructed in all aspects of my life. I felt quite offended. I dont know how to prove myself to her. I want to be an adult and I thought that I was but now Im not sure. Im frustrated and angry because im twenty not three!!!!!!!!!!!! Why cant my mother see that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!   visit the page

The Evil Eye!!!!!!   12 y  
AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! She doesnt like me!!!!!!
Have you ever known that someone didn’t like you but you had to work with them??? I don’t necessarily not like the person. I just know that she doesnt like me. It is so awkward beening in the same room as her. Weird!!!!! I try not to make eye contact and I try not to talk to her short of being rude. Ill say hey and bye when she comes and I leave. Am I doing the right thing by just keeping my head down??? What would you do???   visit the page

Don't talk about it!!! Just do it!!!   12 y  
Getting things done already!!!!!!!
I was thinking today and I was like I say that Im going to do a lot of things. I fully intend to do everything that I say that Im going to do, but more often than not I dont follow through. I know that that is a bad thing. My word means nothing. I hate that I have depreciated the value of my word. I really want to nip this in the bud before I have kids. I think that is a big thing with kids. They expect you to do everything that you say you are going to do or have a hell of a good excuse for not doing it. I dont want to make too many excuses to my children. I even make promises to m ...   read more

A different feel   12 y  
im thinking i need to think
Im going to give this blog a different feel. This blog will no longer be about fasting. I have another blog dedicated to fasting it is called The Splendifurous Power of Water Fasting!!!! This blog will be about issues that I think about. There for I will be changing this blog name to Thoughts of a Lady. Im so excited about this!!!!!   visit the page

Starting over but with a new mind set   12 y  
struggling on the fourth day
19 days ago I messed up that fast. I ate. I felt bad. This time im doing well. I started a water fast on june 1st and today is that fourth day. I lost 15 lbs and i still have a little bit of the h...   visit the page

Day 1 PETA, sleep,and traffic accidents???   12 y  
Day One and its trials and tribulations...
Ok so yesterday was day one and now im on day two. I go from 8am to 8am. So yesterday wasnt so bad. I slepted for most of the day so I didnt feel any hunger, but this morning was insane!!!!! My au...   read more

My journey begins....   12 y  
doesn't everyone start off their very first blog that way??? So cliche....
so anyway I am 20 and I think that it is time to turn my life around. I mean that it's time to change my life forever. You see up untill now i have just been coasting through life getting by on my ...   read more

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