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What happened to me overseas? I was called a fool?   22 mon  
Well I learned how to function better! Having studied French in H.S. = It allowed me to know more and understand how to use translation!
Being French literate since high school, I have enjoyed the application and use of it! While in the US Navy when we were over seas; I was a translator. So once when our Destroyer docked in Tunis, in North Africa; I was posted at the main Police Station to answer calls in French! One of the first things was to make contact with the ship moored @ la Goletta I had to use the then Operator controlled Phone system! I knew how to ask for the US Navy ship at La Goletta - but then the operator kept asking the same question! But since I did not understand the term: ” Hang up ” in French. ...   read more

"The brain is malleable and adaptable,"   22 mon  
Speaking multiple languages has also been linked to delayed onset of dementia symptoms. And of course, multilingualism brings many obvious benefits beyond the brain, not least the social benefit of being able to speak to many people. It turns out that when a multilingual person wants to speak, the languages they know can be active at the same time, even if only one gets used. *** BTW: I speak multi languages! U can 2 : I Was a French translator while in the US Navy - overseas, Then Picked up Itelian, and German plus some Hispanal while in Europe!
Speaking multiple languages can have some surprising effects on the brain By Nicole Chang 19th July 2022 Speaking a second or even a third language can bring obvious advantages, but occasionally the words, grammar and even accents can get mixed up. This can reveal surprising things about how our brains work. I’m standing in line at my local bakery in Paris, apologizing to an incredibly confused shopkeeper. He’s just asked how many pastries I would like, and completely inadvertently, I responded in Mandarin instead of French. I’m equally baffled: I’m a dominant English speaker, and ...   read more

What’s more magical than a firefly light show?   22 mon  
There are more than 2,000 species of fireflies, a type of beetle. Despite their name, only some species produce adults that glow.
Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind 14 Fun Facts About Fireflies Fact number 3: In some places at some times, fireflies synchronize their flashing. Smithsonian Magazine Sarah Zielinski Read when you’ve got time to spare. Smithsonian Magazine More from Smithsonian Magazine How Cheese, Wheat and Alcohol Shaped Human Evolution 1,323 saves Why the Avocado Should Have Gone the Way of the Dodo 1,027 saves The World’s Parasites Are Going Extinct. Here’s Why That’s a Bad Thing 93 saves GettyImages-1202154599.jpg Photo by Ali Majdfar/ ...   read more

Proper use of key words will enforce a statement!   22 mon  
Extensions can be used if the proper extension words are placed in certain order to clarify or back up the original primness.
” BUT ”is not a valid or actual answer to any statement! Rather it is an extenuation or a diversion used to cover other factors. Times When used; it is a form of question and/or when used a fact of the discussion! When ” BUT ” is the modified form or else is an alternative condition! Normally it is generally the avenue taken to cover the intended statement! One way to find the validity of a statement or so called fact is to extend the argument - with some form of diversion! Presentation is one way used to get certain facts or some point of view across! What people should ensur ...   read more

Ways parents discipline is strongly by pursuits   22 mon  
Look and you shall see! Most countries have become more individualistic over the last 50 years – a shift that’s most pronounced in countries that have experienced the most economic development.
Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind How Where You’re Born Influences the Person You Become Children in countries like South Korea and Russia are more obedient, while American kids tend to be more self-indulgent. The Conversation Samuel PutnamMasha A. Gartstein Read when you’ve got time to spare. The Conversation More from The Conversation The Science of Being ‘Nice’: How Politeness Is Different From Compassion 2,164 saves ‘Gentle Parenting’ Explainer: No Rewards, No Punishments, No Misbehaving Kids 988 saves Why Are Sitcom Dads Still So In ...   read more

What Happens to Your Body if You Don't Drink Enough Water   22 mon  
Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind Whoa: What Happens to Your Body When You don't Drink Enough Water. So find the answers in this situation! We are a large part water and it is the base of our human existence! READ and SEE!
Pocket Home My List Discover Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind Whoa: This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Enough Water Start sipping. Domino Kristin Limoges Read when you’ve got time to spare. Domino What Happens to Your Body When You Take Cold Showers 53 saves What Happens to Your Body When You Take Naps Every Single Day? 514 saves What Happens to Your Body When You Walk 10,000 Steps Every Single Day 384 saves If you’re reading this: Drink a glass of water. You likely need it, as 75 percent of Americans are described as “chronically deh ...   read more

Let's get a few things straight - I would like to help!   22 mon  
The world has been spinning for a while, yet most people here do not even understand it! The biggest problems is that most people are lookoimg for MORE and More! Yet most do not either have the time or tallent to do much about it so life flys on! What do you really think or know that gives you any real help? - merci cher ami
There is a vast open on going set of living growing things here today! Yet many do not even attempt to thing much about - how and why are you {we} here? It is not to make , money or become known nor to become the most perfect human! HUH? ======================= We will look and try yo point out our purpose and the plan which put us here searching for the true answers! ** Stop back as we develop some of the reasons and purposes for the system of life here on Earth! Are you interested? Stop back as we move forward looking for the answers and reasons! Unless you are a Higher L ...   read more

How did I get to become the Kerminator?   22 mon  
** One thing you should learn is my theme song, " I Hope You Dance! " by Lee Ann Womack!
Blog: My Unusual Road of Life.... by kerminator 1) Where are we going any way??? Tales of trips, and where I have been over the years. Then there is how did I get the Name ” Kerminator? ” Well, it was some years back when the Terminator movie was out! My first name is Kermit; Therefore when My youngest was 15; when they Saw the movie - They said you are the Kerminator, then it stuck and here I am world famous!! Here I am! Date: 4/28/2005 ( 17 y ) ... viewed 2007 times My life of adventure and woe started when I was a little boy, my Grandmother Mrs ”O” we called her, came ...   read more

familier et difficile   22 mon  
Mais les chercheurs ont découvert que l’une des meilleures façons de se souvenir de quelque chose que vous avez lu est de le lire dans une police bizarre. La taille et l’audace ne font aucune différence, même si plus c’est difficile à lire, mieux c’est. Lorsque quelque chose n’est pas familier et difficile à lire, vous êtes obligé de vous concentrer davantage dessus, ce qui vous permet de vous en souvenir plus facilement. Les grandes polices en gras peuvent en fait nuire à votre capacité de mémorisation, car des études ont montré que lorsqu’on leur demandait de mémoriser une liste ...   read more

US Navy wins over the aggressor enemy air force!   22 mon  
How did a Korean war dog fight which part of the history of Naval Carriers warfare? This story which is how legends are made! Read and enjoy friend!
History Wars Korean War The real-life Maverick who took on 7 Soviet jets in a classified Korean War dogfight The existence of the improbable dogfight remained under wraps for decades, yet the details of what happened are the stuff of legends. By Max Hauptman | Published Jun 24, 2022 10:45 AM History Culture Royce Williams During the Korean War, Navy Lt. Royce Williams went head-to-head with 7 Soviet fighters and not only survived, but left the fight with multiple confirmed kills. (Task & Purpose photo composite/Wikimedia Commons/U.S. Navy via Twitter). SHARE On Nov. 18 ...   read more

Looking for old DATA - Crank up the old system!   22 mon  
How to Recover Data From a Seemingly-Dead Computer - I have done it so go for it! Like all things there is a history and system to address! First become familiar with what you have and how it pretty much runs!
Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind How to Recover Data From a Seemingly-Dead Computer And possibly bring it back to life. Popular Science David Nield Read when you’ve got time to spare. Advertisement Popular Science More from Popular Science How to hide your mess of cables once and for all 690 saves Find out if you need to replace your laptop with a tablet 911 saves 20 essential Windows keyboard shortcuts that will make you forget your mouse 939 saves Advertisement person holding head in hands while staring at a laptop Photo ...   read more

150 minutes of vigorous activity a week seemed to give more   22 mon  
I have been a runner, bike rider and swimmer most of my life when the it was available! Get the cobwebs out of your life and exercise the natural ways!
Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind Vigorous Exercise Could Add Years to Your Life, Study Suggests All activity is helpful, but throwing in some intense workouts could give your health an extra boost. Runner’s World Elizabeth Millard Read when you’ve got time to spare. Runner’s World More from Runner’s World How to Get Stronger Without Lifting Heavier 238 saves Should You Run More or Run Faster? 372 saves Yes, Practicing Gratitude Comes With Legit Health Benefits 43 saves Does it really make a difference whether you include vigorous physical activity into a ...   read more

The best advice!   22 mon  
Phil 4:8 Think on the Rightious in life! That your way should be made sure and true!
Our life here on Earth is not about being rich or happy! It is about seeking the direction of the Lord God in our life! First to Learn and follow the directions in the Kingdom of God! Then you will have the Righteous of the Gospel of Christ to lead you! Then all else will be made known to you! ** Phil 4:8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy’ Think about such things.   visit the page

“Gam ze ya’avor,”   22 mon  
Most people believe that the phrase "This Too Shall Pass" came directly from the Bible itself. “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer” (Romans 12:12). Is the Phrase, ’This Too Shall Pass’ in the Bible? Well ” Not exactly! ” Most people believe that the phrase ”This Too Shall Pass” came directly from the Bible itself. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all. But there is a hope that is conveyed in the Bible that is similarly close that can give us the same comfort and peace. Rebecca Mashburn Contributing Writer 2019 22 Nov Is the Phrase, ’This Too Shall Pass’ in the Bible? In life’s struggles, we often wonder how circumstances can change. A simple phrase such as “This Too Shall Pass ...   read more

No matter your Body type - you should learn to stay fit!   22 mon  
While there are many different types of people and each must learn how to not just blundering into a beyond care type person! There is always a better plan which fits your way of life! Seek to go that way! I did and have succeeded without going off the rails and becoming a fool. Work in a logical manner and thank of a higher overall place in life! Not be self centered love your neighbors!
Health and Wellness What Your Body Type Reveals About Your Health March 25, 2022 Topics: Fitness Food and Nutrition General Health Information on body shapes! Are you an apple? A pear? Or maybe a ruler? Discovering your body type is more than one of those silly online quizzes. Understanding your body shape could help you find the most effective workout and, according to many studies, help improve your health. There are so many factors that can determine our body type: genetics, lifestyle, sex and age. Some people can eat fried foods and junk every day but never g ...   read more

If you do not stop look and listen bad things can happen!   22 mon  
We have many ways to prosper! Do not take the wrong road! When you look at many modern political groups who push to control everyone! BTW: I have been to Kenya and other over seas areas!
Pocket worthyStories to fuel your mind A Drowning World: Kenya’s Quiet Slide Underwater Kenya’s great lakes are flooding, in a devastating and long-ignored environmental disaster that is displacing hundreds of thousands of people. The Guardian Carey Baraka Read when you’ve got time to spare. The Guardian More from The Guardian The Ethiopian boomtown that welcomes water firms but leaves locals thirsty 61 saves When nature says ’Enough!’: the river that appeared overnight in Argentina 542 saves Receding glacier causes immense Canadian river to v ...   read more

What happens when a country runs out of money?   22 mon  
This is an example of how countries can be led down into destruction! Can we see any connection here and maybe even for modern countries like the USA?? If you just look at most of modern world government - It looks like the Socio - Lib. element wants to drive the Bus over the cliff! Just to look like they are doing things for everyone else! SAD - let people make their own decisions world controllers!
What happens when a country runs out of money? As well as not being able to buy goods it needs from abroad, in May Sri Lanka failed to make a payment on its foreign debt for the first time in its history. The country had been given 30 days to come up with $78m (£63m) to cover interest payments, but central bank governor P Nandalal Weerasinghe said it could not pay. Two of the world’s biggest credit rating agencies also confirmed Sri Lanka had defaulted on its debt payments. Failure to pay debt interest can damage a country’s reputation with investors, making it harder for it to ...   read more

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