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by thomas zudrell
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A Message from Whom?   17 y  
A Message from Whom? A few words to consider about Messages channeled from so-called 'Higher Beings'
A Message from Whom? I receive often e-mails from people forwarding Messages from Higher Beings to me and I am sure many of you also did. We study, teach and do research on Healing, Paranormal Occurrences, Inner Mind Issues and similar Topics and we want to encourage people to have an open mind towards these things but not too open so the Brain drops out please! We are all part of this Universe aren’t we? So therefore we are also all connected to all and everything including good and evil (or at least what we judge as that). This undeniable connection means also that we can influence ...   read more

More Self Help Exercises!   17 y  
The Dorn-Method website: now with more Self Help Exercises and 'The Five Tibetan Rites'
hello, Please check it out: I just updated the website with an international directory and more Self Help Exercises including: ”The Five Tibetan Rites” Blessings Thomas   visit the page

New Forum! Check it out!   17 y  
The Dorn Method Forum, the first English Forum about this fantastic new and revolutionary form of a Gentle Manual Therapy.
The Dorn Method Forum, New! Kindly check out the newly open Dorn Method Forum and help to make this fantastic healing method more popular in the world. Blessings Thomas Zudrell   visit the page

A Prayer for the world   17 y  
A Prayer for the world
A Prayer for the world that seems to go upside down slowly but surely. The most important time is always the present The most important person is always the one in front of you The most important deed is always love (Meister Eckehart 1260-1328) St. Francis of Assissi Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace; Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; and Where there is sadness, joy. O Divine Master, grant that I may not So much seek to be consoled, as to console; To be underst ...   read more

Stretching: Good or Bad?   17 y  
Is stretching good or bad for our body? A question that seems easy to answer right? But you may need to change that opinion!
Stretching: Good or Bad? Is stretching good or bad for our body? A question most people will answer like that: Stretching is good because it makes more flexible, relaxes the muscles and help to prevent injury when doing sports. What do you think when you hear this? Stretching may very often be quite harmful for our body, makes us more prone to injury, weakens the joints, is one of the main reasons for Spine and Joint Misalignments and therefore also for many back pains! Because many common stretching exercises often violate our natural movement range of our joints and cause or favor e ...   read more

Worry = Mind-Misalignment!   17 y  
Are you worried? Then your Mind is not in a Balance, I call this Mind-Misalignment!
Worry = Mind-Misalignment! Are you worried? About what? Will your worries actually change anything? Yes they will, but maybe not in the way you want it. Why? Thoughts are Mind-Energy first but they will sooner or later materialize and that can go in both ways: Good or Bad its up to us! To give you a picture what you do when you worry (about someone or yourself): Imagine you think about a loved one somewhere away from you and something about that person is worrying you. You decide to send that person some loving energy in the form of a painting and a letter. You paint something tha ...   read more

Sex versus Back Pain?   17 y  
Sex versus Back Pain? A connection that is much more important than most of us would believe.
What does Sex have to do with Back Pain you might think? Maybe nothing but in many cases it has. According to my own research I cannot call this chance anymore, I found out that Back Pain and mostly Lower Back Pain often is associated to let me say an Imbalance in our Sacral Chakra (Sex Chakra) Our sexua| Energy (which is not only connected to Sex by the way)is very powerful and if not in Balance has an enormous influence on our health. If you have an Imbalance there is not so difficult to find out just observe yourself closely and honestly and you will get the answer. On the Physical si ...   read more

Mirror of our Mind - Our Spinal Column   17 y  
The Spinal Column, as a Mirror of our mind, shows imbalances in form of misalignments directly related to our "inner" imbalances.
The Spinal Column – a mirror of our mind Most people are familiar with the term ‘body-mind-spirit (soul)’ but not many actually have a deeper knowledge about this relation and its consequences in daily life. Well let me give you a brief insight. We need to be in a balanced state on all levels in order to function properly and every step aside that balance regardless on what level, body (physical), mind (mental) or spiritual (soul), will show consequences often unwanted ones. Because we live in this world using a physical body we must make sure that this body gets the attention it needs ...   read more

Back Pain Management   17 y  
The Dorn Method a new and promising Method for a successful Back Pain Management.
Just want to publish one of countless testimonials of a Dorn Method Patient. Learn more about the Dorn Method: Blessings Thomas Zudrell I had been having on-and-off back pains for several years until I came across the Dorn Method of spinal alignment. During my treatment, I learned that my right leg was slightly longer than my left and performed a simple maneuver to equalize the discrepancy. The therapist then proceeded to work on my back from my pelvis all the way up to my neck until all the individual vertebrae were back in alignment. I immediately n ...   read more

Healing from Outside?   17 y  
Healing from Outside? No, Healing takes place within us but when our inner healing syatem is out of balance we may need help from outside.
What is Healing? Is it just to get relief from any ailment? Is it to cure someone from a disease? No Healing has no clear definition and I would answer that question like that: Healing means to get back into a better Balance and to get the chance to fulfill our purpose in life. That can mean many things: For some it may bring about cure from a disease while some others may need their sickness to learn and grow and develop then Healing can mean that they understand that and start the healing process by taking the responsibility back ino their own hands. The Dorn Method means Healing throu ...   read more

Dorn Method Cure for all???   17 y  
The Dorn Method a Cure for all diseases??? Maybe not a cure for all but a powerful tool in healing all.
The Dorn Method a Cure for all diseases??? Certainly not But! Did you know that basically all ailments show connections to the Spine? We checked many people with health problems and so far basically all had misalignments at exactly that Spinal area where the nerves leave the Spine and supply the affected organ or body part is that a coincidence? The Dorn Method offers a safe, effective and gentle way to correct these misalignments and most likely eliminate the Pain that goes with it. A cure from the disease may not be achieved only by re-aligning the Spine but if you look at it ...   read more

Sciatica, Slipped Disc???   17 y  
Ged rid of back pains the natural way: The Dorn Method shows how!
Do you suffer from lower back pain? Good news! It is likely easy to cure with the Dorn Method. Please check my website for more Info: Whatever your condition it is very possible that it has one root cause: a misaligned sacrum! This will lead to a tensening of the deep buttocks muscles (namely: piriformis and oburator internus)and because the largest nerve in our body, the sciatic nerve runs right in between these muscles it will surely be negatively influenced by that tension. That results sooner or later in pain radiating upwards and downwards and leads to ...   read more

Bye Bye Back Pain   17 y  
The Dorn Method a revolutionary new form of therapy to correct misalignments in the Spine and other joints and eliminate most back pains and aid in all other conditions.
Do you suffer from lower back pain? Or maybe scoliosis, neck pains, migraines, hip trouble? Any chronic inner condition? Maybe Tinnitus? Good news! It may not be as severe as you expect or what conventional medical assessment assumes! Most Pains have on basic cause: A misalignet sacrum! Because of that the whole Spine gets out of balance and cause a whole range of further problems. Basically all people suffer from that condition but only when Pain signals that something is wrong we start to look for the causes. Unfortunately we often look only at the area where there is Pain but the ans ...   read more

Stop Back Pain with the Dorn Method   17 y  
The Dorn Method a revolutionary new form of manual therapy to gently, safe yet effectively re-align the spine and other joints. The most effective back pain method ever developed.
The Dorn Method, a revolutionary new form of manual therapy has proven to be probably the most effective, gentle and safe manual therapy available today. It explains the causes of spinal problems, corrects existing misalignments in a gentle and safe way and teaches Self Help Exercises for patients after-care to achieve long lasting results and therefore is a True Self Help Method and not just another therapy for the back. The principals: Different leg length which can be diagnosed in almost everyone leads to an inclined and/or twisted pelvis and a subluxation of the sacrum – the foundati ...   read more

Dorn Method, Back Pain Revolution   17 y  
The Dorn Method, a new revolutionary form of therapy for Back Pains and other Pain problems.
The Dorn Method a revolutionary new form of manual therapy for the cure of spinal disorders and other joint problems. Please check it out: A true Wholistic Healing Method because it combines 3 factors: The explanation of the causes of most spinal problems: Then you can avoid what you are possibly doing wrong! A Wholistic, effective, gentle and totally safe Manual Therapy to re-align the Spinal column, correct different leg lenght, and misalignments in other joints. And the teaching of Self Help Exercises for patient after care to enable the body to adjust to ...   read more

Lower Back Pain   17 y  
Dorn Method a gentle, effective and safe way to correct misalignment in the Spine and other joints and an effective tool to cure Back pain.
The Dorn Method offers a new approach to help with Lower Back Pain and other Spinal disorders. it is probably the only form of therapy that might correct even quite severe cases of scoliosis and all without medicines or surgery. In a completely new, gentle and safe way misalignments in our joints can be corrected or improved and the long term success is certain if the patient is following all advices especially doing the specifically designed self help exercises that will further align the joints or at least keep them in place. We have proven out of our research and experience that most ...   read more

dorn method, revolutionary new science for our weak points: back,neck, hip, joints   17 y  
dorn-method, a gentle manual therapy to correct misalignments in the spinal column and other joints
Please watch out for more fantastic news coming about the dorn method. please check or for Info that may change your life. Thomas Zudrell   visit the page

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