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How Good Can It Get?   17 y  
" All things by immortal power near or far Hiddenly To each other linked are That thou canst not stir a flower Without troubling of a star."
More Vibrational Articles Here How Good Can It Get? by Cynthia Sue Larson While I waited in line to board my plane to get to my family reunion this summer, a man standing next to me sighed in exasperation as he noticed the attendant checking people through was a trainee. He told me how his flight had been canceled without warning or notice, and when he had come to the airport to change his flight, he had been sent to the wrong terminal and had only happened by chance to notice that error in time. After telling me all this and saying, ”I will never fly this airline again”, ...   read more

Think About This   17 y  
"Most people are on a journey to nowhere in particular and are shocked when they eventually realize they've arrived there."
More Vibrational Articles Here Empowerment By Design by Chris Green Of the many questions you ask yourself every day, one question is by far more important than all of the rest put together. It is a powerful question that will bring clarity, motivation and purpose to your whole existence. The question is simply this: ?What do I want from life?? You should be able to answer it within 5 seconds by giving a precise answer! Few can. Why? OK, I meet many people through my professional and social lives and what amazes me is that very few of them can answer this question. M ...   read more

How To Be A Щizard   17 y  
"A wizard allows inner wholeness to be a priority. A wizard keeps rested, relaxed, centered and clear."
More Vibrational Articles Here HOW TO BE A WIZARD Peter Russel A wizard knows the laws of creation, and how to work with them. A wizard allows synchronicity to manifest. A wizard follows three basic principles. The first principle is that of wholeness. The more rested I am, the more relaxed my mind and body, the more in touch I am with my self, the more free I feel, the easier my soul, the more whole I am. And the more whole I am, the more synchronicity seems to occur. Conversely, when I am out of balance, tired, stressed, frazzled, wrapped up in concern or in some ot ...   read more

The 'F' Word   17 y  
"so your work is to play with it, imagine it, talk about it, until it's a vibrational match with your rocket of desire"
More Vibrational Articles Here ...It’s all about FREQUENCY of vibration! Spiritual Growth: Fluffing Pillows By Midge Steadman We are no longer looking for things to change so we can feel better after we see them change. We are remembering that in order to see things change, we must change the way we see things. Doing this is what integrates the feminine principle, within both male and female. Some claim the Law of Attraction (like attracts like) is a female principle, and that is what the planet is all about at the moment - reclaiming our feminine energies. A ...   read more

♫ Find Your Song ♫   17 y  
"When you find your own song, your own essence and live it, everyone and everything around you that is in harmony will resonate with you."
More Vibrational Articles Here Essence of Things Everything in the universe has an essence, a vibrational rate, a frequency. We call it a song. So everything has it’s own song. Things with similar vibrational rates will resonate strongly with each other. For example, if you hold your hand on the top of a guitar and then sing, you can feel the wood and strings resonate with your voice. When you find your own song, your own essence and live it, everyone and everything around you that is in harmony will resonate with you. Your song will be amplified. Over time, your essence will ...   read more

Success Unveiled   17 y  
"How you feel inside determines whether or not you are a success. Focus on yourself and your thoughts first. If you are confident, grateful for what you do have, and excited about the endless possibilities available to you, you are a success!"
More Vibrational Articles Here Success Unveiled by: Laurie Hayes How do you define success? According to the Collins dictionary, success is defined as the achievement of something attempted; the attainment of fame, fortune and position. I believe this definition requires expansion … success also means being a responsible human being, caring for our planet, feeling good about ourselves, making others feel appreciated and valued, providing and caring for others, and sustaining genuine lasting relationships. To have a 40-room mansion, four luxury cars and your own ...   read more

3 Ways Of Changing Reality   17 y  
"Mystics know that there is a deeper level of reality than meets the eye... that there is much more than just the physical world of our senses. This other way of knowing goes beyond anything we can touch, taste, smell, hear, or see."
More Vibrational Articles Here Three Ways of Knowing and Changing Reality by Cynthia Sue Larson Reality Shifts I woke up this morning and felt really awake. I knew I wasn’t dreaming any more, because I could feel the cotton sheets on my bed as my legs stretched under the covers. I thought about several things I wanted to do today, and felt my heart’s longing to see my sleeping daughters before they woke up. I jumped out of bed, pulled open my window shade, and danced down the hall to give my daughters kisses and hugs in the early morning sunlight as I began my day. ...   read more

Visualize Your Way to Success   17 y  
"Why do visual reminders work so effectively? “Because,” says comedian and actor Drew Carey, “If it’s not visible and in your face all the time, it’s not a goal. It’s a wish.”
More Vibrational Articles Here Visualize Your Way to Success by: Thelma Mariano Human beings are visual creatures. Our imaginations are powerful tools that can bring us to the brink of despair or create a wonderful new reality. This is because our subconscious responds to images whether they are real or imagined. We all use visualization in our daily lives. When we read, our mind automatically translates the words into images of people and places. When we think of someone, we “see” his or her face. We also visualize every time we are afraid. We play worst-case scenarios i ...   read more

Creation Box   17 y  
"What you are living is what you are vibrating, without exception. So, if you've got something that you don't want, identify what it is within your vibration that is giving it to you."
More Vibrational Articles Here How A Creation Box Can Work For You © Michael Losier 2004 You may include this article in your ezine or on your website, provided you include this copyright statement and the bio information tag found at the end of this article. Bring to mind a time when you decided that you wanted something in your life; a vacation, a special book, or a household item. Did you notice that things relating to what you were wanting appeared out of nowhere--either you overheard someone talking about it, noticed an advertisement, a billboard or even junk mail? This, ...   read more

8 Laws Of Thought To Affect Change   17 y  
"Healing is achieved when the mind TRULY believes and sincerely EXPECTS the imagined result to happen."
More Vibrational Articles Here Eight Laws Of Mind and Thought That Affect Change • Ron Stubbs, C.Ht., C.I. We know as we begin the process of change, our own healing journey, that each one of us is and individual, unique to our own, with our own set of schemas, personal issues, and perception of how life has treated us. True? Perhaps not. Perceived fairness, or unfairness, good and bad memories, guilt, adaptive or maladaptive patterns do indeed all play into the factors that can either increase or decrease our chances for healing, but we can also look at common behaviors that ...   read more

God-given Power to Create   17 y  
"...we are given the power to alter our destinies by making choices. No one is a victim here so lets get with the program and begin harnessing this power and using it for fun, love, peace, happiness and prosperity."
More Vibrational Articles Here The Law of Attraction Robert Camp 8/19/98 In this world there are myriads of possible realities that we can live in. Our world is all the more interesting because of the many choices of lifestyle, location, prosperity level, occupation, and relationships. Some of these choices may be commonly regarded as highly desirable while others would be those that most of us would choose to avoid at all costs. But to God and our soul, as well as to the enlightened man or woman, all possible experiences have the same value - they are only experiences and no ...   read more

Vibration and Attraction   17 y  
"...we can move on to a very important law that governs how energy reacts. It is so simple, but by this law shall you begin to master your world."
More Vibrational Articles Here David Cameron from Images of One discusses the vibration of attraction in the following excerpt. __________________________________________________________________ Vibration and Attraction Now that you know that all things are simply combinations of energy giving an illusion of form to our physical senses, we can move on to a very important law that governs how energy reacts. It is so simple, but by this law shall you begin to master your world. First, to recap: All things are energy. They are not “made up of” energy. They ARE energy. All th ...   read more

Serious Thought   17 y  
"There is nothing in this universe which compels us to think what we do not want unless we either refuse to use our will or give it into the charge of some directing agency outside ourselves. Therefore, we do have absolute and complete control over the creation of the thought forms with which we fill our own world."
More Vibrational Articles Here Thought Forms by Edna Ballard Not lightly did the Great Incarnation of Light say: ”Condemn not.” All the way down the centuries, since the dawn of time, have the Great Lights in the world of men given us this same command. Think you then, that it was idle daydreaming or accident that the human side of each individual should be reminded again and again, in every age to ”condemn not - judge not - criticize not?” The Great Ascended Host of Superhuman Beings and Angels, the Great Ones Who have guided humanity on its path to perfection from its infan ...   read more

May I Have Your Attention   17 y  
"Why do some things catch your attention and others don't?"
More Vibrational Articles Here May I Have Your Attention? By Gary Lockwood Why do some things catch your attention and others don’t? Remember the last time you decided to buy a car? Once you decided what kind of car you wanted, all of a sudden, you started seeing more of that kind of car on the streets. Were they there before and you just didn’t pay attention to them? A pregnant woman will start noticing other pregnant women. Your new house is close to railroad tracks, yet after a few days, you don’t hear the trains anymore. What is it that provokes your attention? At the ...   read more

wtf   17 y  
Wise Thought Forms..."A thought form is a structured interdimensional energy form intentionally created to carry out a specific task for which it has been programmed. It is created by you with the co-operative efforts of the universe."
More Vibrational Articles Here Thought Forms: How to program and use Rev. Len Romska Most of us have heard of them, but just what are they, what are they composed of, how are they created and what are they used for? A thought form is a structured interdimensional energy form intentionally created to carry out a specific task for which it has been programmed. It is created by you with the co-operative efforts of the universe. A TF is different than the random thoughts we have every day which also create, positively or negatively, but are chaotic and without structure. Com ...   read more

Vibe Matcher   17 y  
Jesus talked about "vibrational match" when he said, "fear ye not evil", "turn the other cheek", "do not talk about this to anyone", "be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind", and "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he".
More Vibrational Articles Here Vibrations and The Law of Attraction How do you know when you are a vibrational match to that which you desire? by Anisa Aven Q: In reading the article, ”Maintain the Creation” you speak about vibrational match. How do you know when you are a vibrational match to that which you desire? A: The short answer to your question about vibrational match can be summed up in the question -- ”how do you feel”? Jesus talked about ”vibrational match” when he said, ”fear ye not evil”, ”turn the other cheek”, ”do not talk about this to anyone”, ”be ye ...   read more

Christ & Einstein Gave Us Clues   17 y  
"The challenge for many people is that they still see Source as "outside" of themselves. We have feelings and memories that God is judgmental of our every move, punishing and rewarding us at will. The Universal Mind actually has no opinion of you! It simply responds to your overall vibration, faithfully."
More Vibrational Articles Here Like Attracts Like, What You Focus On Expands Robert Moonsong © 2004 There is no doubt that the Law of Attraction works. After all, you are constantly manifesting within this law in every moment, consciously or not. ”As a wo/man thinketh in his heart, so is s/he.” Anytime your heart is beating and your brain is functioning, Law of Attraction (LOA) is operating in your life. But who’s driving? So many people I work with seem to run into the same wall. They are able to use LOA in certain areas of their life, such as attracting new careers and ...   read more

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