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After the Fast: HUNGRY!   15 y  
I have more food cravings now, than I did while I was fasting!
Saturday I broke the fast with a half apple in the morning, some juice and MC lemonade in the afternoon, and cooked bok choy with tons of garlic for dinner. Bok choy again for breakfast on Sunday, then chopped up tomatoes, onions and cilantro spooned into big lettuce leaves like veggie tamales, and bok choy for dinner. Juice in between of course. Today, steamed multi-grain rice with that onion/tomatoe salad for breakfast, followed by fruit juice and for early dinner, rice with smoked salmon and miso soup. When I have a craving, I sip on a few spoonfuls of maple syrup. All I can think ab ...   read more

Day 3: Feeling SKEPTICAL   15 y  
Wondering if "cleansing" and "detox" is for real.
To keep myself motivated this afternoon Iíve been reading around on the Internet about detoxing, flushing, fasting and cleansing and Iím starting to wonder if some of these ideas are indeed quackery: A pathologist quoted on Quackwatch about ĒMucoid PlaqueĒ Wikipedia on íMucoid Plaqueí Skeptoid on íThe Detoxification Mythí Montreal Gazette article on April 5, 2008 Come to think of it, even as Iíve browsed the forums over the last few years, I donít recall seeing any posts from people who passed Ēmucoid plaqueĒ without using bentonite and psyllium ĒkitsĒ they ordere ...   read more

3-Day Juice/Lemonade Fast   15 y  
I'm back with an update after two years.
Wow. I just read back through these old blog postings and canít tell you how far Iíve come psychologically and emotionally over the last two years. Iím long over Jones and have made some career changes. I must admit however that my negative attitude often curtails some of the work Iíve done for my positive outlook. Physically, I still cave into the occasional cigarette after stuffing myself with a good meal, but I drink a lot less and havenít taken any pharmaceutical sleeping pills for almost two years now. However, my diet hasnít been very good this past year and a half. I didnít do AN ...   read more

Emotional Healing   17 y  
Now that I'm physically on track, it's time for emotional healing.
These last six weeks Iíve taken only two sleeping pills. Sometimes I donít sleep much, but at least Iím alert and not groggy. Iíve smoked a bit here and there after meals, about once a week. But that sure beats a pack a day. And Iíve caved into a pizza here and there. But overall, I feel alright. I talked with a good friend a few nights ago about the pain Iím still carrying around from Jones (see posts below). Iím STILL hurting over that relationship. Now that my health is underway, itís time to unload some emotional baggage. According to my friendís suggestion I wrote down all th ...   read more

Eating everything, and sleeping sometimes   17 y  
I'll eat anything lately, except sleeping pills.
Iíve had a cigarette here and there, and ice cream and pizza. I havenít been drunk. And I havenít taken a sleeping pill in two weeks. Some nights I havenít slept, and some nights only for a few hours. But I donít feel anxious, and thatís important. Iím not even anxious that Iíve been eating so indiscriminately since I ended my fast. Iíve gained some weight, and itís not totally unbecomming. I was a bit underweight before. But still, I feel sluggish. I need to get back to the gym and get a regular sleeping pattern before I try to fast again.   visit the page

I slept! At night!   17 y  
And I feel rested...
After a bowl of noodle soup I lay down to read, expecting to be awake all night, but my mind was calm, my body relaxed. I think I fell asleep well before 2 a.m. Woke up to some noise a few hours later and fell asleep again until my alarm went off at 8:30. I feel rested!   visit the page

Disappointed: No Stones   17 y  
I broke the fast early, after 3 1/2 days, but looking on the bright side: No sleeping pills for 4 days.
Late yesterday afternoon finally had a solid, twisted-together, decent sized BM that smelled very much like maple syrup. Later I broke the fast with bok choy stir fried in OLIVE OIL, onion, garlic, sea salt and a little Szechuan pepper. I stayed awake all night with unusual energy (sleeping pill detox?) to clean my apartment, organizing and throwing things away. This morning I did a SWF that produced the usual results: Nothing green, no stones. Disappointing indeed. After the flush was finished I made salsa lettuce wraps (chopped tomato, green onion, cilantro, garlic wrapped in giant, l ...   read more

First Liver Flush: BARF.   17 y  
Maybe 2 cups of olive oil is too much for a beginner.
Iíd originally planned my Liver Flush to end the fast after Day 5, but was so bored after three days of fasting and thinking about food that I decided to go ahead with it last night. I used the recipe from the book Are You Stoned, summarized here on, which calls for two cups of virgin olive oil. It seemed like a low maintenance recipe because where I live, itís not easy to find new age healthfood stores with all the herbs and oils detailed in the other recipes. Since I have trouble sleeping at night, I began at 10 p.m., drinking the extra virgin olive oil in 1/4 cup doses e ...   read more

Fast, Day 3   17 y  
I'm very happy that I've been sleeping. Just frustrated that it can't seem to be at NIGHT.
Another sleepless night, but at least aches and pains were minimal thanks to a one-hour massage in my neighborhood. A friend and I are going to a spa tonight and Iíll likely get another massage. Hey, if Iím not spending money on food, right? Food cravings are coming in waves. I curb them with maple syrup (organic grade B) lemonade. Iíve also drunk hommade veggie broth (tomato, onion, celery, ginger) and fruit shakes (apple, strawberry, orange with ice). Psyllium packets in water when I wake up and before bed. SWFs every other day.   visit the page

Fast, Day 2   17 y  
Awake all night, asleep all day.
I spent last night tossing, turning, reading, fantasizing, agonizing, tearing up, with body aches--couldnít get comfortable. The light came in, and I fell asleep, Iím guessing say, around 7 or 8 a.m. Woke up around 2:30-3:00 almost free of aches and pains, with sleep in my eyes. So I have slept without sleeping pills! But Iím scared of the nighttime again. Will I waste all day tomorrow in bed, too? I HAVE TO SLEEP, no matter what time, or Iíll get paranoid and delusional. I hope my body clock can just automatically adjust sometime this week. Like I said before, I donít have to work. So ...   read more

Fast, Day 1   17 y  
Despite a few stumbling blocks, I'm still going forward.
Yesterday I ate fish, rice and vegetables. I had ONE drink at the pub. No cigarettes. I came home around 11 p.m. and popped half a sleeping pill. MY LAST. And Iím scared of the anxiety and mental anguish that will come from not taking these pills. But I decided to begin my fast today. If I have to stay awake for the next three or four days to get these pills out of my system, then fine. Itís a holiday and I donít have to work, and there will be no better time to get this over with, than now.   visit the page

Meltdown: Alcohol, cigarettes, AND ice cream   17 y  
Tomorrow.....errr, TODAY, is a new day.
Just came home. Itís a holiday where I live and everybody is celebrating. I drank three scotch sodas, smoked more than five (under 10) cigarettes, and just got home and devoured three ice cream bars. All the face cream in the world canít save me now. Itís almost 6 a.m. and Iíve just taken 1 and a half sleeping pill. My fast begins 2 days from now. At least I havenít eaten any red meat.   visit the page

Anxiety Attack: 5 Ice Cream Bars   17 y  
And now I feel better.
Everything was going along smoothly. Still not smoking, down to half a sleeping pill a night, cut out meat and junk food, and then last night and today Iíve been feeling anxious, depressed, irritable, confused, forgetful, with a headache. After work I stopped at the convenience store to by five ice cream bars, and polished them all off! And I actually feel emotionally stable after this. I wonít question it. I donít even feel guilty. Iíll just continue with my plan. Itís better to eat ice cream than get drunk or high, or take 3-4 different sleeping pills. ĒTomorrow is another day.Ē   visit the page

Still gaining weight.   17 y  
Three weeks not smoking see weight gain and constipation, regardless of no junk food or cheese.
Iíve been doing SWFs every other day in order to have bowel movements. This week Iíve cut out meat (except fish) and alcohol in addition to junk foods. But my appetite is still huge. Iíve been eating mostly salads, veggies, fish and white rice. Still gaining weight. And Iím still getting by on just half a sleeping pill a night. By the end of the week I should be trying to eat as much raw food as possible with lots of juice, and next Monday I begin the fast.   visit the page

No junk food for one week: PIMPLES!   17 y  
Still not smoking, sleeping pills cut back, and ready to cut out meat and alcohol. My fast begins one week from now.
According to my 6-week plan (see prior post) Iíve cut out junk food (sugar, colas, caffeine, ice cream, pizza, etc.) but remain constipated. The last two days Iíve even been blessed with pimples! Today, I begin cutting out meat (except fish) and alcohol. I still havenít smoked, not once, for 21 days. My sleeping pills are down to half of ONE pill a night. I plan to quit them during my five-day fast next week. *The difficult part now is trying to have a social life while taking care of myself. Already tonight I opted to stay home from a BBQ, since meat and alcohol will be the ma ...   read more

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