Travelling Inward
by exposure

Day 10 - Coming off the Fast   11 y  
Winding it Down for a Bit
Morning of Day 10, Iíve been coming off the fast the last 2 days - ate a little each day, not much day 8 and a little more - still light day 9, today might do the same... eat just one small meal - little bit of sushi or soup or something if I feel like it. Feeling good - still a lot of pain in the body at times, locked up a lot in the shoulders and neck though it moves around - I did experience that same sort of thing the night of the 8th day after doing my 2nd coffee enema - waking in the middle of the night and moving a lot of this locked up stuff in my body. Yesterday we drove ...   read more

Tail End of Day 8 - Slowing Up   11 y  
Day 8, Winding it Down & Trying a Coffee Enema
Itís sun-down day 8 of the 2nd leg of my April fast - itís been a great 8 days, am going to wind it down a bit now as my sister arrives here in 4 days, and will want to share meals - a big part of her enjoyment while sheís here. Sheís going to be here only 4 days, very short - after which I might do a short 3rd leg of the fast - bringing me into May and it wonít be long, maybe another 7 or 8 days as Iíll leave on the 15th for Bali. Ate a little today, shared a small plate of nachos and a crumpet later on with my bf - all seemed to go down well, stayed away from any hot sauce, just at ...   read more

Day 6 - Stretching Myself Out   11 y  
Progressing in the April Fast - Stretching out & getting Healthy
Nearly noon, day 6 - feeling great, light a little floaty - getting into that part of the fast I often experience where on waking I find myself really deep in the dream state, really hard to wake for the first moment - you feel youíre really deeply in that other dimension. Got up today and did some mantra practice then about 45 mins of light Yoga, really stretching out my legs - sciatic nerve, Iíve been so tight, really locked up neck and shoulders for quite a while now on and off - I think it might be due to the pressure of a wisdom tooth moving about and growing, itís hard to tell - ...   read more

Day 5 - A Quick Hello   11 y  
Little bit about making Shrubs, Drinking Vinegar, Goat's Milk and my current fast and health discoveries.
Nearly mid-day, day 5 of the 2nd leg of my April fast... Feeling good, beautiful day, zero cravings or interest in food which is awesome, just drinking my teas and soda water - on that note, during the 1st leg of this April Fast, I started sort of tasting bottles of vinegar I had in the cupboard and having this awesome intense experience with that - I cd only take a little little sip, the flavor was amazing - complex and intense, and a couple tiny sips left a warm buzzing feeling of wellbeing in my tum. I recalled all the great things Iíd read about drinking vinegar in the past and mus ...   read more

Day 4 - um... Fast Pt II!   11 y  
2nd Leg of April Fast & How I'm Going
Havenít kept my blog up very well this time - so an update on my April fasting... I fasted strictly up to Day 9, my last blog, after which I started to dip in energy and enthusiasm & began taking some small bits of food - the first couple of days I shared some corn chip nachos with a friend, only about a handful - had a day off after that, did a bit of a mexican meal the following day and then sort of had broken the fast and went slowly back to eating over the next week --- all this led up to a couple of dinner engagements which I was glad not to be fasting for - important social things wh ...   read more

Day 9 - Moving Along   11 y  
Starting up another week and continuing on with a great fast.
Itís another monday morning, the 9th of my current fast and Iím doing fine ;) down to 168 from 178.2 that I started at - pretty nice for 8 days and counting... feeling much better in the body and spirit as well - more relaxed, calm and inner peace - have really come out of that rushed and stressed period I was in beforehand... well I have got a LOT done she says as she peers out the window at the sun lighting up the last remaining piles of rubbish cardboard and furniture and things still to be gone through following a massive 4 day garage overhaul to produce a new music production space ...   read more

Day 3 - Easing In   11 y  
Early in - how I'm going starting up the fast
Itís abt 4:30, pretty late in the day, going alright todayís a bit tougher than yesterday, had a treatment with Professor W today and a morning appointment that kept me out of the house till abt 1pm - great acupuncture, the guy is amazing... deep treatment came home and had a little 30 min cat nap after that, probably a good thing to set it in - might be the last of a set of 3 treatments, figure Iíll be a lot better now, was starting to get that way after #2 and not sure I want to spend much more, it is costly but awesome - will see how I feel in a week I guess, he said I was much be ...   read more

So it Begins :)   11 y  
Starting a Autumn Fast
Easter Sunday - Day 1 of my fast.. I wound back food for the two days prior, eating only two small bowls of brown rice & veg each day and a bit of popcorn as well on the 2nd day itís abt 2pm now, have had a lot of rest today and yesterday which feels good, did a little bit of Tai Chi yesterday morning, its all slowly restoring me after that 2 month work spree Feeling easy today, easily slipping into the fast after a couple days of simple diet. I donít feel hungry or crave anything, just drinking tea, herbal tea that an amazing Qi Gong master gave me the other day at an acupunctu ...   read more

Pondering, Preparation   11 y  
At the start of another retreat inward with fasting
Hey All, Back again to continue my writings on my fasting journeys. Itís been a very overbusy Feb & March - was here up to about Christmas 2012, when my fast was brought to an end by family visiting from overseas -- now weíre at the end of March, and Iím feeling a definite desire to embark again on a shorter fast this time, as time is short - and I find myself in an oasis of about 30 days in between launching a new business, completing a huge wave of work and family coming over again on the 1st of May... Gooooo April :) To recharge my batteries/soul and get my body feeling goo ...   read more


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